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It’s been about 2 months since I’ve posted.  Alot has happened in that time, as usual.

Yesterday was our 3 month anniversary.  Things are still going very well.  We had a little bump yesterday but everything worked out fine.  We are still ironing things are with all of these changes.  But it’s been going really well.  I wish I was home more and not so worn out all the time but I’m working on changes to have more time at home and for myself and my new family.

We’ve been working on the Blaine house a little to get it closer to being ready to rent.  I took last Friday off to work on it and we have 2 other days scheduled to work on it.  I got a good start on Friday with getting all the walls washed and window woodwork and some of the floors and the baseboard.  So they are ready to paint.  We’re about half done with the floor in the basement.  I just need to sand the paint that’s left so the new coat will stick.  And I’m going to use etcher stuff on the spots where the paint did not stick last time.  We also got vinyl baseboard for down there to put on.  Mom is going to see if we can have a family day to work on the house next month.  I’d be nice to get it rented out in the next month so we don’t have to worry about it any more.  Then we can spend more time working on this house.  Saturday after Schutzhund we got the basement alot more organized.  We cleaned out a closet area and got it organized and we were able to put my stuff that’s still boxed up in there too so the dog training part of the basement is cleared out.  There are 2 rugs down for now that I can train on and I put the contact trainer down there with a mat under each end.  It needs to be painted still but the dogs love it.

The dogs are still getting along ok.  Vada was just in season so we kept her apart from the other dogs except for Copper for a few days at the end.  Now we are putting them back together and she has been pinning them and humping them.  I’m hoping it’s just hormonal and will go away in a few days.  So, she’s been getting yelled at alot.  Sonic and Copper still have their annoying behaviors to each other.  But that’s about it.  We had a few fights yesterday but they’ve been crated alot the last week and they were separated too and coming back together.  Once they were out for awhile then they settled in and behaved much better.

The cats have been put together now too.  Karl threw Bessie in the cat room yesterday to use the bathtub with her in the bathroom and that went well so we’ve been continuing it.  Bessie growls at the boys and wacks them but no fights.

Friday morning we said goodbye to Angel and she went to join Sadie and Alchy at the Rainbow Bridge.  We were trying to get her thyroid under control and she was reacting to the medication.  That covered up some of the symptoms of a tumor in her jaw.  I was trying to get her thyroid under control so she could be put under for a dental since her mouth was rotting and bothering her.  Finally I thought she was getting an infection in her mouth and thought maybe she needed antibiotics or something and a vet needed to look at her tell me what we could do go give her some relief.  Turns out it was a tumor in her jaw.  It was growing fast and there was basically nothing we could do.  That vet appointmetn was on Saturday – a week ago.  Friday we brought her in for her final visit – less then a week.  She was in rough shape.  She was feeling better as her thyroid meds were kicking in.  One night she sat on my lap for about an hour while I petted her.  Thursday night I brought her out for a bit before I left to go teach class.  I left class after level 1 to come home to spend time with her.  I watched a movie with her.  She sat on my lap and let me pet her.  As the night wore on I was getting really tired and I laid on the futon and cuddled with her.  She stayed with me almost all night.  She has never done that.  The other cats left us alone too.  Logan laid on the end of the futon but never tried to get petted.  As if they were respecting out final time together.  I was so happy to have that time with her.  She’s always been a scardy cat and not into cuddling.  She’s let me pet her for a few minutes and then she’d had enough.  She hated being held.  So the last week was a gift.  It gave me a chance to show her how much I loved her and her a chance to show me that she knew I loved her.  That meant so much to me and made it a little easier to let her go.  I’m guessing her ashes will be available for me to get this week.  It was so hard to leave her body there.  I felt responsible for it still.  Karl was amazing and so supportive though the whole thing!  The dogs got way too much crate time since they can’t be out when the cats are out but it was only for a week and now I have more time for them.  Luci is doing great on her meds and Copper’s nails are doing great.  They’re not growing back very fast but they have stabelized and aren’t hurting.

Ugh, I need to go to bed.  It’s going to be a busy week and I want to start it out fresh.  I’ll post about our sports updates tomorrow.

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