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UKC Super Dog!

UKC has an unofficial title called Super Dog.  To earn it a dog must be titled in UKC conformation, obedience, rally, weight pull and agility.  Vada already had her CH, UCDX and UWP.  Over the summer we earned her URO1.  So I thought we’d do some UKC agility to earn her title and also become a Super Dog.  When we were in IA she earned 2 legs towards her UAGI and 1 towards her UAGII.  So I figured it was worth the trip to WI to attemt to earn at least the last UAGI leg.  I even decided to give up the fall MAC USDAA trial. 

I worked a half day on Friday (the 2nd), went to a Zumba class and then drove out WI.  It was a 6 hour drive to Ixonia.  I stayed at a Motel 6 out there.  The drive went well.  Upon check in the receptionist was telling me that the people she checked in before me were the scariest people she even met and she thought there was going to be a fight in town.  She told me to stay out of dark areas and that she loved me.  So that freaked me out a bit for the night.  Especially since it was already dark when I got there.

Saturday I had Seven and Vada entered in both trials for AGI and AGII.  Vada Qd in both runs finishing her UAGI!  She also Qd in both AGII runs finishing her UAGII title also.  I was thrilled as my only hope was the UAGI.  Seven was entered in AGI B and earned some point for the AMBOR rankings.  He can’t really earn any points towards the title after AGII until he earns that title.  He also earned an AGII leg as both runs on Saturday had the platform jump.  On the second run he popped the weaves twice so we did not Q.

Saturday night I walked the dogs around the motel and was able to get a better feel for it.  It was not scary at all and I felt much more comfortable there.  I also found an awesome park near the dog training club.  I took the dogs there and walked them and let them run and burn off some steam.

Sunday morning I stopped at the park again and let the dogs run.  Vada Qd in both of her AGII runs and 1 of her AGI runs.  She also earned High Combined in one of the trials.  Seven Qd in both of his AGI runs again but not either of his AGII runs as both runs had the pause box in it and despite our practicing before the trial, we were not able to complete it successfully.

Before we hit the road on Sunday I took pics of Seven and Vada with their ribbons.  Then stopped for dinner with Mary and Tracie.  The drive home was nice and uneventful.

Here is the picture that I’m hoping will work for the UKC Super Dog website.

Monday I did DAM team for my first time ever at the MAC USDAA trial.  It was on Labor Day so I didn’t have to take the day off so I figured why not.  I was on a team with Carol and Zyme and Terry and Panic.  Carol was doing scoring so she saw all of our scores and said we were all pretty fairly matched.  Vada did not have any Es.  We had a few bars and a refusal or two.  We ended up being the first team to not Q.  We were not last!  So I was happy with it.  And Carol asked if I wanted to be on a team again in the future so that was nice.  I guess we didn’t totally suck.  I wanted to be on a team with no pressure and I was clear about that.  I was feeling a little pressure in the morning and the whole environament was pretty tense.  But things got better and people lightened up as the day went on.  I was thrilled with Vada’s opening in Snooker as we did 3 serpentines and she kept the bars up.  I was telling Carol that and she was saying the same thing about her dog.  It was fun to share that accomplishment with someone who understood. 

I worked a few classes during the day then helped load up equipment as well as unload it at the locker.  I got home too late to go to Cardio Hip Hop class.  I don’t think I had any energy for it anyways.  I was thankful that I had Tuesday off to recover!


This post was written on September 1st – I just added links to the videos.

Friday I tried to work from home but too many of my coworkers had the day off.  I had a morning appointment with Copper in Forest Lake to see the new chiropractor and get his cold laser therapy done.  It went well.  It was a nice clinic.  Far drive though.  It seems to be helping slowly.  He seems to be feeling really good these past few weeks for the most part.  We’ll do 2 more treatments and then evaluate where we’re at.  Karl’s taking him to the next one and it’s at our regular vet – much closer to home!  After his appointment I dropped him off at home and pottied everyone.  Karl was working a long day since they were doing inventory and we had a wedding to go to that night.  I was planning to go right from work to the wedding.  It was a very nice wedding.  The ceremony was at a beautiful church right on Lake of the Isles.  And the reception was at the Double Tree in Saint Louis Park.  Karl joined me at the reception.  There were some other agility folks there that we hadn’t seen in quite some time so it was fun to hang out and catch up.  Us girls even danced a few songs.  And Karl and I danced a few slow songs too.  Lisa looked so beautiful in her wedding dress.  Connie commented that Lisa and I both had our “princess weddings”.  She’s right.  🙂

