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2011 Key City Kennel Club AKC Trial and ACTS CPE Trial

Week of October 3
Monday I was good and went to Cardio Hip Hop.  We had a fill in instructor so we mostly did Zumba.  It was a good work out that used different muscles.

Tuesday I left work a little early and went to the IMAX theater on the way home and saw Fast Five.  It was awesome to see at an IMAX theater.  That’s how I’ll have to see Sexy Six when it comes out.

Wednesday was my SQL Admin class.  I got my test results back – 95%.  Not too shabby!  Most of my points off were on written code.

Thursday was Seven’s turn to go to agility class.  I brought Letty in afterwards and did weaves with her and put her on some doubles and triples and did a little handling with her.  She did a great job.  It’s good practice for her to work even though there are other dogs in the other ring.

Saturday morning I drove down to Saint Peter for an AKC trial.  It wasn’t too bad of a drive.  My dogs weren’t in the first class either so I wasn’t too rushed.  I setup my tent by a ring so the dogs could get out of the van for the day.  They behaved pretty well.  I like being able to setup my Cabana crates too so Vada and Copper can stretch out their legs and not be so cramped in their crates.  Letty will need to learn how to be in a softside crate soon.

The trial site was ok.  It was an outdoor trial.  It has been super dry lately and all the grass was dead.  I think it was pretty slick.  Both dogs ran in Novice FAST, Open Standard, Open JWW and Time 2 Beat.  They both Qd in FAST and Vada Qd in T2B but neither Qd in JWW or Standard.  We had a variety of issues.  Seven got poopier and poopier as the day went on.  Lots of weaving issues.  Then he ticked a bar on the triple and took that pretty hard.  I worked really hard on the JWW course and Vada had a really nice run.  I felt really good about my handling.  Unfortuantely I didn’t support a jump on the outside of a curve, I guess, and a bar came down.  In Standard we had a bar on a RC out of a tunnel.  If I could go back and do her run again I would have handled the DW turn to the tunnel differently.

Sunday we went to Lindstrom for the ACTS CPE trial.  Seven and Vada were entered.  Seven started out with weaving issues.  There were 2 sets of 6 poles and he was avoiding them.  Only reason he didn’t Q in Standard.  Vada had a smoking Standard run.  After that run I got them both massaged.  Vada was due to go see Dr Heather as her back was out and maybe her chest.  Her right shoulder area was sore.  Seven was just really tight in his back.  I got a lecture on stretching him out better before and after his runs.  His weaving got better after that and he was driving into them.  Mom came to watch some runs and then we were going to dinner after the trial.  We walked some of the dogs around on the beautiful paths on the property too.  Seven was not happy to see Mom.  He barked horribly at her in the van.  Then when he came inside and she was there he avoided her.  When we went in the ring he would not go in a tunnel in the back corner and acted like there was something scary back there.  When he came out of the tunnel he gave the bar setting the evil eye and started going over to her.  Not sure what was going on with him.  Luckily that was Jumpers and the last run of the day.  Not alot of Qs that day but Vada did finish all her Level 5 Standard Qs with her really nice run that morning.  I take full responsibility for screwing up her Snooker run.  Seven Q’d in his Snooker run.  She had 1 bar down in Wildcard.  Seven Qd.

Mom and I went out to eat at a place called the Dinerbelle in Lindstrom.  It was really good food.  We sat out on the deck that overlooked the lake.  We chatted for a long time.  Then we chatted more in the parking lot in Tauer style.  🙂  It was a great night and helped offset the crummy agility trial day.  I was glad that Kristin was there to massage both dogs.  They both felt much better afterwards.  Now, to get myself in for a massage!

2011 ADAA AKC Trial

Week of September 26
Monday I went to Cardio Hip Hop.  Each week I get the routines down better and get a better work out.

Tuesday I tracked with Letty again.  It was pretty dark by the time we ran it.  I decided to not go to the Open obedience class since it was late and I was tired.

Wednesday I went to the optional SQL class on Reporting Services.  I was glad that I went.  It was all good information that I didn’t know.

Thursday was Vada’s turn to go to agility class.  She had fun.  She always does.  I brought Letty in and worked weaves with her after class.

