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Behind Again

It seems that I only have time to write about once a month these days.  I would like to write more often but there is too much going on!  But then I have so much to write about and it turns into a long book.  And I can’t write in as much detail or list things I think were important to remember as it’s been too long and I’ve already forgotten.

I have really fallen behind this time.  Oh well.  Let’s see what has happened since August.

Karl and I got married on October 19th.  Everything went really well and everyone had a great time.  Here are some pics:
Formal and ceremony pics:

Reception pics:


Tauer/Sather family shower


Wedding party and some friends shower



Karl’s tux try on



Right after the wedding we started working on moving my stuff and my critters into Karl’s house.  We’ve got most of the stuff moved and some of the stuff put away.  There is still alot of putting away to do.  But I have the stuff out that I need.  The housing markets is so horrible here that I can’t sell my house without having to pay someone to buy it.  Houses are sitting on the market for months.  So we have decided to rent.  So now we just need to remove all the furniture that we’ve left and make a few upgrades and then list it for rent.  It will be nice to have that done!


The dogs have been getting along well.  Vada was being a bully at first but then Copper and I left her on her own with them (Karl was supervising) and she started acting not so tough – more normal.  Soon she was playing with Fringe, Seven and Sonic.  It was neat to see her playing since Copper doesn’t play much.  He’s still being kept out of the pack.  I’ve been good about giving him his meds twice a day (I caved and just pill him now) so his nails should be slowly making progress.  They don’t seem to get hurt or bleed as much.  I’m just worried that someone will step on him and hurt him and he’ll retaliate.  Maybe this weekend they can spend some time all together.  Copper does not mind the alone time with me and Karl though.


The cats have still been kept apart.  My cats are living in what is and will continue to be the cat room.  We’re going to add bookshelves and books to that room.  Luci has been to the vet for a checkup.  Angel was suppose to go but was hiding in the rafters at the time.  I ended up having to use Karl’s life trap to catch her.  It was discovered that Luci had a high thyroid.  She was put on meds and I had to bring her in again for a blood profile to make sure her kidneys were ok.  Then we scheduled a dental for her.  Karl dropped her off for the dental and they were going to do bloodwork while she was under to make sure the meds were working and correct and that it didn’t uncover some covered up kidney problem.  Unfortunately I had only been able to give her the meds about once a day instead of twice.  I had Karl tell them that so they wouldn’t do bloodwork yet.  Well, after making him wait 30 minutes on a work morning they decided that Luci’s thyroid was probably too high to put her under.  They also asked him alot of questions that they should have had in their charts like what kind of meds she was on and how old she was.  When I was in the second time just for the blood profile they asked me what bloodtest they were doing.  That should have been in their notes.  I know these things since I am involved in my pets vet care but most people are not.  So, I canceled Angel’s checkup for that night (the original plan was that I’d bring her in when I picked up Luci) and we’re going back to Mark.  I’ll get Luci’s thyroid checked again (and I’ve been giving her the correct pills) and a checkup for Angel.  I can ask Mark how bad their teeth are.  They are 15.5 years old so who knows how long they need their teeth for.  So that has been quite a mess.  The new vet wasn’t any closer then Mark is like I thought they would be.  Plus they refuse to do declaws which is a bit going toward the AR side if you ask me.  And Mark has alot of experience with breeding but Vada hates him.  So, after Angel gets her checkup then we can let her out in the house and if she disappears for a few weeks then it’ll be ok.  The other 3 have been getting out for a bit in the morning and night so I can give Luci her meds.


Sunday I am going to my first CPE trial.  I’ve got Vada entered in everything.  Copper, Prozac and Seven are each entered in a class.  Prozac might be in 2 classes.  It’s an unheated horse barn and the high is suppose to be 40’s so that might not be a good thing.


Vada is in a new agility class.  It’s level 6.  It’s on Tuesday nights since we don’t have SchH training til January.  My instructors are Terry and Julie.  We still have alot of bar knocking issues.  Most in my part of the class are just a little better then me so it’s not as embarrassing as it could be.  But it’s still somewhat.  It has not motivated me to work during the week.  I just don’t have enough energy when I get home at night and it’s cold out already.  I know.  Excuses.


Vada earned her UKC CDX last weekend.  The weekend before that she earned 2 ASCA CD legs.  She trialed for her SchH 3 a few months ago and we failed tracking.  I thought we were ready but we were far from it.  Now I’m scared to try again.  Maybe in the spring or summer.  She passed obedience and protection so that was a plus.  Angeli made the drive up to watch and support us to.  That was nice.


I just finished a Level 1 and Level 2 agility class.  Now I have this week off and then next week off for Thanksgiving.  It’s SO nice to have a break.  Especially now that I’m driving 1 hour each way to go teach and I don’t get home until at least 11pm on Thursday nights.  It looks like some of the Level 2 students want to do the class over again.  Friday nights just do not work for alot of people.  I have to formalize my training plan and document it and leave a copy at the school so they can cover for me on snow days when I can’t make it in.


I think that’s it for the main updates.  I’m sure I’ve missed alot of stuff but that’s the big stuff.  Hopefully I’ll update my blog more often but I’m not counting on it.  Next weekend is a 3 ring ASCA trial on Sunday.  We had to enter all of them in Novice even though we only need 1 leg.  But it’s better to have safety legs.  And I can pull her if it looks like things are going south.

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