Saturday morning I made the drive down to Farmington to train with my Schutzhund club.  I did obedience with Letty, Narc and Vada.  All of them did awesome!  Narc nailed the moving sit AND down on the first try!  Letty worked great with me and had nice heeling and responses to whatever we were working on.  I worked on SchH exercises, Open exercises and Utility exercises with Vada.  She was sooo happy to work.  I spent some time brushing Narc too.  He looked horribly neglected with half his coat coming out.  Just 2 sessions with the brush and he was looking normal again.  Warren came out to work with the club so we were able to do protection.  Letty worked on the beginnings of the bark and hold.  She offers behaviors but not sitting and barking.  She was figuring it out as we worked on it.  In the first session I managed to turn my back the right way and hurt it.  But I powered thru the 2nd session and it was feeling better.  Sitting made it tighten up again though.  We had beautiful weather for outdoor training too.  Before I hit the road home I let Copper, Vada and Narc go for a run across the field off leash.  And I worked Letty on the 2 x 2 weaves that I brought with.  She did great.  No problems in new places!  After her 2nd round I walked her over to Warren to show him how pink the insides of her ears get.  He was sitting on the ground.  She walked right up to him and he started petting her.  Then Bruce walked over and started petting her too.  I think she even liked it a little bit.  Once she had enough she backed to my side and behind me a bit and they left her alone.  It was perfect and a great experience for her.  I just expect her to not bark at strangers who look at her.  If she’s letting people she knows pet her then that is a bonus.

Karl developed a bad headache while I was gone.  So I went to the MMBC general membership meeting by myself.  It worked out well since he could stay home and get the dogs fed and put to bed before I got home.  We had an early morning so we needed to get to bed as soon as possible.  Turns out that maybe I should have stayed home too!  I don’t really have time nor energy to waste on club politics/drama.

Sunday we got up really early in the morning to load up dogs into both vehicles and make the drive to LaCrosse.  First stop was Family Dog Center for the CPE trial.  Karl stayed for 2 classes, Jackpot and Standard, before he went to see his parents and sister.  So I have video from those runs.  The Jackpot was non-traditional.  The game was to collect as many points as you can and before the first buzzer you want to take the double jump.  At the point when you take the double jump you also double all of the points that you had collected up to that point.  It was a great class to warm the dogs up in to get them use to the new astroturf surface and on to the equipment.  I did the same course for Vada and Seven.  It was fun to see at what point they were at when the buzzer went off and we had to hurry to the table to stop the clock before we ran out of time.  I made a similar plan for Narc but did not do weaves or the teeter since he doesn’t know either obstacle.  Narc and Prozac have not been trained in many months and have not done agility in a long time.  I just entered them for fun since they were along for the ride and I knew they would enjoy it.  Narc missed a few jumps in his excitement (just tells me he needs more value for jumps) but he ran well and earned a Level 1 Jackpot Q and finished his CL1-S title. All dogs Qd and all got 1st places.

Narc’s Jackpot Run

Vada’s Jackpot Run

Seven’s Jackpot Run

I figured I would work contacts with Seven and Vada since we had plent of time.  Oh my!  They are a mess!  We even got called on a few over the course of the day.  The Standard runs for both of them were not good.  Both dogs had slipping on tight turns and on the weave poles bases.  I had forgotten about the weave pole bases there so I was mad at myself when I saw Seven slip.  It’s not fair to him.  I did not make him redo the weaves when he popped from slipping.  Vada made a mess of the course.  Prozac was entered in Level 2.  She only needed 1 more Q to finish her CL2.  She kind of has weaves but they’re not finished.  She ran really well and we were able to fudge the weaves enough to get her thru and finish her CL2 with a 1st place!

Prozac’s Level 2 Standard Run

Wildcard went ok.  All of my dogs slipped on a 180.  That was Vada’s only bar but she’s in Level C so no Q.  I had an off course with Seven.  We started with a jump to a tunnel/dogwalk discrimination.  My arm was suddenly possessed and flicked up and he flicked away to the tunnel.  So no Q for him.  The rest was well run.  I wish I had Narc’s run on tape.  It was entertaining.  It was the same course but the tunnel was further away from the dogwalk and I think the weaves were taken out and replaced with a jump.  I left him at the start line and lead out to the dogwalk.  I released him and he came right to me like he didn’t see the dogwalk.  I brought him around again to put him on but he went back over the start jump and grabbed his leash.  That NQd us.  I told him to drop it and we went on.  I got him on the dogwalk.  He took a few steps on it then stepped left and took a few steps on the top of the tunnel then stepped back right back onto the dogwalk.  Poor boy does not understand tunnels and dogwalks!  So NQs all around!

Next was Snooker.  I was fighting a bad attitude by that point.  I walked Snooker and had a plan but was thinking to myself that things will happen like slipping and bars and whatnot.  After I walked it I told myself to knock it off and at least try.  I worked my butt off but Vada AND Seven both got 51 point runs with all 7s.  Both dogs took 1st in their classes and were the only 51s.