Saturday we drove up to Duluth to do 1 day of the AKC agility trial.  Karl thought it would be a fun road trip so I entered Fringe in Jumpers with Weaves.  It was a 1 ring trial so we were able to sleep in and get up there later – after Excellent.  And we were just there for a few hours so we could leave all the other dogs at home.  The dogs ran well.  Vada just had 1 bar in both runs.  Seven Qd in both runs.  In Standard they both wanted to turn left on the triple where they were supposed to turn right to the dog walk.  I’m not sure why.  Seven ticked the bar but Vada took it down.  In JWW Vada broke her stay and so my handling was off the whole run.  I tried to do ear / pocket but watching the video I think it looks terrible.  I did not stop at pocket and I did not lean forward enough.  Vada crashed the jump.  She just read it wrong.  Fringe took Karl on a wild ride and he did not handle it like he wanted but they got it done and Qd.  This was Karl’s first AKC trial in many years.  And this was my first AKC trial ever at last year’s trial.  I really like the barn that we run in and it’s a good show.  Well run with nice people there.

Here are our runs

Sunday I was able to take Letty to train with Warren’s group again!  3 weeks in a row!  Afterwards we went home and worked on our weaves.  She’s weaving 12 poles now with nice entries.  Best weaver in the house!

2011 CACM CPE Trial

Saturday (September 17th) I had Seven, Vada and Narc entered in the CACM CPE trial.  I was quite tired.  It was a nice break from the stressful week but I really felt off in my handling.  The courses were very challenging too.  And Vada ran first all day so we got to deal with the timer/horn malfunctions – not that she minds running additional runs.  I realized the week before the trial that I had totally brain farted and entered Narc for Sunday.  I sent in his entry as an afterthought.  I remember looking at all the classes to decide which ones to enter him in.  I couldn’t find him in the catalog that was emailed out and freaked.  Luckily the trial secretary was awesome and changed my entries for me without any grief.

CACM does not have good luck with their training property.  They seem to have to move every few years.  Their last place was even shorter.  They have a new place now and it seems to be a pretty good place.  It could use more parking but there was enough for the CPE trial.  They might be able to park around the rings later if they can get the restriction lifted.  They even have a little club house building.  It use to be a driving range.

The first class was Jackpot.  The judge was Jerry Lindsey.  He gave the course a name and a story.  This one had a geography name.  The ring was split into 3 layers – Lower Town, Middle Town and Upper Town.  To get the “gamble” you had to do 1 obstacle in each town in the opening.  Plus, you’d do other obstacles in order to gain enough points to Q at your level.  Then after the first buzzer if you got 1 obstacle in each town then you got a bonus 15 points.  One thing I didn’t think of til later was that the first obstacle that you got in each town was worth the gamble points – 2, 4 or 6.  Then the table at the end was the 8.  So to really stratigize you would do a jump as your first obstacle to make it worth more points vs doing a contact or something worth more points.  The horn was not working properly the first run – Vada’s run.  So we ran again.  Only the part after the horn counted for points.  I was hoping to fix some poor handling choices.  Some I fixed, some were still bad and some things were worse.  But she Qd and got the bonus points.  Seven’s run went well also and he too Qd and got the bonus points.  Narc’s run was kind of ugly but he also Qd and got the bonus points.  He was very sniffy and not connected.  I realized that I was running him like I run Seven and Vada and not like the baby dog that he is.  Back in the day he would have run away with that pressure so this is much better.  I skipped the dogwalk too as I’m not super comfortable with him on it.  And there was a tunnel under it.  Too much emotional baggage for me and I’m not confident on his skills yet.

The next class was Standard.  It was a pretty ugly course I thought.  Tough angles.  Tight pinwheels.  Odd lines.  Vada managed to Q.  I don’t know how.  I was just planning to use it as a training run to work our contacts – which are HORRID and getting worse.  Yes, I take full responsibility.  I did a lot of saving on that run but she kept her bars up and we have a perfect run and a Q.  She only needs 1 more to complete her Level 5 Regular Q for her CATCH.  Seven and I also had an ugly run and did not Q.  I think he got called on his dogwalk contact.  Narc was not entered in Standard as we’re in Level 2 now and he needs to learn the teeter and we need to finish up his weave pole training.

Next was Colors.  Vada smoked it after we had a little weave pole bobble.  It was basically a big U.  She kept all her bars up even before and after the tunnels.  Colors Qs with her are not common.  Seven ran well but ticked the first bar and then he dropped one on the way out.  Narc had a beautiful run.  I ran him like the baby dog he is.  Unfortunately he dropped the first bar but I was very happy with the run.

