Katet: a group bound together by fate to achieve a common goal

Week of October 3
Monday I was good and went to Cardio Hip Hop.  We had a fill in instructor so we mostly did Zumba.  It was a good work out that used different muscles.

Tuesday I left work a little early and went to the IMAX theater on the way home and saw Fast Five.  It was awesome to see at an IMAX theater.  That’s how I’ll have to see Sexy Six when it comes out.

Wednesday was my SQL Admin class.  I got my test results back – 95%.  Not too shabby!  Most of my points off were on written code.

Thursday was Seven’s turn to go to agility class.  I brought Letty in afterwards and did weaves with her and put her on some doubles and triples and did a little handling with her.  She did a great job.  It’s good practice for her to work even though there are other dogs in the other ring.

Saturday morning I drove down to Saint Peter for an AKC trial.  It wasn’t too bad of a drive.  My dogs weren’t in the first class either so I wasn’t too rushed.  I setup my tent by a ring so the dogs could get out of the van for the day.  They behaved pretty well.  I like being able to setup my Cabana crates too so Vada and Copper can stretch out their legs and not be so cramped in their crates.  Letty will need to learn how to be in a softside crate soon.

The trial site was ok.  It was an outdoor trial.  It has been super dry lately and all the grass was dead.  I think it was pretty slick.  Both dogs ran in Novice FAST, Open Standard, Open JWW and Time 2 Beat.  They both Qd in FAST and Vada Qd in T2B but neither Qd in JWW or Standard.  We had a variety of issues.  Seven got poopier and poopier as the day went on.  Lots of weaving issues.  Then he ticked a bar on the triple and took that pretty hard.  I worked really hard on the JWW course and Vada had a really nice run.  I felt really good about my handling.  Unfortuantely I didn’t support a jump on the outside of a curve, I guess, and a bar came down.  In Standard we had a bar on a RC out of a tunnel.  If I could go back and do her run again I would have handled the DW turn to the tunnel differently.

Sunday we went to Lindstrom for the ACTS CPE trial.  Seven and Vada were entered.  Seven started out with weaving issues.  There were 2 sets of 6 poles and he was avoiding them.  Only reason he didn’t Q in Standard.  Vada had a smoking Standard run.  After that run I got them both massaged.  Vada was due to go see Dr Heather as her back was out and maybe her chest.  Her right shoulder area was sore.  Seven was just really tight in his back.  I got a lecture on stretching him out better before and after his runs.  His weaving got better after that and he was driving into them.  Mom came to watch some runs and then we were going to dinner after the trial.  We walked some of the dogs around on the beautiful paths on the property too.  Seven was not happy to see Mom.  He barked horribly at her in the van.  Then when he came inside and she was there he avoided her.  When we went in the ring he would not go in a tunnel in the back corner and acted like there was something scary back there.  When he came out of the tunnel he gave the bar setting the evil eye and started going over to her.  Not sure what was going on with him.  Luckily that was Jumpers and the last run of the day.  Not alot of Qs that day but Vada did finish all her Level 5 Standard Qs with her really nice run that morning.  I take full responsibility for screwing up her Snooker run.  Seven Q’d in his Snooker run.  She had 1 bar down in Wildcard.  Seven Qd.

Mom and I went out to eat at a place called the Dinerbelle in Lindstrom.  It was really good food.  We sat out on the deck that overlooked the lake.  We chatted for a long time.  Then we chatted more in the parking lot in Tauer style.  🙂  It was a great night and helped offset the crummy agility trial day.  I was glad that Kristin was there to massage both dogs.  They both felt much better afterwards.  Now, to get myself in for a massage!

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