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More Tracking

From last Monday… 

I tracked with the dogs on Saturday.  I ran Vada in an agility class.  Then I had a break before her next class where I actually wasn’t working.  I had about an hour so I went and laid 2 tracks.  The trial was at the Washington County Fairgrounds so there were lots of places to track.  I did serpentines again with both of them.  Vada’s was about 200 paces.  Copper’s was about 100.  These were the first serps since Aquator Park.  Vada’s track was damn near perfect!  I was very proud of her.  She even missed a bunch of food at the beginning but she was tracking slow and accurate and foot step to foot step.  I put down 2 articles.  She dropped fast and straight on both of them.  Copper did pretty well too.  He got off the track a few times but kept working.  I’m wondering if he thinks no food on the track means he’s not on the track.  So I’m going to work on that.  I had to tell him to down on the article.

I also tracked tonight after agility class.  Again at the Washington County Fairgrounds since I was right by there for class.  I tracked in a different part this time.  I did serps again.

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