Last was Wildcard.  Vada also smoked that course.  She went 4/4 which is not common for her.  I was very happy with that.  And these were not easy courses.  Seven ended the day with a Q also.  And so did Narc but it was very very ugly.  I could not do a patch where I could handle him with his skills and not have it be ugly.  It was ugly and he got frustrated and I was flinging arms so he was jumping up at me.  He did not bite me nor my clothes at all but the judge came up to tell me to be careful as if his tooth came in contact with my clothes then he would have to NQ me.  Totally not an issue with Narc.  I take full responsibility.  Wow, how times have changed!  I use to have this exact problem with Copper and I blamed him.  I blamed him not very nicely.  In the ring and in training.

I got Letty out and about a few times to walk her and to do some training kind of around the ring.

After I got home we went out to see Harry Potter.  The last one!  It was really good.  I’m glad we were able to see it in the theater.

Sunday I went and trained with Warren’s group.  I did obedience with Letty and with Narc.  Narc is close to being able to get his BH but the down in motion is not strong, he needs a finish, a front and an left about turn.  I’m not sure if he’s really for all of the practical portion possibilities either.  Letty did really well with bitework.  It was cool and rainy and she was able to work for awhile.  She’s starting to get the idea of the bark and hold!  We did have some issues with targeting on a few catches and escape bites.  She likes to come in to the body too much.  I stopped at Caribou on the way home for hot chocolate and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Yum!  Perfect cold weather food.  They were doing construction and it was goofy how it was setup.  A lady came to my window to take my order.  She commented on the big package of hot dogs on my front seat.  Then the girl at the window chatted a bit while we waiting for my order and she also commented on my hot dogs.

Later that night I went tracking.  Letty did great.  It was a pretty good track but she would have liked a longer one.  The girl loves to track and she’s good at it.  Unfortunately she’s getting faster and skipping food.  I think I need to teach her articles soon.  I did put 2 down but I fight with her on the down so I want to shape them off the track and get rid of that conflict.  We have enough to work on and fight about just with loose leash walking to the start flag.

Monday I was able to go to Cardio Hip Hop class again.  I had missed 2 weeks so I was a bit off but I got thru it and had fun.  I was able to do a bunch of walking on the treadmill before class and did some running ala C25K W1D1.  I had good intentions to finish up the week but never did.

Tuesday was super windy.  I took Letty out tracking in it.  She tracked really well.  It was a really long track and she ate ALOT of hot dogs!  She drank alot once we got home.  After she tracked I drove up to Total Recall to do the Open class with Vada.  Sue had to take a sick dog home so we had a sub.  The class was ok.  Lots of down time.  Our retrieves are awesome.  The DOR is slow unless I put the toy behind her.  Our broad jump needs alot of work.  She did her down stay but laid down on the sit stay at about 2:15.  Not sure if I’ll go again soon or not.  I’d like to see what the class is like with Sue teaching.  I may just need to practice more at home and bring her to class to polish things up and proof her in a new place with distractions.

Wednesday night I had my SQL Admin class.  We discussed backups.  We have a test next week.  We can do it at home before Wednesday at 9:50pm.  It’s available sometime over the weekend.  The lecture is optional.  It’s on SSRS.  I am curious about it but if it’s super low level then I won’t learn anything.  And I could save the drive and have a night off and be home or take the dogs to obedience class.  Right now I’m leaning towards going to the lecture just in-case I can learn something.

Friday night I got to take a 2 hour nap!  And Karl brought a pizza home for dinner.

Saturday morning I entered the first ever Nowthen Lions 5K.  I was able to take Vada with me so I signed up for it.  It was a walk/run so I figured I could do a bit of both.  It was down pretty dirt roads in Nowthen.  Makes me want to move just a mile or two!  The roads were really soft and I was able to run almost all of it and I could have kept going.  I beat my time from the Dog Days 5K last summer when I had been running alot more consistantly on the treadmill too.  Vada did really well too.  It was alot of new stuff for her with riding on the bus and standing around with pet people and their rude dogs.  She told off one of the dogs for coming up in her space.  We don’t act like that at agility trials she said!  I’m already looking forward to going again next year.  Hopefully I’ll have been running more and be able to beat my time.

After the 5K I brought Vada home and picked up Karl and we went back into town to go to the Pancake Breakfast.  It was pretty good and we gave them a good donation.  Then we walked around the craft booths.  Karl bought a Nowthen sweatshirt too.  It’s a really nice color and nice logo.  Then I brought him home and headed up to Oglivie for the 10K Schutzhund trial.

It was a beautiful drive up there and a beautiful drive.  I got there after tracking and before they started doing any obedience.  Over lunch I got Letty and Vada out and did some obedience with both of them.  I was able to see everyone’s obedience and protection and chat with alot of folks.

