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November Updates

Whew – alot going on and alot has changed since my last post.


Letty is another month older.  She’s got all her adult teeth now!  She’ll be 6 months on the 12th!  Where is the time going?!?!  She is a very good puppy.  We’ve had a few issues but they all seem to work out.  We’ve got alot of work to do before going to Critical Elements for Sport and Life (Puppy Camp)!  I’m excited to start Schutzhund bitework training with her too.


We put her Gentle Leader on finally since we were having some tantrum issues and we need it for Puppy Camp.

Letty got her rabies vaccine which may have caused some vaginitis.  We treated her holistically and it seems to have cleared it up.  Unfortunately, her UTI came back worse than before – now she has high PH and crystals.  We are treating her with cranberry pills and a Heel holistic product.   It seems to be helping.  Last night she went 5.5 hours between potty breaks so I got to sleep longer.  We were doing 3-4 hours.

Pred did not take care of Copper’s lip lumps.  So we ran bloodwork to test for kidney issues.  Part of the package was to check thyroid and do a UA.  Turn out his kidney’s are fine but his thyroid was low and he had a bit of blood in his urine.  So we treated him with antibiotics again to clear up what might be the end of a UTI that the first round started to clear up.  And we put him on thyroid meds.  He feels soooo much better!  His overall demeanor is so much happier.  Hopefully the lumps will go away too.

We finished puppy foundation agility class at Kristin’s with a potluck.  It was a fun class.  I’m really glad she invited me to join it.


Vada finished her AKC CD at the Bloomington Obedience Training Club’s AKC trials.  She even won a beautiful rug one day for being High Scoring ILP/CPL dog in Novice B.  She earned 2nd place on Sunday too.  Copper was barely passing and then he laid down on the sit stay.  He’s held some really hard stay positions so I was surprised and disappointed.  So, we’ll try again in January on a Friday.  Not sure what our opportunities will be after that.


We started Friday night agility classes at On the Run.  Terry is doing a handling class.  I am alternating Vada one week and Seven the next.  Then I have Letty in the agility foundation class afterwards.  It’s choppy with Friday trials and holidays but it’s nice to be in class.  I’d like to get some dogs into a more consistent weekly class too.   Just need to find the time!

I had Vada and Seven entered in 2 CPE agility trials in November.  One was 2 days and 1 was 3 days.  I was also trial secretary for the 3 day trial.  Letty and Copper came with to both and they both did really well crating inside.  Narc came with to the 3 day one and was entered in 2 classes each day.  He had a blast and Qd in 3 of his runs!  Gotta teach him to weave and do the teeter now!

We had some medical issues with Narc this month.  He has a weird growth/sore on his tail.  We put him on antibiotics and that did not clear it up.  So now he’s on a cream twice a day and if that does not clear it up then we’ll xray it or biopsy it.  He also got extremely constipated.  Karl had to bring him into the vet to have him put under so they could break it up.  It took him a week or two but he’s finally back to normal.

On another sad note, I stayed home sick on Wednesday and spent some time with the dogs.  Sally just seemed really tired and unstable.  So I called the vet and they were able to get her in for a checkup.  Turns out she’s got a mass in her abdomen.  The vet is thinking she has a tumor on her spleen or liver.  Going by her symptoms it seems like liver.  We have an appointment on Monday to do bloodwork and xrays to find out what exactly it is and how bad it is.  She seems to be going downhill fast so I’m not hopeful that she has much time left.  I have to keep in mind the lesson that Luci taught me – that euthanasia is a gift that we can give them to stop the suffering.  Sally is still happy for food and chews but she seems really tired and out of it the other times.

Agility class tonight and then an AKC trial at OTR this weekend for Vada and Seven.  Both could finish a Novice title.  🙂  And I get to sleep in!  I love that AKC trials are much shorter days.  I can keep working on my Visual Basic homework and get that wrapped up too!

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