Katet: a group bound together by fate to achieve a common goal


Sally went downhill pretty fast over the weekend.  Monday it really became apparent that it was time to release her from her failing body.  I called our vet and got an appointment for Tuesday.  I was able to leave work early to come home and spend some time with her before we brought her in.  She was ready to go and she was surrounded by alot of love.  It was very peaceful.

We found Sally exactly 13 months ago from today.  Letty had been born on the 12th and then we found Sally on the 13th.  We were on our way back from my cousin’s graduation party in Hutchinson.  We were taking the backroad highways.  We were heading east and Sally was in the other lane trotting west.  We stopped and went back to her.  She came right up to us and got right in the car.

We drove around to the farms around there.  One had a mean looking German Shepherd and no one home so we kept going.  Another was abandon.  Another we stopped at was a nice horse farm and someone was home but he didn’t recognize her at all.  So we brought her home.  I had my friend, Melissa who does rescue, scan her for a microchip to no avail.  We called the sheriff and the local paper and placed an ad.  We also put an ad on Craig’s List.  We got a few calls but they were not even close.  It was sad to hear from those who were searching for their pets though.  Sadly it seems that no one microchips.

Sally loved to roam.  We put her in the “kennel” next to the garage .  She promptly dug her way out.  So we put her in a crate in the garage.  She did not like that either.  She ended up busting out of every crate that we put her in.  Once we gave up and just left her loose in the house she was happy.  She wasn’t aggressive to anyone and she was housebroken so we just let her have free run of the house.  She trained us well.

I brushed her out some but she needed alot more work than I could do.  Plus, she did not like being groomed.  She’d try to bite me and she’d get frustrated and trot away to do a lap around the yard and then come back and see me.

We took her into the vet and got her checked out, vaccinated and had her teeth (nubs) cleaned.  We also got her groomed by someone who knew how to groom dogs.  Then she was Sleek Sexy Sally.

She was looking pretty good and no one had claimed her.  We were kind of looking for a home for her.  I figured it would be hard given her age.  But Karl’s boss and his wife decided that they wanted to give her a try.  They had done alot of rescuing of cats but had not owned a dog before.  They were going to rescue one but it did not work out so they were kind of looking for the right dog.  They were a great home.  They had her for 10 days and spoiled her alot.  She got to go on walks and the neighbors and neighbor kids came over to visit.  She seemed to really like kids.  Unfortunately she chased their cat in a not very nice way.  I think she may have been resource guarding her awesome new humans.  They were really sad and hated to give her back but they had to keep their cat’s safety in mind.  It was totally understandable.  It seemed like maybe Sally wanted to come back and just be a part of our pack.  We never had any issues with her with the other dogs or the cats.

I was home one day from work and it just struck me that Sally was not acting like she use to.  I called the vet to see if they had any openings to get her checked out.  I couldn’t pin point the problem but she was “off”.  It turned out that she had cancer.  Tumors in her spleen and liver.  Her liver and kidney values were off already because of the tumors.  That was in October or November!  We had no idea that she would have made it this long!  We figure she was enjoying her new life and wanted to enjoy it as long as she could.  When looking at her x-rays we could see that she has some spondylosis in her back.  She did get to the point where doing our stairs to go outside was too much and we had to carry her out and back in.  Her body was not built for doing stairs and having a bad back made it even harder on her.

Sally loved to be outside and trot around the yard.  She trotted around the fence line over and over.  At first she tried trotting away a few times in the front year.  Luckily her legs are short so we could catch her.

Sally slept alot.  She was getting hard of hearing so she slept very soundly.  She would let her tongue hang out of her mouth and lie on the floor too.  Many times we had to check if she was still breathing!

These pics were taken yesterday of Sally.

Godspeed Sally.  We miss you already and notice the lack of your presence in the house.  We are glad you are at peace now.


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