That night Karl played at a wedding with his old band, Pastel Black.  The new bass player was not able to make it and it was in Minneapolis.  Great opportunity for Karl!  He had been practicing every night all week to learn the new songs.  He was able to go to a practice with the band too.  I was able to invite a few guests.  It was in a banquet type room at a bar.  Mom and Tom made the drive and came to watch.  Unfortunately they ended up cutting the night short so we only got to hear a few song.  Fortunately for Karl, he suddenly had 3 more people who were there to help him load the gear in the car.

I also bought a bunch of new Wubbas.  They are the best toy ever.  They float.  They squeak.  They can be tugged with.  They throw well.  They come in a variety of colors and themes.  I did learn from these though that the ones that have stuffing for heads do not last very long.  Many of these did not live long.  The plain ones have small tennis balls for “heads” and last longer.

Sunday I was able to take Letty to train with Warren’s group again.  She’s really making progress.  She learns fast too.  She’s doing the bark and hold except I do have a tight line when she first comes in.  She comes in and does one leap up and settles in to lower barking.  I’m not certain that she will respect Warren’s face (biting or smashing) so I’ve been keeping the line tight.  It was a beautiful day for training!

Roy Sather

We spent the week of the September 12th on Karl’s dad’s funeral.  Karl was able to spend much of the week in Holmen with his Mom and his sisters.  There was alot to do and alot of decisions to be made.  I stayed home and took care of the dogs so Karl was free to be with his family and not worry about the dogs at all.  I also went to work on Monday and Tuesday.  It was nice to have that bit of structure in my day.

Tuesday I got an email from one of my high school girlfriends telling me that her brother was killed in a car accident Monday night.  He was only 34, married and his 4th child was only 1 month old.  A semi rear ended him and flipped his pickup into the ditch.  Very sad for all of them.  Even the semi truck driver.  The accident altered many, many lives.

I took Wednesday and the rest of the week off from work.  Copper had a chiro appointment Wednesday morning that I had to take him too.  He got adjusted and he got cold laser therapy.  Dr. LaVallie thought he was making good progress.  He gave me a new exercise to do.  AND we don’t have to go back for 4 weeks!  So I was able to cancel his appointment in 2 weeks at the Shoreview clinic (which I already made since it’s hard to get in for the evening hours).  The exercise we got was called Bum Ball I think.  I just alternate pushing on each side of his rear legs to shift his weight.  He does seem to be feeling better.  The cooler weather helps too.  He runs alot now when I walk him around the pond.  Makes me so happy to see that.  He’s started sleeping in bed again too.

Wednesday afternoon Karl came home.  I got to see him for a few hours and then I had to leave to go to my SQL Admin class.  It was nice having Karl home again so the dogs could be out while I was at class.  I stayed home Monday and Tuesday night too so they could be out more.

Thursday we dropped off Karl’s car at the dealership for new tires and an oil change.  His car had been shaking alot at highway speeds but the GM mechanic was not in so we weren’t able to have that looked at.  Then we went clothes shopping!  Neither one of us is very good at it.  I know I don’t really enjoy it.  I think I find cute clothes and then people make comments about them.  So I stick the t-shirts and jeans/exercise pants.  But we did really good.  We got Karl 2 dress shirts, 1 new pair of slacks, a tie, black dress shoes and a new reversible belt.  The I was able to find a new pair of slacks and a nice dress shirt. 

That night I had agility class with Vada.  Karl’s car was not to be done til late.  So I dropped him off at the dealership on my way to agility class.  He was home when I got home and left to go back to his Mom’s house about 10pm.  She was waiting up for him when he got there in the wee hours of the morning.  Just like when he was a young boy living at home.  🙂

Karl spent many hours over many days working on a speech for his Dad’s funeral.  He was up really late many nights and he spent his driving time working on it.

Friday morning I took care of the dogs then got dressed and headed down to Holmen for the funeral.  Everyone looked so nice all dressed up.  My Mom and sister made the drive down.  So did Karl’s boss and his wife, Brad and Kris.  So kind of everyone!  Karl’s sister’s husband, Doug, had made the urn for Roy’s ashes.  It was beautiful!  He made it out of cedar wood as Roy enjoyed working with it in his projects.  Karl’s speech was amazing.  He is a very strong speaker.  He gathered input from everyone.  He even threw in a few jokes to make people laugh – not easy to do at a funeral.  It was fun to hear of the memories and of the life that Roy lived.  I did not know him very well since I’ve only known him a few years so it was neat to hear all of these things.  He lived a long full live and touched many people’s lives.  After the funeral we met alot of people during the luncheon.  Many of Karl’s cousins were there.  Cousins he has not seen in 34 years.  A few of his high school friends came too.  Then we went out to the cemetery to bring the urn to the grave site.  After that I headed home to let the dogs out.  Karl stayed for the night so he could spend time with his family.  They unwound with a few drinks around a fire.

