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More Tracking

From last Monday… 

I tracked with the dogs on Saturday.  I ran Vada in an agility class.  Then I had a break before her next class where I actually wasn’t working.  I had about an hour so I went and laid 2 tracks.  The trial was at the Washington County Fairgrounds so there were lots of places to track.  I did serpentines again with both of them.  Vada’s was about 200 paces.  Copper’s was about 100.  These were the first serps since Aquator Park.  Vada’s track was damn near perfect!  I was very proud of her.  She even missed a bunch of food at the beginning but she was tracking slow and accurate and foot step to foot step.  I put down 2 articles.  She dropped fast and straight on both of them.  Copper did pretty well too.  He got off the track a few times but kept working.  I’m wondering if he thinks no food on the track means he’s not on the track.  So I’m going to work on that.  I had to tell him to down on the article.

I also tracked tonight after agility class.  Again at the Washington County Fairgrounds since I was right by there for class.  I tracked in a different part this time.  I did serps again.

Behind Again!

It looks like I posted on the 4th but I didn’t write anything about the USDAA trial that weekend.  It went really well.  Vada Q’d in her first run each day.  Saturday was Pairs with Lissie and Moxie.  Sunday was Gamblers, I think.  She did really well all weekend.  She got all of her contacts except in 1 run on Saturday.  She did them to my satisfaction – not just to pass.  We had knocked bars.  Mostly due to my needing to shut my mouth.  Terry helped me walk Snookers since it was my first time playing the game.  We came up with a good plan and I really understand the strategy now.  I did the opening well enough but screwed up the closing.  It was a good weekend.  We’re making progress in our training.  I was able to buy one of MAC’s old tire jumps for $25 too.  I was scheduled to clean up and unload at the locker so it worked out really well – I just loaded up the tire in my van before I left.  Chuck and Bonnie helped me with it.

That Monday night I tracked with the dogs at the Washington County Fairgrounds after agility class.  We did serpentines again.  They did well.  I had also tracked there with them (in a different part) on Saturday between classes and working.  Agility classes have been going well.  I’m learning more and Vada is learning too.  I so need to do jump work with her at home but I just never seem to have time.  I want to do the Susan Salo jump chutes and bend work with her one of these days.  I also want to incorporate it into the agility classes that I’m teaching.  Vada has 2 more classes left in this session.  I’m on the fence about doing next session.  It would be nice to free up another evening to do wedding stuff.

Vada seems to have lost her bark in the hold n bark.  With no stimulation she sits and offers other behaviors.  We discovered this on Saturday.  Unfortunately Tom was not able to make it to training this week on Tuesday.  Typical stuff not working as planned right before a trial.  This Saturday I can go to Hinkley and train with the St Croix club on the trial grounds with the trial helper, Nate.  And I’m hoping to track up there.  Hopefully Tuesday Tom will be out to training.  Also, Warren thinks he’ll be in Cottage Grove on Wednesday so I can go down and work with him.  So that will give me a few opportunities to work on things with Vada.  I ordered a USA rulebook the other day too so I hope that arrives soon.  I hope we pass.  I would love to get her II and III this year and have a bit more time to work with the puppy and on other non-tracking things.

Last Wednesday I had dinner with Glenda and Laurie.  It was fun.  We went to Bennigan’s.  My neighbors Diane and Allen were there.  We had $5 burgers.  Glenda didn’t make it in time for happy hour so I had to behave.  Glenda and I had gone to Cardio Salsa before class and then I had to go pickup Laurie.  She had a pace maker put in so she is not able to drive yet.

