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2011 ADAA AKC Trial

Week of September 26
Monday I went to Cardio Hip Hop.  Each week I get the routines down better and get a better work out.

Tuesday I tracked with Letty again.  It was pretty dark by the time we ran it.  I decided to not go to the Open obedience class since it was late and I was tired.

Wednesday I went to the optional SQL class on Reporting Services.  I was glad that I went.  It was all good information that I didn’t know.

Thursday was Vada’s turn to go to agility class.  She had fun.  She always does.  I brought Letty in and worked weaves with her after class.

Saturday we drove up to Duluth to do 1 day of the AKC agility trial.  Karl thought it would be a fun road trip so I entered Fringe in Jumpers with Weaves.  It was a 1 ring trial so we were able to sleep in and get up there later – after Excellent.  And we were just there for a few hours so we could leave all the other dogs at home.  The dogs ran well.  Vada just had 1 bar in both runs.  Seven Qd in both runs.  In Standard they both wanted to turn left on the triple where they were supposed to turn right to the dog walk.  I’m not sure why.  Seven ticked the bar but Vada took it down.  In JWW Vada broke her stay and so my handling was off the whole run.  I tried to do ear / pocket but watching the video I think it looks terrible.  I did not stop at pocket and I did not lean forward enough.  Vada crashed the jump.  She just read it wrong.  Fringe took Karl on a wild ride and he did not handle it like he wanted but they got it done and Qd.  This was Karl’s first AKC trial in many years.  And this was my first AKC trial ever at last year’s trial.  I really like the barn that we run in and it’s a good show.  Well run with nice people there.

Here are our runs

Sunday I was able to take Letty to train with Warren’s group again!  3 weeks in a row!  Afterwards we went home and worked on our weaves.  She’s weaving 12 poles now with nice entries.  Best weaver in the house!

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