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Fringe and Vada are doing very well and have fully recovered from their spays.

Things were quiet for a few weeks.  Now that are back in crazy full swing.

For Thanksgiving we loaded up all the dogs and drove down to Holmen to spend the day with Karl’s family.  The day went by very quickly.  We had a good time.  Karl had a gig in Winona that Saturday also.  It went well and they had alot of fun.  That Sunday our flyball team had practice at a new location and we were free so we went.  The dogs haven’t played flyball at all for about a year.  We brought Seven, Prozac, Sonic and Rally.  They all had a great time and all did really well.

So far this month we’ve gone to 2 plays.  One at the Elk River High School by a Children’s Workshop.  The play was The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  It was a great play.  They did very well.  There were 4 adults in the play and tons of kids.  The kids did a great job.  I can’t remember how well they can remember so many lines!  The other play we saw was at the Anoka High School and put on by the school.  It was the Charlie Brown Christmas.  We enjoyed that play as well.

We spent a day at the Blaine house a few weekends ago.  I worked on painting a few doors and Karl worked on the grout on the bathroom tile.  We are going to post it on Craig’s List once we have more time to show it.  This is not the best time of year to be trying to rent out a house.  

Last Sunday we went to a CPE trial.  Copper and Vada were entered in all of the classes.  Seven and Prozac were entered in 2 classes each.  Vada had a 100% Q rate!  We had a tough Level 3 Jumpers course that we ran too and we did well and it was alot of fun!  Copper Q’d in 3 runs.  He was not feeling well.  I made an appointment for him to go see Doctor Heather.  Seven Q’d in 1 run.  He had fun in both of course.  Prozac also Q’d in 1 run.  She also measured at 15.5″ which was nice to see!  She did stress alot in her first run so then we just ran for fun and went fast.

Last Monday was TouchPoint at church.  We got snow that day so traffic was horrible.  But they brought in Anita Renfroe.  She was awesome!  I laughed alot that night.  I ended up meeting Julie, Sharon and Toni there.  It was fun to see so many dog women there!

Tuesday I had dinner with Tanya and Gina at Chili’s.  Cortney was able to make it too!  Unfortunately, Chrissy did not make it and I have not been able to get ahold of her.  I’m getting a bit worried.  I called her cell and left a message on Thursday.

Saturday we had our annual MVSV holiday party.  This year we had a meeting also.  We have lots of plans for the next year!  There was lots of good food there too!  We went from there to Olive Garden to meet Dad and Dianna.  Luckily it was a 45 minute wait so we could have a bit more room for more food.

Sunday we went to the MAC annual banquet.  It was fun.  They always have a meeting at that event also.  For year end awards we were given a pillow with our dogs picture and their titles on it.  A very unique gift.  We really liked them!  Then we did a bit of shopping at Rosedale mall to get ideas for Christmas gifts.  And I finally got my rings cleaned.  They are very shiny and sparkly now.  From there we went to the Target Center for the Go Fish concert.  Wow!  That was alot of fun and the guys voices are amazing.  We both thought it was an incredible concert.

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