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2011 MMBC CPE Trial

We held our annual CPE agility trial at Hi Circle Vee Ranch in Isanti for the 3rd year.  It’s alot of work but it went really well.  We were very happy to have a Judge’s Attache this year.  It takes so much hassle from me and Karl since we don’t have to worry about leaving setup to go down to Minneapolis to pickup the judge from the airport.  We did have a glitch in that all of our ribbons did not arrive due to a miscommunication between the place we order them from and the people who make them.  Karl and I picked up what was ready in Lakeville on Friday morning.  Then we met Denise at the storage locker.  We have to load her truck and my van with CPE specific equipment.  Then we have to unload some of the trailer to load more equipment then reload the trailer.  Then drive up to Isanti and unload everything and setup for the fun match.  We had alot of help at the barn this year.  This trial really brings out a great group of workers.  The exhibitors are all really great too.  It’s always a very fun trial.  The courses were challenging.  My dogs had about a 50% Q rate.  I thought they all (Vada, Seven and Narc) ran really well.  I was very pleased with them and myself.  I was very sleep deprived but I had a great time and didn’t psych myself out, get frustrated with myself or give up.  Karl and myself, and even Ted, get bugged alot all weekend but we all took it in stride and handled issues as they came up.  Karl did a great job keeping things running smoothly and he didn’t even run a dog all weekend.  Then he was free to run errands as needed.

Friday night Copper got really sick from anxiety and woke me up 3 times swallowing which leads to eating everything.  I gave him Tums which helped for a little bit but then he was at it again.  So the last time I remembered that Bonnie gave her dogs Zantax and that relaxed him for the rest of the night.  At one point though he tried to jump on the bed or I pushed him back or something and he hurt his back.  So he goes to see Dr. Heather tomorrow.  Again.  Kristin massaged him on Sunday and that helped alot!  He’s been having indigestion alot lately.  Karl had to give him a Zantax the other morning too.

Saturday night we went to dinner with the judge.  He’s very nice.  And it was good food.  On the way home I got a call from a member of my SchH club telling me that one of our friends and fellow club members had passed away during the seminar.  It’s slowly sinking in but still so unreal.  He was only 53.  It was really hard on those who were there.

Sunday we finished the trial about 4:30pm.  We got the judge off to the airport and then packed up the barn.  Denise, Karl and I then drove to the storage locker and did the reverse of Friday.  We put all the stuff in the locker, unloaded the trailer and then put the stuff that was staying back in and parked the trailer.  I think we got home about 10:30pm.

Monday night I had my Visual Basic class.  I have a project due next week that I need to get cracking on!

Tuesday evening was Mike’s wake.  I wasn’t sure if I should go from work or go home and let the dogs out.  I went home first and then Karl went with me to the wake.  That worked out really well.

Wednesday was the funeral.  I went from work.  I thought I wouldn’t be gone super long but then all my Schutzhund friends decided to get something to eat so I joined them.  It was nice to catch up with people.  And some I have not seen in years.  I’m finding myself a little obsessed and nonchalant about death lately but I think it’s just a passing phase.  Makes me think about writing a will too.  I’m not sure what I’d put in it but it would be good to think about those things just in case something does happen.

Tonight Narc has his appointment to xray his jaw and check his ear.  Karl was working from home on Thursdays so I was going to meet him at the vet.  However, he just found out that was suspended for a few weeks.  So I have to leave work early to go home and get Narc.  Then off to agility classes.  Hopefully we won’t miss much or any of Vada’s class.  Karl had a guy out to clean the dryer duct today too.  It was MUCH needed.  So the new dryer should be able to shine now.  🙂

I am so tired of this never ending winter.  And this goofy choppy schedule of late.  I’m hoping that next week things will get back to a routine.

Where Did Spring Go?