My back didn’t hurt once I started running agility.  🙂

Then we had our last class of the day – FullHouse.  A fun class to just let loose in.  I ran Prozac, Seven and Vada.  I did the same course for all 3 of them.  It was fun to see where they were at when the buzzer went off and we made the final dash to the table.  Prozac was about the same place as Seven and Vada was only 1 tunnel ahead.  Prozac loved it.  She drove her lines and didn’t think once about leaving to visit.  It was just a bunch of big circles but it was a great experience for her.  All 3 dogs Qd and had the highest points and 1st places.  It was Prozac’s first Level 3 Q.

Prozac spent the day out in the van by herself.  The weather was really nice.  The other 5 that I had came in.  3 Dutch Shepherds and 2 mixes.  There was another Dutch Shepherd there showing too.  4 Dutch Shepherds in 1 building!  I got Letty outside to walk and do some foundation exercises with her.  Copper got out a bit too.  I won the raffle for a free day of entries for 1 dog too!  I never win raffles so I was very happy.  I’m not sure if it’s just for the next trial or a future trial.  I can’t make it to the next few so I hope it’s a future one.

The trial went very smoothly so I got to Karl’s parents at a pretty decent time.  I missed his sister Ann, her husband Jeff and their daughter Maren.  But I did get to see his niece Alana, her husband Nick and their new daughter Macie.  It was fun to hear about the baby raising stories as there are so many similarities with raising puppies too.  Karl’s parents seem to be doing pretty good.  They were happy to have company.  The dialysis has been really hard on Karl’s dad.  Hopefully Karl will find some time in the near future to go down and visit with them again.  They really enjoyed seeing him and I think his dad liked being able to talk to him.  The drive home was nice and uneventful.  It was after 10pm when we got home though.

Monday I went to Cardio Hip Hop again.  I am finally getting the steps so I was able to put my effort into it.  I love that class!  I wasn’t sure if my back would handle it but it did with no problem.

Tuesday Karl took 3 dogs into the vet by himself!  Prozac’s blood got “lost” in the mail on it’s way to Dr. Dodds.  It seems that they moved their office and my vet was not aware of that and the post office didn’t forward it.  So we had to do a redraw and send it out again.  I’m curious to find out if she’s low since her storm phobia is getting worse.  Monday night I found a lump in Copper’s mouth on his lower lip.  Since Karl was going in I asked him to bring Copper too so Dr. Jina could look at him.  She said she has seen them before and they’re no big deal but she can remove them if I want.  Whew!  Kind of scared me for a bit.  They also did x-rays on Rally’s hip since he’s been sore on his right hip for quite awhile now.  Turns out he’s got pretty bad hip dysplasia.  So Karl’s researching what all of his options are to get him some relief.

Tuesday night Letty had a semi-private agility lesson with Terry, Kristin and Cooee.  He pushed us this time.  We did sequencing with tunnels and jumps.  Letty has some sit stay issues and she has some trouble dealing with stress when she’s wrong but we worked thru it.  She likes to run away and go shopping too.  But that also got better as the night went on.  She did some amazing lead out pivots and she did well on the sequencing parts.

Last night was my 2nd SQL Admin class.  Most of the time was spent on data types.  I got our exercise of creating tables done before I left.  I have 1 more exercise that I can work on which will be what they are doing in class next week.

Tonight Vada has agility class.  Then we pack up to leave tomorrow for Ixonia WI for some UKC agility!

2011 CACM USDAA Trial

The Monday before the trial I made it to Cardio Hip Hop class.  I get a little better each week.

Tuesday I was going to take Letty tracking but it was raining and I was tired.  So I went and saw the movie Glee In Concert.  Good choice!  I enjoyed it and the break.  Tuesday night Seven refused dinner and he had vomited in his crate.

That Wednesday Letty and I had a private private with Terry.   It went really well.  She did really well and we made progress on some of the exercises and got some homework.  Seven had vomited a few times during the day and overnight.

Vada got to go to agility class this Thursday even though it was Seven’s turn.  We went to the later class.  Seven was still refusing to eat that morning but he had quit vomiting.  I called the vet and they suggested that I bring him in.  So I left work early to go home and get him.  I had to leave him at the vet since they were booked up and would squeeze him in when they could.  I was super nervous leaving him there alone.  I know they would be good to him but I hated him being scared.  I put him in the large kennel and he laid down on the big pillow in it.  He was so lethargic and just sad.  Clearly not feeling well.  They ran bloodwork and did x-rays.  His bloodwork showed he was dehydrated.  His x-rays showed that he had something in his stomach.  Dr. Jina figured it was a chunk of rawhide.  The benefit of that was that it would soften with time and pass.  And it was in his stomach and not intestines so we had time to let it soften before it got to be unsafe.  They gave him some pain meds, antibiotics and fluids.  He was already feeling better when he came home.  Also, since he was not feeling well we setup a crate for him in the bedroom with lots of comfy blankets.  He loved that!  He’s always figured that’s where he belongs anyways.  Thursday was also Karl’s birthday.  I gave him his fun gifts and also the ice cream cake that I got for him.  He was kind enough to share it with me.  It was very yummy!

