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Well, it looks like yet another month has FLOWN by.  What a month it has been!

It turned out that Dave did not come up to visit and help us start finishing the basement.  He had a cancer scare that thankfully turned out to not be cancer.  We were so happy to hear his good results.  We are more then happy to find a different weekend to have Dave up.  We still have alot that we can do that we already know how to do.  I’m trying to get started on decorating too.  I researched and researched borders and finally found one we liked for the bedroom.  I ordered it and patiently waited for them to ship it.  Finally I contacted them and it turns out it was discontinued.  So I researched again and found one with the theme that I originally wanted.  So I think it worked out for the best.  But now I’m waiting for the border to arrive so I can go out and match paint for the walls.  We ordered borders for the cat room and computer room too.  Again – there is lots of prep to do before the borders can go up.  I’m hoping to start on that this weekend since it’s a 3 day weekend.  I’d also like to get moving on the hardwood floors again too.  As usual, too much to do and not enough time!

I finished my Access class.  There was alot of work at the end with 2 tests and the final project.  But I got them all done.  I am pretty sure that I will get an A.  I had a high A going into the final project.  I am taking an XHTML class over the summer.  Orientation is in a week and a half.  I’m looking forward to that.  I think it’ll be alot of fun.  For the Fall semester I signed up for a Database Design & SQL class.  I think that will be alot of fun too as I really enjoyed the Access class.

I went to a 4 day seminar in IA presented by Tracy Sklenar.  I loved it!  I audited 3 days and worked Vada 1 day.  I learned so much and got alot of help with Vada.  I camped while I was there.  It was kind of cold and rainy but bearable.  Most of my time was spent at the seminar.  The rest was spent sleeping.  I did take the dogs on a hike one night.  It was VERY hilly!  I got more of a workout then I planned.  I will definitely go back if they have her out again.   MMBC is having her here in August too for 2 days.  I am really looking forward to that.  I came home and we made some changes from what I had learned.  All of the dogs (except Copper) were taught the beginning stages of Crate Games.  I moved them all up from their room in the basement too.  So they are spread out in the kitchen, livingroom and bedroom.  That way we have to deal with them good or bad.  They feel like they are more a part of things.  I think Crate Games was helping Vada’s start line too.  I had awesome lead outs in the USDAA trial following the seminar.  They went to crap last weekend at the NADAC trial though.  The dogs do seem calmer and a bit more under control.  I’ve been having them sit and wait til I open the back door too.  Problem is now they want to keep sitting and getting cookies and they won’t go outside!

Copper turned 12 while we were in IA!  Quest turned 7 years old this month!

I finally started tracking with Vada.  It’s going very well as usual – training usually does.  I started using a can of sardines at the end of the track.   I laid a track for Narc too last Saturday.  He did not forget what it’s all about!

Karl and I spent a Sunday morning down at the MMBC storage locker with Denise and Al.  We moved the CPE equipment from the trailer to the storage locker.  It was nice to have that done.  We need a bigger locker though!  We’ll make that move in July.

My TV shows have all come to an end for the summer.  That’ll free up alot of time and stress of forgetting to set the VCR and turn it off.

Last weekend was the spring MMBC NADAC trial.  We had all of the dogs entered.  Saturday was VERY cold and VERY windy.  Our tent leg broke while we were setting it up.  But ended up not too bad by the end of the day.  Sunday was warmer and much less windy.  And Sunday was quieter as we left Prozac and Rally at home.  Vada lost her start line stay.  She has alot of trouble with keeping bars up in NADAC too since she is only jumping 20″ and the obstacles are spaced far apart.  But she managed to get 5 Qs out of 12 runs and on 1 run I pulled her off the line for not holding her SLS.  After that I just asked for a sit and then let her go.  No point in setting her up for failure.  She finished 3 titles too.  Copper earned a few Qs also.  He was not running very well though.  Kristin massaged him on Saturday after he was done running.  She said his right shoulder was sore and also his left hip.  And his back was still not feeling good.  Poor old guy.  He ran super slow in Tunnelers on Sunday so I scratched him from Jumpers.  But he ran pretty well in Hoopers at the end of the day.  Seven ran very well.  Handler error prevented a few of his Qs.  He did Q in Open Tunnelers though.  And Narc earned his first Q ever in Novice Tunnelers.  He ran beautifully!  Prozac ran like her normal self – way better then she ran at the CACM USDAA trial.  Karl had some nice runs with Sonic and Fringe.  Some runs that were very close to Qs.  He did get his first Novice Jumpers Q with Fringe on Sunday.  It ended up being a good weekend.  And I think I’m realizing how different NADAC courses are.  I am not handling them like I should be which is causing some of our problems.  Oh – Seven entered Novice Weavers for his first time ever.  He was doing 12 poles at home but I hadn’t done any obstacles before or after.  He popped out at the end of the first 2 sets of 6.  But the last one he did perfectly!  I was very proud of him!

Whew!  Wrote a book!  Hopefully next time I’ll write sooner.  Still need to take more pics to make this a more interesting blog too.

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