Much of the snow had melted.  We had long patches of grass.  We even got to play Chuck-It on Saturday.  Then Monday night it started raining SLUSH.  Tuesday night it turned into sleet and then snow.  It snowed much of Wednesday.  We got about 12″ at my house.  It was wet snow that we had to shovel as the snow blower would not blow it.  I missed a doctors appointment but I got out in time to get to Copper’s oncologist appointment.

Friday night I got my Visual Basic project done that wasn’t due til Monday!  That was a first for me!  I went to DQ to hang out in the van with the dogs and work on it.  It was nice out.

Saturday was my birthday.  I went to SchH training in the morning. Narc and Letty did obedience.  Then we had a meeting.  Some drama that almost had me quitting the club was finally put totally to rest.  Thank goodness!  Our helper was home with a sick dog so we didn’t do protection.  Karl and I went out for Mexican at a new place in Elk River.  It was good.  Good food and margaritas.  He gave me a beautiful mum plant in a cute pot that looks like a chocolate basket and bunny.  He also had a crossword puzzle and a word find for me to do so that I could guess what one of my birthday gifts was.  It was fun.  And my gift was online training sessions with Tracy.  Fun!  I plan to do them between her seminar in April and her seminar in September.

Sunday I trained with Warren’s group.  It was a longer day then I thought but a few people did obedience.  I think more people could come since it was Sunday morning too.  It was fun.  Warren worked Letty on the sleeve.  She did awesome!  He worked Narc too but Narc was slipping off again.  So I decided that it was time to get him checked out.  So tonight he has an appointment at the vet to get his head xrayed to look for tooth abscesses and his ear looked at to make sure the infection is gone.  I’m not sure what is going on but at least this is a start.  If he can’t do protection anymore then that is fine but I feel like we need to know what it is in case it’s something that will get worse.  After I got home Karl made us steaks for dinner.  Yum!  Then we had DQ cake for dessert.

Tuesday night Narc and Letty did obedience at club training.  Narc is doing well.  I discovered that he thinks he needs to lie down facing me and in front of me when I cue him to platz.  I had discovered that on Saturday but I need to improve my note taking skills so I remember these things.  The first ever Working Dutch Shepherd Association trial is in TN over the 4th of July weekend and it would be fun to get his BH there.  With Letty I mostly just worked on getting her to focus on me.  She’s so distracted and always leaves me to go check things out.  I can’t stand it.  So by the end of our session she was tugging with me good and bringing the tug back to me and punching it into me.  So we quit there!  It was raining when I got there and sleeting when I left.  Made the drive home alot slower and longer.  Before training I took Copper to see Dr. Heather for a checkup and adjustment.  He was still out but not as bad and in a different part of his neck.  I got some holistic tablets to give him and he got so acupuncture done with injecting a medicine into certain points.  He’s still having some muscle spasms.  It probably didn’t help that I had them in the van all day at work and it was kind of chilly out.  I also met Mom for lunch that day.  It was nice.  We haven’t done that in a long time.  The time went by very fast.

Wednesday I worked remotely with my appointments and the snow.  I was not prepared for Copper’s appointment.  Right away the tech asked if we were going to do chemo injections.  Huh?  I was just expecting that we’d see how the radiation worked.  So that was an additional bummer to an already crappy day.  There are so many pros and cons.  How far does one go to extend their dogs life?  At what point is it too much?  At what point is it too little and you’re just giving up on them?  Lots to think about.  His lymph nodes are the same size again.  His lip tumors are smaller but still there.  And the gum around his canine is red and swollen.  I thought it was from radiation.  The oncologist says it’s cancer.  That means it’s new/additional cancer.

So, here we are at Thursday.  Karl just called to tell me that Narc’s appointment got canceled.  Sigh.  I really want to get this process started with him.  He’s going to try to reschedule for next week.  Seven and Vada have agility class tonight.  Tomorrow we setup for the CPE trial all day.  Then we have the trial Saturday and Sunday.  Seven, Vada and Narc are running.  I have all of my paperwork to organize still too.  This is always a fun trial.  I really like running in the barn.  And it’s nice and close to home.  Unfortunately on Friday we have to drive down to Prior Lake to help Denise load up the trailer.  It makes for alot of driving!  But luckily this year a wonderful club member stepped up and agreed to go pickup the judge and be his attache for the weekend.  We are so appreciative of that!


