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Training Update

It’s been awhile since I posted.  The week went by pretty quickly.  Lots of wedding issues came up.  Things seem to be worked out now.  Karl and I are working on our planning more now too.  We had some other issues come up too.  I’m not very happy with the vet who we let do our dogs heartworm tests.  We went through a fundraiser clinic that was raising money for a rescue group.  I e-mailed them ahead of time to see if we could get a prescription.  They said yes.  So we went ahead with it.  At the clinic I asked for the prescription and they said that they would just fax it over when we had the place we ordered from call them.  So Karl placed the order and when they called the vet clinic they refused to do the prescription.  So Karl called them and they denied that they would write a prescription and said it wasn’t their policy.  Karl ended up buying from them since they matched the price but then added on alot for shipping and also tax.  I hated giving them any money but the only other option was to have someone else do the heartworm tests again.  The AVMA code of ethics say that they should write a prescription if a client asks for it.  I may report them if I’m still ticked once we get our product.  That is black mail.  The wrote a prescription for the formula size that they did not have in stock.  Plus they basically accused the rescue group of not passing on information even though they lied to us AT the time of the heartworm tests.  But we should be done with this BS now for 2 years.  12 months of pills will get us through 2 years since we give it to them every 40 days.

Wednesday night was Vada’s last agility class in this session and out last level 4 agility class.  We have next week off and then we start again on Monday nights outside.  She did really well.  I did too until the last sequence.  I totally was brain dead and screwed up alot.

Thursday night both of my agility classes graduated.  I had 5 dogs in Level 1 and 4 in Level 2.  I hope they all go on and continue.  I’m not sure who will go up to Level 3 and who will repeat Level 2.  I hope most of the Level 1 dogs continue on to Level 2 also.  It will be nice to have this week off!

Saturday I went to SchH training only to find out that our helper wouldn’t be there today.  It was nice to get outside and work our obedience outside again.  Vada did really well.  She lost her sit in motion but we worked on it.  I think it’s just temporary as I teach her the stand.  She’s having a hard time with the stand but she’s slowly getting the idea.  It’ll be nice once she knows it and I can work the different positions.  Lesson learned for next dog to not wait.  She also retrieved her first SchH II dumbbell ever and had no problems.  She actually did better as it’s heavier and she held it tightly and calmly.

Sunday was flyball practice.  It’s been a few weeks.  I brought Narc.  He has not done flyball in over a year.  The last time he got points in a tournament was at the end of January last year.  We think that was it for him and he didn’t go to practice after that either.  He was coming back for a ball.  He started running around looking for other balls.  He started crossing over to the other side in the run back area so that he could chase balls on the other teams side.  He would run through people and dogs and since people were trying to block him he was crossing over sooner and sooner.  I started Narc by the box and added a jump at a time.  He remembered what to do but he wasn’t sure.  He went to the box very slowly.  He was coming back faster as he was getting the hang of it.  It was slow but it wasn’t crazy in drive so I was able to out him every time.  I only had to correct him with his pinch once.  Then he was fine after that.  He only dropped his ball kind of early once so I waited a little longer to show him the tug.  He’d drop his ball and run by and grab the tug.  Then his ball would roll by so he’d chase it.  I just called him and once he got the ball he would come back to me.  I would tug with him and then out him to get rid of the ball and then tug with him again.  He just doesn’t understand to come back to me to play tug.  He plays with himself with the other ball.  I thought he did VERY well.  Once I put him back in his crate I noticed he had a ripped toe nail that was bleeding.  And a small cut on his other foot on the side of it.  He had been fence fighting with the neighbor dog alot so he was probably tired too.  We worked on Vada’s box turn.  We’re now looking at her striding from the last jump to the box.  Jennifer Dawson watched a video of her doing the box and suggested that.  They all think we are on the right track.  We had the jump board with an upright (4″) out just over 3′ and that seemed to be a good place.  John thought she was coming off the box nice with a good push which would help her be tight.  So, time will tell.  We’ll keep working on it.  Unfortunately, we have practice next Sunday and then I’m busy for the next 3 weekends.  But if we are able to make progress with this then I’m ok with keeping her out of tournaments for longer til it’s fixed.  Pro ran in the pack and did well.  She enjoyed it.  Seven did more box work.  I forgot the 10″ board so he was jumping kind of low.  I don’t do the tug very well either.  So that went ok.  He’s done alot of box work.  Progress is going slow.  But we haven’t worked him at home at all.  He would love to be able to run in tournaments again.  Too much to do!

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