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SchH Training

I finally went to training last night.  It was actually not too bad out.  It could have been a tiny bit warmer but it was alot warmer then it has been.  Vada was very excited to be outside again.  She hasn’t done bitework outside since October and she hasn’t done bitework period in about 2 weeks.  So we just give her an online bite to get her settled in.  Tom was in the blind and I turned her on and she didn’t know what to do!  She forgot!  LOL  So we’re going to work on that in future sessions.  It’s always good to go back to work on foundations too.  It gives the dog a break and work in improving the basics.  So we’ll go back and work on her grips.  We put a line on her and did bark and holds.  She was clean every time.  Also, Angeli and Mike walked in to her while she was barking.  She looked but then ignored them.  So that was looking really good.  Then we did some back transports.  They were perfect.  No room for improvement there.  Angeli even said that!  So then we worked on the side transport.  That could use a little more work.  She wasn’t comfortable lining up between me and Tom at first.  The second time she was a bit more comfortable.  So we just need to practice it a bit more and she’ll have it.  Vada was nuts again by the time I got home.  Apparently working just feeds her addiction and makes her want more.  LOL

Copper got to be a neutral dog and walk by Chewy a few times.  He got treats and he got to get out of the van so he was happy and liked that.

It was nice to be outside again in nice weather.  Saturday is suppose to be nice again and we can make it to training finally too.

House was good again tonight too.  It’s getting funny in spots again.

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