At MVSV training last Tuesday we had a helper, Dave, come and do protection work since he was in town.  He ended up putting Letty on a sleeve for her first time.  She did great!  He did stick hits and put alot of pressure on her and she was fine.  Narc did well too.  He got tired and came off the sleeve at the end of his session.  Angeli says we just need to build up his jaw muscles again.

Last week I thought Copper seemed a bit off in the rear.  Maybe a bit roachy.  And he was holding his tail a little differently.  He was also sleeping in the middle of the bed.  Usually he sleeps between me and the edge of the bed.  Thursday night when Karl came to bed I woke from my sleep and announced that Copper had fallen off the bed.  Karl was confused as Copper was sleeping soundly on the bed.  But I had just put the pieces together – in my sleep.  Friday when I came home from work he burst out of the bedroom to greet me and was jumping around when he yelped and fell to the ground and laid on his side and couldn’t move.  He was on his side but his whole body was very tight.  If he tried to move then he yelped.  I called A&E and they said I could bring him in immediately.  I tried to pick him up and he yelped.  I was thinking of how to get him out to the van without making him worse and then he sat up.  I was then able to carry him out to the van and rush him to the vet before they closed.  Dr. Jina examined him.  His left shoulder was in alot of pain and spasming.   They were on the floor and she was on her knees and he was leaning into her.  In pain but totally trusting that she was trying to help him.  It’s amazing how far he has come in his life.  She examined his range of motion in his neck and thought it was there.  So we got some pain meds and I brought him back Saturday morning for xrays.  Sure enough, his vertebra were off at the bottom of his neck.  She gave me his xrays and said to take him to a chiropractor.  How great to have a vet recommend a chiropractor!  Dr. Heather was able to get him in on Tuesday.  She did an adjustment and acupuncture.  He felt much better.  He seems to be holding his adjustment.  Wednesday was his last radiation treatment.  He handled it really well and was back to normal by Thursday morning.  Last night he was feeling very good.  Barking in the back of the van on the way home from Seven and Vada’s agility class.  And jumping around and on and off the bed.  I told him he better start acting his age before he gets hurt!

Sunday we drove down to LaCrosse and Holmen to visit Karl’s parents and so I could play CPE.  We took 2 vehicles since we have too many dogs to fit into 1 vehicle.  The drive went well both ways.  I did not have much luck at the CPE trial.  Vada and I just could not get it together.  I think the flooring is not good for her.  Seven did ok.  Narc had a blast.  And Prozac did pretty good – no running away.  Vada did Q in Level 4 Colors and finished that title.  So the only Level 4 Qs we need are 2 Jumpers Qs.  Seven Qd in Level 5 Colors and Level C Jumpers.  He slipped on the weave pole bases many times.  He kept trying and completed all 12.  On his 3rd run he said forget it with any weaving.  The dog walk was all black too with just a line for the contact zone – NADAC style.  The dogs had not seen that before.  Narc Qd in Level 1 Snooker.  He was ON FIRE and having a blast.  He did a great Colors run but dropped 1 bar.  Prozac did pretty good.  She just wouldn’t weave.  But we haven’t really trained weaves for a long time.  Good spring project.  I pulled her from the Isanti trial.  She had fun and seemed less stressed.

I went to a store to get the dryer part as it kept getting back-ordered.  Karl hired a guy to come out and install it.  Unfortunately it’s not drying well as the vents are too plugged.  So they will get cleaned in 2 weeks.

No more training with Warren on Fridays.  He’s moved training to Sunday mornings.  We can go this weekend but then it gets super spotty.  Not bad to have my Friday nights back though.