On my way home I stopped by Tony’s wake.  I was not able to attend the funeral on Saturday so I wanted to stop by and see how Tanya was doing.  She was holding up well but she is very good at being all business while stuff needs to get done.  I ran into her cousin again too whom I only seem to see at funerals.  It was fun to catch up a bit.  Unfortunately under very sad conditions.  There were alot of people there.

I got home really late but the dogs were good and there weren’t any messes.  They seemed to have forgiven me for such a long day.  Especially when some of them learned that they got to play agility on Saturday.

Fall 2011 Tracy Seminar

I took Tuesday (September 6th) off since Monday was a holiday and I had Wednesday thru Friday off for the seminar in Honey Creek.  I went to a Body Pump class at the gym.  It was a group weights class.  I thought I did really well.  I only got tired at the very end and I didn’t feel like I had too much weight on at any time.  I sure felt it later though!

Tuesday night I took Seven to a different agility class to make up for the one we would be missing since we would be in IA on Thursday.  It was a lower level class but we got on the equipment and we had fun.  Unfortunately I didn’t get as much packing done as I would have liked since I stayed after class and chatted after class.

Wednesday I hit the road later than I had planned but I was on vacation so I wasn’t worried.  The trip was uneventful except that I could barely walk when I got out of the van from the BodyPump class the day before.  I got setup in the cabin, walked, fed and walked the dogs again and then went to bed.  Since it was the first night in the cabin and the dogs had been in their crates in the van all day I decided to have Seven sleep in his large softside crate.  Letty also still sleeps in her wire crate.  Next time I should bring one of the larger ones for her though so she can stretch out better.  I slept very good.

Thursday was Seven’s working day.  The topic was Handling Maneuvers.  We spent alot of time talking about exercises to warm up and exercises to work on our footwork.  We practiced these exercises without our dogs.  Then did some sequences with our dogs.  Seven did really well and had a fun day.  Over lunch I had Tracy look at Letty’s nose touch as I was having a problem with her pushing the target forward when we were working on nose touches on the travel plank and/or stairs.  I basically need to quit paying crap.  I’ve been watching her nose and I need to watch her whole head so she’s not looking at me but at my target hand – her work.  I also had trouble with Letty leaving if she didn’t get paid often enough or some interaction soon enough.  She’d run off to visit other dogs.  It was good feedback.  After the seminar I ran into town to get dinner and some groceries for the cabin.  I also picked up some food for the dogs and some beef rib bones for them.  I let Seven sleep out on the bed.  He was happy.  I woke up a few times overnight though.

Friday was Novice Handling day.  It was a continuation of the spring ABC’s of Handling seminar.  If it had been a very basic one then I would have worked Letty but it was not.  Although, I think she could have done the exercises in the morning.  I did a few with her over lunch and she did quite well.  I worked her while no other dogs were out.  There was a lab at the seminar who needed to learn loose leash walking so we talked about that.  It inspired me to finally bite the bullet and deal with that issue with Letty.  We practiced at the campground and she was getting the idea.  After the seminar I went back to the campground.  I walked Vada first.  There were quite a few more people staying at the campground that night and this year since the seminar was earlier this year.  Vada felt very threatened by one dog and hackled and slowed down and stared at it.  She almost never reacts to dogs and this was a huge reaction for her.  Then we walked by one of the other cabins and the people were going in and out with the door open and they had a large black lab off leash.  Vada was leery of him too.  So I decided to walk the rest of the dogs down the road that goes into the campground and also goes to the nature center area.  Seven slept out of his crate again.  But again I didn’t sleep very well.

