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Christmas 2009

We got tons of snow over the Christmas holiday this year.  Karl and I both worked from home on Christmas Eve.  We were suppose to go out to Mom’s to celebrate Christmas.  We had not gone out there in a few years as there were some undiscussed family issues that I was choosing to not be around.  We decided the roads were too bad to make that trip.  It would have been ok going out there but once the sun set and the roads froze then it would be very unsafe.  We also did not make the drive to church.  We were very bummed to miss Christmas Eve at EBC.  We had ordered 2 pies from Baker’s Square (online) to bring out there and they were closed the next day so we had to go get them.  We decided to have dinner while we were there.  It was fun to watch everyone coming in to get their pies.  A few others had holiday plans change and came in to eat too.  We ate too much and I was feeling miserable.  My dish was very delicious though!  I laid down for a bit til I felt better and then we opened our gifts from each other.  We both did a good job again this year and enjoyed each others gifts.  I’m pretty sure Karl liked what I got him.  I can never think of a big gift – just smaller gifts.  We both got each other a magazine subscription – the gift of reading.  That’s pretty neat.  He gave me a sheepskin steering wheel cover which makes it so much easier to get into the cold van and a heated seat pad with a sheepskin pad cover.  I love that pad.  It works very well and has made this sub-zero temp string of days much more bearable.

Karl’s parents had forbid us from making the drive to Holmen on Christmas Day like we were planning.   So we drove out to mom’s that day instead.  Everyone was still at Mom’s.  They had opened the gifts they had and had dinner the night before but we brought new gifts and Mom heated up the leftovers.  When we were almost there my mom called and the issue that had prevented me from going out there the last few years reappeared.  I was extremely angry and probably would have went home if we weren’t already there.  So we made plans to not stay long and to go see a movie on the way home.  I even told Mom that we would not stay long because of the situation.  The situation was modified to appease me which helped a little.  We were having a good time and ended up staying really late and missing any opportunity of seeing a movie that night.  And my sister made a comment to me that leads me to believe that my mom is not being honest and is causing alot of the problems with me and my sister.  What she is doing is very hurtful and I think she is totally oblivious to that fact.  And I’m not sure what her motivation is.  Things worked out this year but I am not sure what our plans will be for next year.  Each year there seems to be actions that say that Mom does not want us out there but then when we don’t go she whines about it.  Course, we weren’t even invited to Thanksgiving this year so maybe that is the answer.  Actions do speak louder then words.  The drive home again was slow as the roads were icy but we took our time and made it home safely.

Saturday we went to Joe and Julie’s for our New Year’s Eve Fondue tradition.  We were a week early but Joe had to work on NYE this year.  And originally we were planning on going to the MMBC NYE NADAC trial.  We ate SOOO much food!  We had beef tenderloin that we cooked in peanut oil.  We had a swiss cheese mix and a spicy cheese mix and 4 varieties of bread for dipping into the cheese.  We stuffed ourselves on that.  Then awhile later we had caramels, bananas, strawberries, angel food cake and marshmallows for dipping into a delicious chocolate sauce.   We were there til 2am.  So much for going home earlier since it wasn’t New Year’s Eve.  We had a great time.  The roads were not good going home though and we took our time.

We decided to not participate in the MMBC NYE NADAC trial this year.  It was at Leatherdale and only 1 ring.  It filled early and had plenty of workers.  We are on the fence about doing NADAC trials anyways and things just leaned towards not going this year.  This is the first time in the existence of that trial that I have missed it.  It was kind of sad but we had a full weekend without the trial.

On New Year’s Day we drove down to Karl’s parents to celebrate Christmas with them.   We leave the dogs home as it’s a much more pleasurable drive without them.  But that does limit out time to visit.  We had another good visit with them.  And the roads were MUCH better then the week before.

Saturday we drove down to my cousin, Brenda’s, apartment party room for the Tauer Christmas Party.  Again there was LOTS of good food!   Potluck style.  I brought grape salad.  Others brought grapes and fruit salads but people still made a good dent in ours and we didn’t bring too much home.  We have LOTS of leftovers.  We had some interesting conversations with relatives too.  It was fun.  On the way home we stopped and checked out a church in Elk River.  It is kind of similar to EBC but much courser and more in your face.  It would be nice to find a closer church but we are pretty spoiled with how great EBC is.

Other than these events, the last 2 weeks of the year are pretty quiet.  All of our dog classes get canceled and my database design class is done.  It’s nice to be getting back into the routine of things again.

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