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May Squeeze

Seems my posts are getting even further apart.  It was monthly and now it’s about a month and a half!  But I can squeeze a post in still in May so I’m still getting in one a month.  And a super busy month and a half it has been!  Lots of things have wrapped up but lots of things have happened too.

I had dinner with the girls at the end of April.  We went to Timber Lodge.  2 more girls from high school joined us.  Marlyce and Jenny.  I was kind of nervous but we have a great time and great conversation.  Cortney and Tanya both even showed up too.  Our next dinner is coming up in a few weeks.


Vada went in for her rehab consult.  She hyper extended her carpel tendon.  We had to order a brace which took 9 day to come in and get her fitted.  It was onleash just to go out and go potty for that time.  Once the brace came in she was to wear it when she’s out of her kennel.  On leash walking and only a 15 minute walk each day.  I also got range of motion exercises to do with her to keep the joint limber.  Checkup in 2 weeks.  Shortly before her 2 week checkup Karl put her brace on top of her crate and she sucked it in and chewed part of it.  We ordered a new brace but the new one needed to be fitted by the vet too.  So I moved her appointment to after the brace came in.  It ended up being about a 2.5 weeks or so appointment – Wednesday.   We just had that appointment.  Her tendon is tightening up.  Her left number is 195.  Her right (the hyper extended one) was 225 at our first visit.  At this visit it was 200.  So we are making progress!  I got more exercises for her that will help strengthen her wrist – leg lifts and wheel barrows.  We go back for another checkup in 4 weeks.  I was able to get a late night appointment so I don’t have to mess around with working from home or taking time off.  Dr. Julia thought it would be 12 weeks from now til she was back to competing.  😦  But tendons take a long time to heal.



Copper turned 13 years old at the end of April!  I made a cake for him.  He shared with all of the other dogs too.  Karl even had a bite and thought it was pretty good.  LOL


3 days after Copper turned 13 he earned his first AKC Novice CD leg!  I never thought he’d be able to show in AKC in his lifetime!  His hips were bothering him a bit so he missed a few sits but he tried really hard and held his sit stay.  I was very proud of him!  Vada did awesome too.  No barking in the ring!  We had a 196.5 going but she laid down on her sit stay.  Not sure if her wrist was bothering her or my nerves.  But I was very proud of her performance too.  So we’ll see how Copper is feeling this fall.  If he’s good then we try to finish up his title.


Karl’s niece Alana got married in Holmen at the beginning of this month.  We drove down for the wedding.  It was nice to see everyone again.  Karl mom has been having issues with back pain so it was nice that we got to spend some time at their house chatting with her.  On our way home we stopped in Winona as Pastel Black was playing for Cathy’s 50th birthday party.  Karl got to play a whole set.  He had a great time!


Seven and Narc are still doing weekly obedience classes.

Most of my TV shows have ended for the season – Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, 24, House, Bones and Fringe.  I will miss them but it’s nice to not have to worry about finding time to watch them.   Glee is on for a few more episodes.  24 is done for good but I think all of the others are coming back next year.   Lie to Me is coming back for the summer too.

I finished my TSQL class with an A!  Now I am taking the summer off from classes.  In the fall I will take a Visual Basic class.  After I signed up I realized it only meets every other week.  Nice!  Unfortunately it’s harder to keep on track.

The AKC World Team Try-outs were held in MN again this year.  We were able to go and watch.  It was alot of fun.  Tough courses!

Zumba and Cardio Salsa sessions have ended.  I signed up for Zumba again and a Hip Hop class that start in a few weeks.  They should be fun!

I took a 4 day VMware class for work that was pretty good.  The next week I took at 3 day Ops Manager class for work.  Now the hard part is to keep up on the new data so I don’t lose it.

Seven got to do a full day of classes at a CPE trial.  He did really well and finished Level 1.  He’s had to step up now that he’s my only agility dog.  This weekend he’s running 3 classes both Saturday and Sunday in USDAA.  I’m biting the bullet and putting him in Standard.  I know we have some holes but we’ll keep working on them between trials.  It’s going to be nice to be trialing outside again!

Last weekend I went to a French Ring trial.  It was fun.  Got to chat with some folks that I know and meet some new folks.  Lots more people who knew about Dutch Shepherds.

Cyrus is doing well.  There is less fighting on the porch.  He mostly sleeps on the swing but comes down to see me off in the morning and get a belly rub and have his ticks pulled off.


Last week I started on the Couch to 5K running program.  I started on week 4 as I thought it matched where I was at with the running program that I had been doing.  Today I’m going to do W5D2.  My first 5K is coming up in 2 weeks!

I planted 4 flower baskets and 4 new bushes last weekend.  Still have TONS of weeding to do.



6 years ago today Karl kissed me for the first time!  ❤

Not too bad for a month and a half worth of updates!

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