Karl and I made a video showing what we learned in the Recallers ecourse that I took in August so that we can do version 2.0.  The top 5 will get her next ecourse topic for free but ours wasn’t good enough for that.  It was fun to make and Karl did a good job putting it together.  He spent alot of time on it.

A New Year!

It seems that I am writing less and less to my blog these days.  The days, weeks and months go by super fast lately.

I moved my blog since my websites got hacked and I’m going to move my sites over to a Microsoft server – they don’t migrate so I have to do that part.  Not sure how well the blog would move so I just moved it here.  Seems to have more features here anyways.  🙂

Our Friday night agility classes are over.   It was fun.  Letty and Vada did well.  Vada’s not jumping so well since she’s so out of shape plus she’s getting older and issues are cropping up like tight butt muscles and accordion rib muscles.   I took Seven to one of the classes and it was too advanced for him.  We did start weekly agility classes again on Thursday nights.  Jacque’s classes are always super full but we were able to get into Michelle’s classes.  We’ve had fun.  Vada has been really high lately but that’ll change as the weather warms up and they can get out more.  Seven is getting better at weaving again – in class.

Vada and Seven each finished an AKC Novice title.  Novice Standard for Vada and Novice JWW for Seven.  Hopefully with Seven being back in class we can fix his weaves in trials.  Not all trials are allowing mixes/Canine Partners so we don’t trial in AKC often.  Vada is doing really well in AKC.  She only needs one more Q each for her Novice JWW and Open Standard titles.  Seven and I didn’t do so well at the last trial.

I was trial secretary for a CPE trial in January for On The Run.  I ran Vada and Seven.  We had a good weekend.  I had to pull Narc since he had just had surgery on his tail.

Sally has cancer of the liver.  She has some tumors in her spleen too but the liver is worse.  Her liver values were off and so were her kidney values.   She’s on Tramadol and a liver supplement and so far she’s doing well.  She has bad days occasionally but snaps out of it and then has some good days.  She seems to have mostly good days lately.  She loves being outside so hopefully she’ll be able to enjoy spring for a bit.

Letty’s UTI has been gone for awhile now.  She is doing great.  Her training is coming along well.  She is turning out to be a great dog.

Narc ended up having a bone in his tail that was broken.  It was the end of the 3rd bone from the tip of his tail.  He wags it so hard that it wasn’t healing so we had it amputated.  The hair that was shaved off is growing back now so it’s not very noticeable.  He also had a nasty ear infection in his right ear.  We went back to Schutzhund in January and he’s been having issues with holding his grip on the sleeve.    I gave him a few weeks off and he seems to be doing better.  I’m not convinced he’s back 100% but I’m finding lots of room for improvement in his conditioning.  In June he walked off the dogwalk in the middle as if it were’t feet off the ground and landed on his right ear.  Dr. Heather adjusted him and parts that were out were his right jaw and atlas/neck.  Those were also out when I brought him to see her in February.  She also noticed that his ribs were tight.  I had Michelle B massage him on Saturday and she thought the muscles in his head and neck were ok but his back and along his sides were very tight.  Both thought he carried alot of tension there.  So I’m to massage him a few times this week and then do a rub down before his sessions on Saturday to see if he does better.  A few have suggested making sure his ear infection is totally gone as well as xraying his jaw to see if there are any teeth issues under the gum line.  It’s so hard to pinpoint this!

I finished my Visual Basic class with an A!  The final project was frustrating and it turned into a mess but the instructor and I got it mostly fixed.  I’m currently taking Visual Basic II.  It’s a different instructor.  I’m really enjoying the class and putting more of the information to work in more advanced ways.

Letty finished Super Puppy class.  I decided not to continue with her since she was stressing out in the classes and she would get more obedience at Schutzhund.  I still bring her in the building for short periods to work her and her confidence has gotten much better.