Friday after work Joe and Julie came to visit.  We have not seen them since New Year’s Eve.  It was great to have a chance to catch up with them again.  We had tested out Letty and Vada on the sheep before they got there both on leash so there wasn’t any major crazy chasing.  Letty was interested in following them out of curiosity but that was about it.  Vada was very interested in them.  She wanted to chase them.  And she enjoyed barking at them when they would not move.  Unfortunately one of the sheep was not being very biddable.  Then Eeyore got mad at Vada and charged her with his head down so he could go back in the barn.  We put them away and chatted with Joe and Julie for a bit.  Then we let Burner out to see the sheep.  He’s such a natural at it.   The sheep that was off ended up going down and not wanting to get back up.  We were able to pull and push her back to the barn where she just laid in the corner.  She was lame in a rear leg.  Not sure what is going on with her.  She gradually got better over the next few days and would come out a little bit more and more.  I really don’t think I’m cut out for farm animals.  I think all animals in our care should be treated the same but it seems that farm animals get different treatment.  It’s easier to accept that in other people, like my sister’s neighbors, when I don’t know the animals.  So, then we let Letty and Emmy play.  They hadn’t played since NYE at Joe and Julie’s house when they were both much younger.  Letty’s last experience playing with one of her old BC puppy buds was not good so I didn’t expect this play session to last long.  But she and Emmy hit it off and played really well together.  Not one temper tantrum from either one of them.  Great way to tire them both out!  Then us humans went to the bar for dinner.  It was a great night!

Unfortunately, we had an early morning on Saturday.  We were entered in the CACM USDAA trial in Saint Cloud. Since the last trial turned into a crazy mudfest, they found a temporary new location.  It was at the highway safety and research center.  It was a neat location and tucked out of the way.  Lots of space for walking dogs.

I entered Vada in everything – Steeplechase and Grand Prix too.  Seven was entered in everything but Gamblers and Pairs.  I thought about pulling him but it was so close to the trial and I did not hear back from the secretary on what the policy was and he was acting totally normal.  So I let him run and figured I’d pull him if he wasn’t running well.  This was his first weekend in P3 all classes and his first time running Performance Grand Prix.  Karl and Fringe ran on Sunday in Gamblers, Snooker and Jumpers.  Vada did not Q in anything.  But we had alot of nice runs that just had 1 bar down.  Seven Q’d in BOTH Standard classes!  His first time in P3 Standard and he Q’d in both of them.  And he Q’d in Snooker both days – Sunday being a Super Q with all 7s!  Vada and Seven both got into round 2 of Steeplechase and finished in 2nd place.  No Qs though.  Both were tenths of a second from Q’ing.  It was a very fun weekend but we were all extremely exhausted by the end of Sunday.  They did not get a time on Vada’s Steeplechase run and wanted me to rerun at the end.  Terry pointed out that we could just get a time from the judge since it was clear that we got 2nd place.  I chose that options so as to not run her again when she was so tired and trying so hard to keep bars up.  It would have been nice to handle one particular part better.  Actually 2 spots.  Here are some of our runs from Sunday.

Vada – Masters Standard

Seven – P3 Standard

Vada – Masters Jumpers

Seven – P3 Jumpers (camera got goofy)

Vada – Steeplechase

Seven – Performance Speed Jumping

Copper got to go on a few walks around the place.  Letty got out a few times too to explore and to work on some foundation stuff.  It was a smaller trial so we got home at a decent time on Sunday.  It was just a fun atmosphere at this trial.  I had a really good time.  Or maybe I am just getting into a better place mentally and I am making it more fun.

Monday I went to Cardio Hip Hop class again.  But I was so tired that I was moving very slowly by the end of class!

Tuesday I was going to go tracking but then was reminded that I was having dinner with Cortney and Chris at Don Pablos.  It was good to catch up with the girls and have a strawberry margarita.

Wednesday my SQL Admin class started.  The first night was pretty basic since I have worked with SQL Management Studio and taken other SQL and database classes.  It’ll be nice after the VBII class was such a challenge.

Thursday night Seven got to go to agility class.  We had fun.  The courses were pretty easy and flowing compared to the courses over the weekend.  Another nice break!

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