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New Puppy

Wow, get a new puppy and suddenly that is where ALL of your time goes!  I have not had time to blog nor time/energy to keep up on the treadmill or to do homework.  I have lots to catch up on!

Letty at the airport waiting for our flight.

Alot has happened since July!  Happy things and sad things.

The saddest thing is that we lost Luci on September 1st.  She was in distress that evening so we were rushing her to the emergency vet and she had a heart attack and died in my arms.  It was a horrible way to die but at least her suffering didn’t continue very long.  Here I was worried about her UTIs and having bladder tumors and it was her heart that went.  I miss her alot and still get sad when I think of her.  I had her for 18 year – more than half my life – but it still is never long enough.

I’ve had Vada in a few Utility classes.  Alot of the Schutzhund skills carry over nicely.  We mainly need to work on scent articles and signals.  The rest is polishing.  She loves it!

In July I attended a CPE trial in Zumbro Falls.  It was a crazy weekend.  The judge was really late so the trial went late.  I was showing Seven and Prozac and brought Vada and Copper along.  Prozac barked in her crate most of the time and ran up to people if she was tied.  The judge yelled at me a few times for different things.  I had decided to stay at the Motel 6 in Rochester instead of doing the drive.  I was glad that I did since the trial went so late.

The night before I flew out to pickup Letty I went to her puppy foundations class.  Terry was lecturing that night so I didn’t want to miss it.  And I wanted to see where the class was at already.  We have our last class this week already!  It’s been a great class.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  Terry came out about once a month and lectured and then Kristin taught the other weeks.  Next week we’ll start classes at On the Run that Terry is teaching.  So we’ll be able to continue the classes but in a bigger building for the winter.  He’s also teaching a Masters Handling class that I’ll have Vada and Seven in.  They’ll rotate classes.  Seven needs alot more drive building.  He’s now running out of the ring – just like Prozac does.

Karl hurt his back in August so I went to class with him one night to run Fringe.  Then I ran her at a trial.  She did pretty well.  But at the second trial she was being a PITA so I told Karl to run her.  His back was better but still not 100%.  They had a beautiful Jumpers run that day!

I ran Seven in 1 day of the TIM USDAA trial and both days of the CACM USDAA trial.  I like the new CACM trial site.  They were a bit flooded for the first trial so they had to shuttle us from a parking lot to the trial grounds.  Seven was avoiding getting on contacts.  He’s gotten better about that but now he’s stressing on weaves.  So, some things to work on but alot of great things.

My hip hop class ended in August.  They did not offer another session through the community ed.  I was sad but I really don’t have the time to go.  I loved that class though.

Karl’s birthday was also in August.

And in August we brought Tracy in for a seminar.  I worked Seven one day and Karl worked Fringe that same day.  I also worked Vada in a session at lower jumps.  She was finally given clearance to start playing again.  Seven was not running well at all.  Tracy said it was my bad handling/timing.  But she also thought something medical was going on.  Terry thought the same thing.  So we checked his thyroid and he’s low-normal.  We’ve started him on thyroid medication.  It seems to be helping slowly.  I love Tracy’s seminars.  I always feel so motivated afterwards.  Letty was not old enough for the Foundation day so Tracy used her as the demo puppy.  It was fun to watch Letty working with someone else.

I started a Visual Basic class in August too!  I’m a sucker for punishment!  I forgot that it’s near impossible to do a class and raise a puppy.  I had trouble with a C# class when Vada was a puppy.  I’m struggling again with this class.  I enjoy the class and the content but it’s finding time to do the homework that I’m really struggling with.  Luckily, I have a pretty nice instructor.

In August I also signed up for Susan Garrett’s Recallers online course.  I thought the timing would be perfect as it started the same time I brought my puppy home.  But some prereqs were It’s Yer Choice and Crate Games.  So we had to wait a bit to start.   I’m working through the exercises here and there now.  It’s a great course and the webinars are awesome!  The last one is this Thursday.

Labor Day weekend was Vada’s first trial back – MAC’s USDAA trial.  I only entered her in 2 classes each day – Standard and Jumpers.  She finished her AAD!  She’s got all her Advanced titles but she needs 1 more Jumpers leg.  I am going to skip that title and just put her in Masters for everything now.

In September Letty started the Super Puppy classes at Total Recall.  She was nervous at first but now she’s very comfortable in the class and enjoys it.

I drove up to Duluth one Saturday to enter a UKI trial.  It was alot of fun.  We just did the 1 day.  Seven Qd in 1 run and Vada Qd in 1 run.  They were very close in the other runs.  The courses were nice courses.

We made it out to the Renaissance Festival this year.  It was fun to go again after so long.  But I’m in no rush to go again for a few years.

I got Letty out a few times to work with Warren before she started teething.  He did a great job with her.  His group is alot of fun to train with too.