I’ve been training Letty and Narc in Schutzhund.  I started training with Warren’s group (protection) and with MVSV (obedience and protection).  It is going well and both dogs are starting to make progress.  Last weekend I became aware that I need to start setting specific goals and working towards them.  That was Saturday.  Sunday I realized how far we truly have to go.  So those things seem to fit together well.  It’s been a bit bumpy coming back but things seem to have settled in now.  I am looking forward to starting tracking this spring – especially the peace and quiet of it.

Narc took a 3 week 2 x 2 class.  We got past the spot we were stuck over the summer.  Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to work on them any more since the class.  We will once we can get back outside.

Christmas went well.  We went to my mom’s on Christmas Eve.  Then Christmas Day we went to Karl’s niece’s house to celebrate with his family.  We went to Joe and Julie’s on New Year’s Eve for our annual fondue night.  Julie has a new BC puppy, Emmy.  So Letty was invited to come with and play with her.  They had a blast even though Letty was much bigger than Emmy.

I trialed Copper again in AKC Novice for his last CD leg.  He was not into it.  We lost too many points and finally failed when he stopped just barely too far out on the recall.  He did hold his stays though even though his hips were pretty sore.

We had a USDAA trial at On The Run in January.  It was the first time that Vada and I were in Masters for all classes.  I was a mess and screwed up alot.  That trial did not help my confidence at all.  PLUS they made a rule since the trial was going so late that in Masters if you had an off course then you got whistled off and had to leave.  So we didn’t even get an opportunity to get into the flow.  I found myself planning exit strategies as I walked the course.  Not good.  I skipped the February USDAA trial this year too.

Letty and I went to Susan Garrett’s Advances in Dog Training and Critical Elements for Sport and Life camps in Canada along with my friend Kristin and her puppy, Cooee.  We had a great time.  It was nice to spend time with just her and we really focused on our relationship.  I realized I was comparing her to Vada way too much and I needed to look at her for who she was – not for who she was not.  What a difference in our relationship since then!  I’m really glad that I went.

Copper’s lip growths got worse.  We biopsied them and they are cancer.  We went to see an oncologist and decided to do radiation.  So we went to the U for that.  For Copper’s 2nd visit they had me drop him off for 7 hours so they could xray his head and make a radiation plan.  He was anxious the whole time pacing in his kennel and licking.  Plus, they had sedated him to do the xrays so he had the drug wearing off.  He was a mess when I picked him up.  I cried alot and questioned if it was worth it.  I called the oncologist at the U and asked if we could make his visits shorter.  She said I could stay with him.  They set me up in a cubical with a babygate on the door and a chair and a couch.  Copper can hang out while I dial into work.  So my PTO hours used is minimal and he’s so much more comfortable.  He’s had 2 treatments.  I think the tumor is shrinking but I’m too scared to look.  He has this week off from treatments and then goes in for his last one next week.  It’s been a very emotional experience.  I’m very grateful to have a great husband to support me with this and help me make decisions.  We also started doing weekly Adequan shots for Copper.

A local agility club brought in Sylvia Trkman for an agility seminar.  I went to a few of the sessions.  It was fun to see how she teaches different things.

I organized the MMBC banquet this year.  Denise, KateAn and Karl helped out.  It was a great success!

Karl and I went to see a play called Babe the Pig for Valentine’s Day (the day before).  Karl liked it.  I’m still on the fence.  It was a bit odd.

MVSV had a Minnesota Protection training weekend.  I went on Sunday.  It was fun to see other people from the area that I haven’t seen in awhile.  This past Sunday Lisa had a training day at her place that I went to for a few hours.  There were even more people there that I had not seen in awhile.  Letty and Narc did great doing obedience and bitework in a new place.

I got voted onto the board of the Minnesota Agility Club!  I am the new Membership Person.

2010 ranking and trophies are figured out for AMBOR.  Karl is wrapping up the newsletter to send out.

Our dryer finally died.  We bought a new one and are waiting for the propane part to come in so Karl can install it.  It will be so nice when it’s installed!

Whew!  That’s it from a very high level.  I’m sure I forgot alot but it’s a good general update.  We’re just patiently waiting for spring.  It’s close!

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