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WAY Behind

I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve posted.  I think that this is the longest I have gone so far.  I’m sure alot has happened.  It’s been an extremely busy fall.  But things have been slowing down.  It looks like they will stay pretty slow for December and then pick up again in January.  Unfortunately, I have not been doing a good job training the dogs lately.

My Fundamentals of Programming class is going really well.  I got 100% on my last test and I’ve gotten full points on all of the assignments I turned in.  I got a 94% on my first test too.  We have 3 classes left and we are done.  2 more assignments, 1 final project and a final exam.  We’ll be done just in time for the Christmas holiday week.  And my next class doesn’t start until the middle of January so I’ll get a few weeks off from classwork.  I am really enjoying this class.

In September a local training business called Red Star hosted a UKC/SDA Dog Sport trial.  Vada already had her FO so I entered her in the P1 – Protection Dog I.  I was able to get her on a suit once before that.  But then we didn’t have a helper to work on at training to work on defense stuff with her so we winged it.  She did very well and we passed and earned her P1.  It gave me a much clearer idea of what defense work is about.

I entered 1 day each of CPE trials in September (CACM in St. Cloud), October (ACTS in Lake Elmo) and November (ACTS in St. Paul).  Copper, Vada, Prozac and Seven all get to play and all do very well.  I was able to get Prozac measured into the 12″ height class.  But we had some issues at the last trial so her 2 Qs might not count.  I need to get that resolved by the MAC CPE trial next weekend in case I need to put her back into Level 1 for those 2 classes.

MMBC was given permission to be a CPE club.  We are going to host our first trial in March.  I am having trouble getting club members to step up to help out but that is unfortnately very typical.  Karl is kind enough to be trial chair since no one else volunteered.  But now I have other committee positions to fill and no one is volunteering. I can do alot but I can not do it all myself.  Karl and I have to get our contacts resurfaced so we can use them for the trial.  And the club will have to purchase some equipment too.  But I am excited about it.  Outside of the measuring issues I seem to have alot I really like CPE alot and I think it is a good fit with MMBC.

My flyball team held its tournament in September.  I worked setup and the tournament on Friday and the tournament and tear down on Sunday.  I do miss flyball a bit.  I’d like to do it again with Seven.  But once I started looking into it I saw 2 problems.  1) there is maybe one practice a month since TCOTC is rented out all the time and I don’t have all of my Sundays free so many months I could not practice 2) most touranment weekends fall on agility trial weekends.  So at this point, flyball is not in the cards.  I was hoping there would be more practices in the winter so the dogs could get out and get some exercise.

Karl and I went to John and Jennifer’s annual party this year.  It was alot of fun.  Karl got to see alot of people that he has not seen in a long time.  Unfortunately, I was not feeling well and we had to cut the night short.  The next day was our first anniversary!  Unfortunately I was worse and ended up going to urgent care.  First we went and got baptized though!  That was a really neat experience.  And some dog friends of ours were there getting baptized the same day as well.  That made it even more memoriable.  Urgent care gave me pred and vicodine.  That helped my joint pain and allowed me to eat and sleep.  Then we went to Timberlodge on the way home for a delicious dinner.  Despite my sickness, it was a very good day.  And one we will remember.  Karl gave me a couples bible so we can read it together.  I gave him a ‘paper’ bag full of candy (he had to fight Vada for the candy) and a paper print out of a play called Shadowlands that is coming to the Guthrie.  Tickets are also ‘paper’ but I wanted to make sure we got a day that worked.  We are narrowing down days now.  We are also looking at going to see a band called Go Fish at their Christmas with a Capital C concert.  Last year we scoured the city for the last copy of their Snow CD.  It’s alot of fun.  We’re also looking at going to see a Charlie Brown Christmas play at the Anoka High School and The Best Christmas Pagent Ever play at the Elk River High School.  December will be a non-dog stuff busy month!

We microchipped all of the dogs.  Copper and Vada were done as pups.  Turns out Prozac had already been chipped too.

In November I entered Copper in a NADAC trial 15 minutes from our house.  I entered Copper on 1 day in both Weavers runs.  He needed 1 Q to finish his WV-N and also his Novice Versatility Award.  His first run was terrible and I almost pulled him.  He had injured a nail but he was just running very slow.  I figured I’d give the second run a try and just quit if he looked bad.  He just needed a warm up.  His second run was smoking!  And he Q’d!

MMBC hosted a UKC obedience trial at Tails Up in Burnsville.  I was trial secretary.  Karl worked the rings all day both days.  Everything went really well.  Some other club members hosted a St. Hubert’s obedience seminar Saturday night too.

Karl went to a church men’s event with 3 guys that do flyball!  They had a great time!  We never would have guessed this a year ago.

Tuesday Vada got spayed.  It was very difficult for me.  I was nervous about it and doubting my decision.  Then she didn’t eat for 2 days or drink any water.  Finally Wednesday night she drank a little and nibbled a little food.  She got better from there.  Friday they took the pain patch off and now she’s totally back to her crazy self.  Fringe was spayed on Friday.  She’s been having a tough time too but in other ways.  But she is doing better.  She got her path off today so I expect she’ll be back to normal tonight.  They have 7 days of on leash walking and then we can start getting them back in shape.  I think they’ll both be back in agility class next week.

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