CACM also had a CPE trial in September.  It was alot of fun!  Vada and Seven both rocked.  After the trial on Sunday I drove to Honey Creek, IA.  Tracy was at Christy’s doing a seminar on Monday and Tuesday.  I had Seven on 1 day and Vada on the other.  This time I stayed in a cabin at the park by Christy’s.  It was so cute and worked out great.

We took another trip to LaCrosse for a CPE trial in September.  This time we took 2 vehicles since we have too many dogs to fit in my van.  It worked out pretty well although it is more fun to be in the same vehicle.  I did not like how Vada ran on those mats though.  We spent the day trying to adjust and then adjust to the adjustments.  We ended with an awesome Jumpers run but I’m not too keen on trialing her there again.

I trialed Copper and Vada in AKC again at On the Run.  Just 1 day.  Copper earned his 2nd leg towards his CD!  I guess I wasn’t clear on the recall when I left so Vada got up and took a step with me and then sat down again – NQ.  Again.  😦  She had a nice score going too.

At the beginning of October I drove up to Duluth to give AKC agility a try.  We rocked!  Vada Qd in 3 out of 4 runs.  Seven Qd in 2 out of 4 runs and the 2 that he didn’t Q in were because of popping the weaves.  He wasn’t very sure at first in a new building.  I forgot that he’s still a green dog.  Sometimes I expect too much of him and he doesn’t do well under that pressure.  I can’t wait for the next AKC trial.  Hopefully in December.  I’ll find out if we got in at the end of this week.  The courses were harder than I thought they would be.

I had dinner with Cortney and Gina at a new place called the Boulevard Kitchen.  It was ok food.  Not great.  And kind of spendy.  A week later we met again but Chrissy joined us at Pizza Luce.  It was ok.  Kind of fancy for my tastes.  Good company though!

We went to a CPE trial in Lindstrom at a new horse arena.  It was a nice place.  They had riding trails on the grounds too that I could walk the dogs on.  Mom even came on Sunday and got to watch a few runs and go out to dinner with me.  The dogs did ok.  Friday night I was sick so I was off on Saturday.  Vada took a few bars.  I always worry now that it’s for physical reasons.

Went to a Schutzhund seminar with Greg Doud.  I was going to work Letty but she was due to be teething so I just audited.  I probably could have worked her but you never know.

I made it out to 2 training sessions with MVSV!  I hadn’t been out in a year.  It was fun.  I have concerns about going back but I’ll give it a try.

I trialed Copper and Vada in a 2 day AKC obedience trial at TCOTC.  I scratched Copper on Saturday since he already had a leg under that judge.  Vada was off but Qd with a 189.5 – her first AKC CD leg!  Sunday she had a 198 going but she laid down on the sit stay.  Very disappointing!  Copper was not feeling well at all.  He would not sit and he was not heeling with me.  He looked like an old broken down cart horse.  The judge didn’t even finish our off leash heeling pattern.  I was very worried about him.  We’re trying again this weekend at BOTC.    I’m going to warm him up better and I took the poofy bed out of his crate in the van.  I had entered him on Sunday – just in case.  So I’m glad that I did!  It’d be neat if he and Vada finished their CDs on the same day.  But that might be a bit much to ask of Vada.  LOL

Last weekend was a CPE trial at Leatherdale.  It was nice to be back in there again for the winter.  We did not have a good weekend though.  Friday night I was sick again.  Sleep has not been good since the puppy came home.  I think I’m just off my game.  Seven even started running out of the ring.  That made me sad.  They both had very good parts of runs.  Vada had good runs but we either had bars down or she didn’t finish 12 poles.   Seven had alot of issues weaving too.

We got Sally back about 10 days after she went to her new home.  She chased their cat a few times so they were worried that the cat was not safe.  We haven’t really tried to find a new home for her since then.  She’s so old that I don’t think anyone would want her.  She gets along in our house with everyone – canine and feline – so she’s just there.

Letty is growing up so fast!  We had some issues with biting at first.  She got over that pretty fast and learned to bite her toys and Vada instead.   She does Crate Games well.  She likes to climb on things and interact with things.  I’ve tried to get her out and about as much as possible.  She doesn’t like people focusing on her so I’ve been giving people lots of treats to feed her.  She’s gotten alot more confident lately.  I’m very happy with how she’s turning out.  She likes to snuggle and she’s also very independent.

A few weeks ago I discovered 3 lumps in Copper’s lip.  Our vet did a biopsy and it’s not cancer.  Thank goodness!  He was on antibiotics and that didn’t make them go away.  So now we’re trying pred.   Hopefully this will be it.  Letty had cocidia after she got home.  We got rid of that quickly.  Then she got a UTI.  We had to do 2 rounds of antibiotics to get rid of that but now it’s finally gone.  So now I’m not pottying her overnight as I think she can be quiet and hold it all night now.  Course, now Copper is having accidents in the middle of the night.  Sigh!  I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel though.

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