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Busy Weekend

It was another busy weekend!  This time it started Friday night.  We had pre-marriage class.  I was very nervous.  But it went well and it was actually alot of fun.  They had decorated the tables with table cloths, center pieces, candles and hershey’s kisses with wedding messages in them – as if we were at a reception.  Alot of the information I already knew.  Much of it came from Gotman’s book.  I find it very interesting information and I’m glad they’re teaching it in pre-marriage classes.  Friday we mostly talked about conflict.  They talked about noticing your differences in things that you do and things that you learned differently and the different environments you were in growing up.  And they talked about ways to deal with conflict like using soft startups and stuff.  The 3 hours went by very quickly.  After we got back to my house Karl and I talked for a very long time.  Our talks are always very good and going to these kinds of things gives us even more to talk about.  Unfortunately, it was already late and we had an early morning.  Karl had brought the dogs over that morning so he could just meet me at class after work.  He stayed overnight too since there were only a few hours between the class ending and Saturday mornings class starting.

The pre-marriage class on Saturday went really well too.  We talked about finance for a long time.  They gave us a spending sheet to keep track of spending and you use that to create a budget.  They suggest married couples use it.  We’re going to start using it individually to get into the habit so we can do a joint one once we’re married.  We also learned about the 5 Love Languages.  Karl is confident on his main one.  I’m torn between 3.  I really do not know.  I have the book so I will have to pull it out and read it.  We also talked about sexual purity and watched a few videos.  Since we were out and about Karl and I stopped at a pizza place on our way to Lino Lakes to go to the 4pm church service.  Then Karl and his dogs went home for a few hours.

Sunday morning we had to be down in Lakeville by 7:30pm. It’s about an hour drive from my house.  MMBC was hosting a UKC weight pull.  The first in this area.  I’ve been helping with planning the pull but I did not take a top position in the pull.  It was a very smart decision since we ended up having the pre-marriage class this weekend.  I was still able to help with it a little beforehand and Denise and Lissie did an awesome job!  The entries weren’t huge but there were some dogs.  And it went very smoothly.  Lots of qualifiers.  I hope we do another one soon.  I was certain that Vada would not pull.  I had practiced with her and the cooler before we left and she was not liking it.  She would just stand and look at me.  I thought she’d get to start with the little cart but they started her with the 350 pound cart.  She pulled it but I think before she crossed the line she touched me.  It was just a nose poke as she was pulling forward.  So I fessed up.  That meant we incured a fault she had to pull that weight over again.  You get 2 faults and then you are done.  But it gave her an opportunity to pull the lighter weight again and be successful.  On our next turn they had added 3 cement blocks that were 38 pounds each.  So she was pulling 464 pounds.  She did it!  I was very pround of her!  Then on our next turn they had put another 3 blocks on for 114 more pounds for a total of 578.  She tried and tried and pulled a little each time but we ran out of time.  So I went up to her and put my hand on her harness and that gave her enough support to pull the cart over the finish line.  I have not worked her enough so she doesn’t know the proper posture and technique for pulling.  I was very proud of her for trying so hard.  She never quit trying.  And her 464 pull was enough for her to earn her first leg towards her UWP.  2 more to go and she’ll have earned her title!  Karl got to be a hooker for the morning!  He very much enjoyed it.  He had to hook up the dogs to the cart.  He did a good job.  But he was VERY tired by the time we were done.  We cleaned up and put the mats back and stacked up the weight blocks and loaded up the trailer with the pull equipment and were done by 11:30am.  Then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  I was SO hungry.  We were very tired too.  I took a nap when I got home.  Karl went home and napped and got a few things done.  I was very tempted to enter Copper in the pull since he’s done a few pulls before.  I figured he would quit if his back hurt.  Karl kept me in line and I decided not to enter Copper.  I’ll think about it for next time but before I do I’ll do situp exercises and stuff to help his back muscles be stronger.  I just feel so bad that he can’t do stuff like he use to.  I think he could earn the UWP title since it’s not a huge amount.  He’s pulled 1K pounds in the past.  And to earn the UKC title they only need to pull 8 times their weight.  That’s about 400 pounds for him.  So if he had pulled the 464 then he’d have earned a leg too.  More reason to get them in shape and keep them in shape.

Karl was back at my house by 6:30pm and we were off to our 4th and final dance class.  They did mostly review but added a few little things.  We did well and had alot of fun.  We’re thinking we’ll do a set of Level 1 classes again for review and then do the Level 2 class.

Not alot of dog stuff this weekend but it was full and busy and went fast!  And I got to spend alot of time with Karl which is always enjoyable!

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