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June Updates

We ended May with the MAC USDAA trial.  Karl and I worked classes and course built both days as well as ran our dogs.  Seven was entered in P1 Standard, Gamblers and Snooker both days.  He Q’d in 1 of the Standard runs and both of the Snooker runs.  Karl and Fringe had some very nice runs and got a Q in Starters Jumpers which finished their title.  Then we got to have Monday off as we’re not doing DAM team and it was Memorial Day.

I was able to get in a few Friday night Open Gym times with Prozac and Narc.  Prozac was entered in Family Dog Center’s first CPE trial so I wanted to see how rusty she was.  And I wanted to see how crazy Narc was to run in agility.  They both did awesome!  Unfortunately Narc stepped off the dogwalk and landed on his head. There was a tunnel underneath that I think he thought he was stepping on to.  He went to go visit Dr. Heather and feels better than ever now!  He was very controlled and not being crazy and he was thoughtful about his jumping.  I definitely need to work him more on agility skills.

I only entered Saturday of the FDC CPE trial so we could make it a 1 day trip.  Karl dropped off Seven, Prozac and me and he went to visit with his parents.  Seven was entered in 5 classes and he Q’d in all but Wildcard.  Prozac was entered in 2 classes and she Qd in Colors but not Wildcard.  They have a Wildcard impaired handler it seems!  She looked around as we were running but did not run off.  I’m starting to get it about running as if it’s a race so hopefully I can pass that on to the dogs in a trial situation and she’ll stay in drive longer and not run off.  She’s fine in practice.

Sunday I did a 3 day Susan Salo “Repeaters”jumping seminar at SoccerBlast.  I just audited but I was wishing Vada could have worked it.  All of the dogs did great!

I did not sign up for the next set of agility classes with Seven.  We are trialing almost every weekend so I figured we could take the rest of the summer off from classes.  We may not get in this fall but we’ll deal with that at the time.  I’m hoping to work him out in the yard more often too.  And without drive time I should be able to work more dogs each night.  🙂


I ran my first 5K at the first Dog Days 5K!  Seven was my running partner.  He did great on the run and with the crowd and all of the other dogs there.  Our time was 39:18.  I was nervous but I’m glad we did it as we had fun.  We’ll do another in September.  Probably the Blubber Run on the 11th as they allow dogs.

That same day we ended up taking Luci to the emergency vet as she was peeing blood all over and pacing.  Turns out she has a bad urinary track infection.  So she’s on antibiotics for that.  She’ll get checked out again today by our regular vet.


It rained most of that day after we finished the 5K.  But after we got home from the emergency vet the rain let up and we were able to go to the KTIS Joyful Noise Family Fest and see the last 2 bands.  Joe and Julie were kind enough to save spots for us.

31644_1375537064580_1116428097_30948897_4192915_n.jpg     31644_1375593785998_1116428097_30949001_7826601_n.jpg

sallyfront.jpg     sallyside.jpg

That Sunday we went to my cousin’s graduation party and family gathering in Hutchinson.  On the way home we found a dog trotting down the highway.  We are calling her Sally.  We have posted found ads for her and called the sheriff and put an ad in the paper where we found her.   She needs more grooming but I was able to brush her out and cut some mats off of her coat.  She does not like being brushed or retrained.  She went to the vet and looks pretty good.  Her teeth are terrible and need to be cleaned and she has giardia.  We’ll test her stool again today and hopefully it’s cleared up.  She’s at least 10 years old and the vet guess maybe a Basset mix.  We had thought Corgi gave her the short legs.  We’re thinking she’s mixed with Sheltie or Collie.  She’s almost 50 pounds.  So we’ll get her fixed up and get her teeth cleaned and look for a home for her.

I started Zumba class up again.  And I started a Hip Hop class that is a blast!  Still working on C25K – finishing up W7.

I took Vada to obedience class last week instead of Narc.  She was in heaven!  She did so well.  She’s so bored.  We have a rehab checkup on Wednesday.

sevensb.jpg     soccerblast.jpg

We just did the ACTS USDAA trial at SoccerBlast.  Karl and Fringe trialed on Saturday.  They had some nice runs but Karl was regretting some handler errors and wanted some do overs.  They are coming together more and more as a team each trial.  Seven was in P1 Standard, Gamblers and Snooker both days.  He earned his second P1 Standard Q, 2 P1 Snooker Qs which finished his PK1 title and 1 P1 Gamblers Q.  We also gave Performance Speed Jumping a try.  We had weave pole issues on 1 set but otherwise he did well.  He missed the entry so I restarted him and then he popped out at the end so I just went on.  No point in stressing him out.  Sunday the teeter surprised him and that shook his contact confidence for the day.  I think we made some progress throughout the day.  I’ll have to build him back up over the week so he’s ready for the TIM trial on Saturday.  The ACTS trial was small and 2 ring and we were scheduled to work alot.  Sunday I worked classes and course built.  I’m so ready for a 1 ring trial where I can relax and spend more time with my dogs.  I’m missing running Vada too.  It’ll be nice to trial outside too.  More and more trials are moving inside.  That makes me sad.

bentalitter2.jpg     puppies2.jpg

On June 12th my puppy was born!  There were 2 girls and a boy.  Perfect!  All are spoken for already.  I’m very excited and also very nervous.  I want to train her following the Say Yes program.  I want to get a good start on that and then we’ll go back to Schutzhund in January.

I can’t believe it’s almost July already.  Today marks the midpoint of summer.  After today the days start getting shorter again.  😦

Almost forgot – Prozac turned 9 on the 16th and Narc turned 7 on the 19th!  Vada’s birthday is Sunday.  We need to make another cake to celebrate all the June birthdays.

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