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The weekend of the Minnesota Mixed Breed Club NADAC trial went really well.  It was a 1 ring trial but 2 rings were setup.  So while 1 ring was running dogs, the other was setting the course for the next class.  Karl and I kept busy all day.  We were either running dogs or working classes.  We did not go down for the fun match on Friday.  That makes for way too long of a weekend.  Sonic, Fringe and Rally were entered in Jumpers each day and Tunnelers on Saturday.  Karl ran them.  None of them qualified but they are making progress and some were just a bit over time.  Sonic was very calm and focused and ran very well.  Seven was entered int he same classes and I ran him.  He Q’d in all 3 classes and finished his NJC!  Prozac was entered in those classes and Touch N Go on Sunday.  She did not Q in any of them.  She still has alot of confidence issues and she’s slow because of it.  Jumpers didn’t go so well.  In Tunnelers and Touch N Go we were over time.  Vada was entered in everything.  She did really well all weekend but only Q’d in Open Weavers, Novice Hoopers and Novice Regular.  Copper was entered in Open Regular, Novice Hoopers, Elite Tunnelers.  He Q’d in Open Regular with a very nice run which finished his OAC title.  Our weave training has been helping.  He Q’d in Novice Hoopers too.  Both were 2nd Q’s towards his titles.  In Elite Tunnelers he had a very nice run but was just a bit over time.  Sunday he was entered in Elite Chances, Open Touch N Go and Novice Weavers.  He needs 1 more Novice Weavers Q to earn his Novice Versatility Award. I tried to front cross too late and run across his path and I stepped on him and he screamed so I took him off the course.  I was bummed about that.  In Elite Chances the distance was huge.  He can’t do that.  I don’t think we’ll be entering Chances anymore.  We were over time in Open Touch N Go. But he’s feeling good and having fun running.  Narc was entered in Tunnelers on Saturday.  He amazed both of us!  He was very focused and calm.  If I had known how he was going to run, I think we could have Q’d.  But I ended up out of position and he went off course.  Sunday Seven managed to rip a toe nail and expose the quick.  He did it before his run but we never knew as he didn’t show any signs.  We had beautiful weather all weekend.  It was nice to have Monday off after the trial too.  I went out to Lisa’s place for a few hours as she has a helper come up and work with her every Monday and he agreed to work Vada on a jacket so I could see if I could enter her in the upcoming Dog Sport trial. Then I went and worked on the Blaine house for a few hours.

This weekend was the MAC USDAA trial.  I was worker coordinator and I had Vada entered in all Advanced classes and Seven entered in P1 Jumpers.  By the end of Saturday I was starting to get the hang of worker coordinator.  Vada had nice runs all weekend.  No Q’s but nice runs.  It seemed there was always something in each run to cause us to not Q.  But I was happy with both of us.  Seven measured well on Saturday and is getting the hang of it.  He ran beautiful Jumpers runs both days and Q’d!  I also brought Prozac and took her out and did a few practice jumps with her and tugged with her.  Sunday Karl came with and worked all day.   It was fun to have him there.  He enjoyed working and watching the runs.  Sunday we worked on measuring Prozac too.  The weather Saturday was beautiful!  Sunday it was cool all day and rainy for parts.  But in the afternoon the sun came out and it ended up being a beautiful day too!

I’m really happy with how well Seven and Vada are doing.  I need to focus more on Seven’s weaves and contacts so he can enter more classes.  He will love that.

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