Saturday was Masters Handling.  I got to Christy’s early so I took Letty for a walk in the woods.  We got lost and I was late to the seminar.  I did get back early enough to catch the end of the walking of the first sequence.  I worked Vada that day.  She did really well.  She always amazes me as I don’t think she can do something and then she can.  Tracy can always pin point exactly what I’m doing wrong.   I ran the first sequence with Vada and she kept all the bars up and I was so happy and proud of that.  Tracy basically said it sucked – I was running wimpy and Vada had alot of questions on where to go next.  So we worked on that and the reasons for the bars for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, I overheard someone screaming at Letty by name when the dogs were in the van because Copper was barking.  I was not very happy about that.  Saturday night we went back to the cabin again.  I took Letty and Seven for a walk at the nature center.  I figured Vada had a good workout during the day and it would probably be too much for Copper.  We walked on a big long wooden boardwalk.  It was a good experience for the dogs and beautiful.  I decided to have Seven sleep in his crate in case it helped me sleep better.  I did.  Not sure if the 2 are related or not.  He’s a very good boy and loves to sleep on the bed with me.  I had been walking Letty and Seven together at the campground too and he got more and more relaxed with her each time.

Sunday was not a good day.  I was late to the seminar as it took me longer to pack then I had planned for.  But I was auditing so not a very big deal.  I got there in time to watch the last 2 dogs run the first sequence.  Right before we broke for lunch I got a call from a number I was not familiar with.  I checked the voice mail and it was Karl’s sister.  She was calling for Karl as his Dad was not doing well.  I knew he was home so I figured I’d call the house in case he didn’t hear the phone (barking dogs, outside, in the garage, whatever).  I went in to eat lunch quick and then figured I’d walk the dogs around Christy’s paths so they would be ready to go home at any time in case I needed to leave early.  When it was Letty’s turn I practiced loose leash walking with her.  I was also practicing IYC with the Border Collie who was walking in front of us.  Unfortunately there was a different dog off leash who appeared out of no where that must have taken offense to her looking at him.  Once she looked I slid my hand down her leash and pulled her back in towards me (IYC) and the dog ran up and charged her and snapped in her face.  I grabbed her collar to keep her still so the dog would not attack her and bite her.  She thrashed and slipped her collar so I grabbed her scruff and then put her collar back on.  The dog did not go away and was then sniffing her butt.  Finally he left go to his owner.   I walked her away and gave her lots of cookies.  Then we went on our walk and she was able to run off-leash.  I was quite flustered by that point.  Just Monday, less than a week before this, a different smaller white dog ran out of the ring at an agility trial and charged her barking.  I had been working on heads up heeling with her with food so there was no reason for the dog to do this.  I stepped over her than and grabbed her collar so she wouldn’t move and give the dog reason to attack her.  Plus she had her Gentle Leader on and I didn’t want her hurting herself.  After the dog left I stepped back over her and gave her my last cookie.  So far she does not seem phased.  I am worried that she is going to get worried about other dogs though.  *I* am starting to get a complex about other dogs and *I* am starting to stress about tugging with her or any of my dogs near agility rings.  Hopefully it’ll pass.  And maybe I think she is more sensitive than she is.  So Sunday was just bad things upon bad things.  Karl called back and said that he was going to wrap up a few things and go to Homen as his Dad was in the hospital again and they didn’t think it would be long til he passed.  I planned to leave the seminar early so the dogs weren’t home on their own too long.  I kept walking dogs and I talked to my Mom.  Mom’s make everything better!  I was able to get myself collected enough to go back to the seminar and watch the last hour.  And I was able to enjoy my drive home and how beautiful it was even though my vacation did not turn out as well as I had hoped.  Oh, and Kennel Cough was going around and many of the dogs had been exposed to it.  I was really not worried about that though.  I hoped my dogs immune systems were strong enough to fight it off.  Hindsight being 20/20 I kind of wish I had just stayed home this time.  Hopefully the feelings will pass by spring as I normally really enjoy my time away.

I was home by 10pm.  I had time to let the dogs out and feed them and go to bed to get up for work in the morning.  Karl got to the hospital one hour before his father passed away.  I was glad that he was able to be there with his family at that important time.

Labor Day Weekend UKC Agility Runs

I finally posted them on Youtube!  Thank you Tracie and Mary for taping and sending me the files.  🙂

Vada’s first AGI run on Saturday and her AGI title and Super Dog!

Seven’s first AGI run on Saturday.

Seven’s second AGI run on Saturday

Vada’s first AGII run on Saturday

Vada’s second AGII run on Saturday and her AGII title!

Seven’s second AGII run on Saturday

Vada’s first AGII run on Sunday

Seven’s first AGII run on Sunday

Vada’s second AGII run on Sunday

Seven’s second AGII run on Sunday

Vada’s first AGI run on Sunday

Seven’s first AGI run on Sunday

Seven’s second AGI run on Sunday

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