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April Lambs

There were no lions this year.  March went out like a lion as well.  It has been a beautiful April as well.  The April Showers have not hit yet.

I had dinner with Cortney and Gina.  We went to Macaroni Grill.  It was fun.  Afterward we went to Michaels and then Cortney and I went to Trader Joes.   That weekend Karl and I met my mom, brother and his kids, and my sister and her husband at a small place in Forest Lake to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  They had great food and we had a good time.  Unfortunately, I forgot my purse there.  So Karl and I went back there the next day to get my purse back.  We had dinner while we were there since they had such great food.

Karl and I went to the Total Recall banquet this year.  It was fun.  Huge potluck with tons of food.  Lots of people that had earned alot of titles.   It was fun to catch up with people we hadn’t talked to in awhile too.

Sonic turned 9 years old.

Cyrus was neutered and had his broken canine extracted.  The vet found a  tumor in his ear.  So we had to put an ointment in his ear twice a day in the hopes that it would shrink the tumor.

We hosted the annual MMBC CPE trial the last weekend in March.  It went very well and everyone had a great time.  We were exhausted by the end of the weekend.  It was 11pm til we got home on Sunday after driving down to Prior Lake to put the equipment back into storage.  Sunday Kristin massaged Vada after she was done with her runs.  She found an area behind her right shoulder that needed icing.  On Sunday she had been popping out of the poles at the end when she was on my right.  They were 24″ poles too.   She had done fine on them on Friday at the fun run.  And we didn’t have any problems, that I recall, on Saturday.  Friday at the fun runs Karl ran Sonic.  Sonic was so happy to play and did a really good job.  That encouraged Karl to sign Sonic up for agility classes!

Easter Weekend we went to church and were able to stay home the rest of the weekend and work on projects.

A few weeks ago I went back to Honey Creek IA to a Tracy Sklenar seminar.  I had fun and learned tons.  We had great weather and were able to work outside 2 of the days.  Christy made great food as usual.   The hotel room didn’t seem as small since I was expecting small this time.  Vada worked on Friday for Masters Handling.  Halfway through the day she came up lame on her right front.  She had been popping poles when she was on my right again.  She would not put any weight on her leg.  I got lots of help from alot of people who were very kind.  Christy let me run her older Border Collie, Dice, for the rest of the session since I don’t really have a backup dog.  Vada was still a bit lame the next day but by Sunday she looked fine.  I kept her on leash for her walks and iced her a few times.  Tracy thought she might be out for the standard 6 weeks for a soft tissue injury.  Saturday was Skills day and I got alot of great notes.  Sunday was Seven’s working day.  It was a beginners handling day.  Seven did great.  I did great too on remembering my training skills.  I know what our holes are so there weren’t really any surprises.  Christy suggested that I work Seven on Monday too for Open Handling.  I wasn’t sure if he was skilled enough for that.  But we gave it a try.  I was very proud of how well he did.  Also, that weekend Vada’s sister Bonita/Benta was bred to Bas.  So now we wait til next month to see if the breeding took.

Last week I started a Zumba class.  It kicked my butt!  It was fun and very fast paced.  I struggled the whole time to keep up with the dance steps.  It definitely worked my calves!   I was feeling them for a few days!  I’ve missed the last few Cardio Salsa classes as I’ve been out of town or went to Touchpoint.  I pre-signed up for the class through community ed.  There are still 4 classes left.  I think I might take a break from cardio salsa classes after that and just do weights in the gym at work over lunch.  Then I’ll revisit the idea of classes in the winter.  It is not as fun as it use to be.  And my workout partner bailed on me as she feels too fat for the class.

My TSQL class is plugging away.  We’ve completed 2 projects now.  The next project is the big one and I have not even started on it yet!  It’s due next week.  I know what I will be working on this weekend!

Thursday I took Seven to agility class.  Vada had to skip because of her injury.  And I pulled her from the next set of classes too.   Seven handled the sequences very well and did 12 weaves!

Saturday we went to Minnesota’s first UKI match.  It was alot of fun and it had a really good turn out.  About 50 dogs and 150 runs.  Seven’s contacts aren’t perfect but they are making progress.  After the match Carol took a look at Vada and did some energy work on her.  It sounds like her injury isn’t super bad.  We have an appointment with the rehab vet tomorrow so I will get some definite answers then.  What exactly is wrong, how long she’ll be out and what the recovery plan is.

Last night I went to the Women’s Touchpoint at church.  It was fun.  I went with Toni O, Julie S and Julie’s niece, Michelle.  We chatted with Sharon A a few times too.  We had salad again for dinner.  I ate quite a bit of it.  Probably the most salad I’ve ever eaten!  They had the guys from Triple Espresso do a show.  Lots of laughing.

One more week left of April.  We’ll see if we get those April showers that lead to May flowers.

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