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February CPE

Mostly boring week.  Normal classes.  Got my brakes done and oil change on Thursday.  Friday I took Narc to the vet to have blood drawn for heartworm and to have him tested for masticatory mysositis.  It’s an autoimmune disease where the body attacks a bacteria in the head muscles and turns the muscle into scar tissue.  There are a few Dutch Shepherds that have it.  Not sure if any are related to Narc though.  His head muscles are mostly gone and now his jaw muscles are too.  He looks very sad.  Acts fine though.  I don’t think there is any pain and he can open his mouth and close it – which not all MM dogs can.  So now we wait the 7-10 days for the results.  Should have them back about the middle of next week.  If he’s positive then he’ll get about 50mg of pred a day for 4 months and then we’ll wean him off of it over 2 months.  Not a nice treatment plan!  His bursitis is still there.  Smaller but still there.  I was hoping that Linda would be at the CPE trial on Saturday but she did not get in.  😦   I also canceled Copper’s appointment Wednesday with Dr. LaVallie as he does not like the adjustments.  So I need to figure out what to do for him for cold laser therapy too.  I’ll call Dr. Heather for an adjustment and some acupuncture and go from there.

The CPE trial went well.  I was not sure how Letty would run after how bad things were at the USDAA trial.  I had her in 2 classes.  She ran great in FullHouse (start line stay, 2 sets of 6 poles and a nice aframe with nosetouch) and finished her CL2-F title.  In Snooker I had a really fun course planned.  She stood up on the start line so I went back and sat her.  But then she was lined up poorly so she did the jump and went into the tunnel instead of the aframe.  I was on the other side and called her so she went back in tunnel and then the whistle blew.  😦  Oh well, I got the chance to work her start line and she didn’t stress.  I also kept my lead outs shorter and praised her as I walked out.

Seven ran well.  I planned 2 sets of 6 poles in FullHouse.  The first time he weaves 6 poles so I praised his effort and went on.  The next time around he drove to them and did them perfectly.  He did them again in Colors and in Standard he did 12 with a tougher entry.  He really had to work hard to stay in the 12 too.  I was very proud of him.  This judge liked tunnel/aframe discrimination which I do not do well with.  We needed a Standard Q but did not get it due to an off course.  But he picked up Level C Qs in Colors and FullHouse.  I did not handle Snooker well.  He got sacrificed for Vada’s run.

Vada ran well too.  She picked up a Level 5 Snooker Q so she just needs 2 more of those (and 3 Jumpers).  I learned from Seven what NOT to do.  She also picked up Level C FullHouse and Colors Qs.  We had a tunnel off course in Standard – a different end than Seven’s off course.

It was a fun day.  We didn’t run the best (my handling was late alot) but I had a good time.  After the trial I started cramming on my homework.  I had to do 2 chapters for the homework and then take the online test that covered the first 4 chapters.

Sunday we went to protection training.  We kept working on Letty sitting and looking at me for permission to start.  We also worked on her doing a bark and hold on the helper as he backed up so she’s moving forward barking.  I’m still not sure how to transition to sending her in for barking.  Maybe have her sitting next to me and him in front of me and having her start barking.  Then he backs away a step and I send her in for barking and then 2 and then 3?  Or maybe doing what we are doing now but having him stop further out and giving her loose line to go into barking.  Sunday we did longer barking with her too.  She did a great job!  It looked really nice.  Vada got to work leg bites again.  She is really confused about outting and downing.  She’s slow to out and then she wants to come back to me cuz I have to tell her out twice and down a bunch of times.  I think I need to work more on her outing from a moving tug.  She will out for me and down right away but the problem is that she’s focused on me.  A faster out and down would help.  Not sure what what to do there.  Lots of problems to solve!  After training I had to do alot more cramming on the homework as I still had tons left.  I got my test finished at 11:40pm and the homework submitted at 11:55pm.  Not much time to spare!  I got 94% on the test.  Not sure on the homework yet.  My first homework got full points.  I missed one part of the 2nd homework assignment but he gave me the information I needed on Monday and said I could turn it in late for full points.  I still need to submit it though.

Monday I had my computer class.  We did a group exercise.  It was not very enjoyable.  I’m glad to be done with that!  I hope we don’t have alot more group projects.

Tuesday was Vada’s jumping class and Letty’s foundation class.  They both did well.  Letty was being very naughty and I didn’t care.  We just had fun and trained.  It was a nice change from my worrying about her being perfect all the time.  She met a new Aussie friend too who plays like she does.  And I found out that many in the class signed up for Tracy’s seminar in June for the Learn Your Dog session.  We have Letty and Fringe signed up.  It’s going to be a super fun day.  For Sunday I have Seven and Vada signed up – Masters Handling.  Saturday I’ll just audit since it’s foundation stuff.

Went to obedience class last night.  We got a snow storm on Tuesday night so I worked from home yesterday.  There were only 4 of us in Nancy’s class so we got alot of personal attention.  It was nice.  Next time I need to remember to bring Seven and to switch off dogs.  Others do that and I think it’s a great idea.  The class after Nancy’s is still the run thru format so I just worked Letty on my own in the other room and then went home.


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