Last weekend was the first UKC Family Obedience trial in this area.  It was the first FO and outdoor regular obedience trial that MMBC hosted.  We had an ok turn out.  6 dogs for FO and 17 for regular obedience with 3 sub-novice dogs.  That’s about the size of our first November obedience trials.  We hosted it in a softball field at the Aquatore Park in Blaine by my house.  I picked up the judge on Friday night.  Stupidly, I sat in and drove around the drop off area for an hour and a half.  FINALLY I figured out that I was suppose to be in the baggage claim area.  As soon as I went there I saw poor Jerri waiting patiently.  She was a great judge.  Very friendly and helpful.  We finished by 9:30am on Saturday so I was able to make it to Schutzhund.  I invited Jerri along and went and enjoyed it.  Then we met Karl and Lissie for dinner at Famous Dave’s.  It was great food!  Sunday we were done and hit the road by noon.  Jerri went right to the airport to try to get an earlier flight.  So I took my dogs and Seven and went to flyball practice after the airport.

I haven’t been tracking as much as I would like.  I tracked at our training field on Tuesday in the tall grass.  I just worked on articles with Copper in the short grass.  Hopefully I can get alot more in this weekend.

I’ve been going to cardio salsa classes on Wednesdays and some Fridays.  It’s alot of work and fun.  I’ve been doing the treadmill a few times a week too – as much as I can.

I had some students in my agility class that were frustrating me.  So a few weeks ago I had Lisa work with the other 3 dogs and I worked alone with the 2 having problems.  We made huge progress.  The dogs and the owners.  Everyone was really happy with the progress.  They weren’t in class this week but they’ll go back with the others for graduation tomorrow.  They all graduate next week.  Most of my Level 2 students are not planning to go on til fall.

Last night we went to Ideal Hall to sample food for the wedding and go over some more details.  We got alot accomplished.  Stacy and Toni are super nice.  The food was awesome!  I ate way too much!  I’m excited.  Things are really starting to come together.  I really like their cakes too.  They have a heart shaped one.  🙂

Hmm, I think that is it for updates.  Copper has a vet appointment scheduled for tonight.  His nails are falling off.  I hope it’s nothing major.  I’m taking him back to Mark since we don’t really have a new vet figured out.  There are a few up north that we can check out when the girls need to go in for their old lady checkups when they move from my house to Karl’s.

Dana’s puppies are due July 12th.

Last Week in Training

It looks like I left off on last Tuesday.  Almost a week ago.  I’m so behind on my training blog!  So, I’ll do a few posts now to get caught up.  I still have the MMBC post to finish too. 

Let’s see…

Wednesday I went to Cardio Salsa class.  I had missed a few weeks so it was nice to be back.  On the way home I stopped at Rocky Rococo’s and got pizza slices for me and Karl.  Karl was at my house when I got home as he was picking up his dogs.

Thursday I taught agility class.  I have 2 students in the class that were frustrating me.  I decided to take a different approach and give them 1 on 1 time.  There are only 5 dogs in the class so I had Lisa work with the 3 dogs that are doing well.  Then I worked with 2 that are having problems for the whole hour.  We did the same exercises that were planned for the class but we were able to backup.  I put the table on the ground with no legs and got them comfortable with that.  Then we moved it up.  We were doing full table by the time we were done.  On the teeter we went back to just the board on the floor.  The dogs were totally afraid of it before and wanted nothing to do with it.  After lots of cookies they were going on all by themselves.  It was nice for me to be able to tell them what to do and why and what not to do and why.  I could coax them – don’t do that, do that, cookies, cookies, cookies.  They made huge progress by the end of class – both handlers and dogs.  When they left the dogs were literally smiling and wagging their tails and the owners were happy too.  It made my night.  Also, when I first got there I got to see video from 2 of the dogs that went through my classes.  They were doing a fun match and doing really well.  That made me proud to see them!  I worked Copper and Vada.  I just did weaves and fun stuff with Copper and a few front crosses.  With Vada I worked on some front crosses and I started working on having her look at the jump and releasing her once she looked at the jump.  She has a hard time with that and wants to look at me the whole time.

Friday I went to Cardio Salsa again.  I rushed home and pottied all of the dogs and rushed off to Cardio Salsa.  The building was locked so I walked all around looking for an unlocked door.  A lady took pity on me and let me in.  Turns out I was an hour early.  LOL  Karl was playing a gig in Winona so I had all the dogs at my house.  I had an agility trial so I had to stay home.  He stayed overnight at his parents and visited with them the next day.

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