Katet: a group bound together by fate to achieve a common goal

Thursday was Fringe’s birthday.  She is 7!  I’m still in shock.  The time goes by so fast.  She was just a little puppy not too long ago.

Thursday was also the last class of Narc and Prozac’s agility classes.  I told Michelle that I would not keep going with them in that hour.  But now I’m thinking of putting Letty in that class for another session if she has not filled my spot already.  I’ll find out on Thursday.  Letty only has 1 class left with Terry and it’s be good to have her in a class where she could get more floor time and more sequences.  That class goes til May so we should be able to move outside for sure at that point.  I really really need to teach Prozac and Narc to weave so we can move on in agility.

Friday it was just me (and my 4 dogs) and Barb with her 1 dog that went to the barn to do open ring time.  I pulled a course out of a magazine and we ran it.  It was alot of fun.  It was hard and I got to tweak my handling timing.  And Letty got to learn to not cross my path or slam into me just because the tug is in my hand closest to her.  I also worked on her start line stay.  I get so frustrated!  I put more pressure on her so I had to make it more of a challenge and more fun for her.  It’s too easy and boring and she stresses.  So I jazzed her up more but didn’t lead out so far and I did not go back and reward her.  Seemed to help.  She keeps telling me that I need to train her more and push her harder with more challenges.  One of these days I will listen and quit babying her.

Saturday I had Vada and Seven entered in a AKC agility trial at TCOTC.  I forgot to pull Seven until a few days after closing.  Vada did awesome!  She was the first dog of the day in her Open JWW run.  I was going to do a LOP at the 3rd jump but the 2nd jump (the one she’d be turning over) was a double and I don’t trust my timing on LOPs so I changed my plan and ran with her and rear crossed.  She had a tick on the last jump which was a triple.  I did not see the push from the tunnel to the triple but she saved me.  We Qd!  Only 3 dogs in the class did and we had the fastest time of all dogs in the class (Qs and NQs).  She also Qd in Excellent Standard!  Her first Excellent Q!   At one point I looked at the bars to see if they were set to the correct height since she was jumping so nicely.

Seven did not run well at all.  He was super stressed and would not even tug with me.  He was ignoring me and just wanted to sniff all over the school.  His first run was Standard and it started with a chute so I didn’t even ask for a start line stay.  He ran ok but slipped and then got poppy and was running slow.  He ran thru the first 2 weave poles and then along the side of the poles.  It was the 2nd to the last obstacle.  I finished with him and praised him even though I wasn’t very happy with his run.  He bailed on all of his contacts too.  I was tugging with him on Thursday in class and he yipped and let go of the tug.  Then he was jumping off the contacts before the bottom.  So he might have hurt something.  Before his JWW run I took him to the warm up area and he was doing well although jumping pretty flat.  But he was crazy and tugging and excited to play.   I think he might have had a bar down.  He did the same thing with the weaves – went between 1 and 2 and then ran along side of them.  So we just went on to the next obstacle and I tried to push him for speed.  I think I am late with him and not so good on my front cross lines and he doesn’t like that.  He ran well in the dirt Friday night.  He’s a tough one to figure out!  But I am not giving up on him!

Letty got to come out and do the warm up jump a few times.  I did set point with her and had the jump at 24″ and she jumped it very nicely.  We did some heeling in the crating area too.  I should probably make a point to walk her thru tight crowds more since that stresses her out at trials getting into the ring.  Copper got to come out for a few walks too.  Quite a few people were happy to see him and said hi to him.  He loves that.  It was a fun trial and people seemed extra friendly.

Sunday was protection training day.  Vada did awesome on the suit again.  I tried to stay close to her on the out/down so she wasn’t leaving to look for me.  Warren had me try saying “Vada Platz” and she did much better with that.  She’s getting the hang of the whistle out too.  We did one of the trial exercises and she did it great.  I think it was the face attack.  We also started teaching her the defense of handler.  Everyone says she’s learning it really fast.  I better get my obedience started and start teaching her the jump exercise.  Letty did really well too.  We kept working on her sitting and looking at me to have me release her to barking.  We worked on Warren coming in for the bark and hold.  I’m still not sure how to transition to her coming in without punching.  I think I need to have her sitting next to me and start her barking.  Then take a step away and have go in for barking and back it up.  But first I need to get her under control when the helper is there.  She’s picking it up pretty fast and Warren was closer to her and she was sitting.  Also I was able to down her and then take the sleeve away and toss it out a bit.  Walking into the room is still a huge challenge.  But I’ve let loose leash walking in general go last week.  It really showed!

Karl went to his parents house for the weekend.  They got alot done and he brought home some stuff.  Sounds like they’re doing a great job and should have no problem having the house ready to sell in a few weeks.  He and his sisters really work well together.

Monday I made it to Cardio Hip Hop.  The class gets bigger and bigger every week!  I don’t know if it’s because spring is coming so people are now aware of getting in better shape or if word is getting out on how fun it is.  It wasn’t horrible but it is a little cramped.  I’m getting better are remembering the steps for the warm ups so I get a better work out which is nice.  But my brain is fried by the time we get to learning the new routine.  I’m sure next week will be better as it seems to sink in during the week.  I walked on the treadmill over lunch and my ankle hurt after 20 minutes but it was fine in class with a brace on.  Saturday I had picked up 2 pecan crusted chicken breasts so Karl threw them in the oven with some breadsticks after he got home from work.  It was nice to come home after class and eat a nice meal.  The chicken was awesome!  Monday was also my Dad’s 60th birthday!!!

Vada did awesome in the jump grid class last night!  She’s gotten so much better from the class.  I need to keep setting them up in the yard once the snow melts.  They have helped her alot.  8 minutes once a week doesn’t seem like much but it has done alot for her thoughtfulness.  Letty did well in class too.  I need to work on her down stay big time.  A table stay would be a good thing to have in the yard too.  She did well on the handling sequence.  All the errors were mine.  As usual.  Then we did a loop with a dogwalk and an aframe in it.  She did pretty good.  I got homework to go back to the stairs and the travel plank and work end position with IYC as she’s totally curling into me.  I have not worked it in a long time so it’ll be a good morning project to work on.  When we were walking in to setup for the contacts sequence she was coughing up a treat and then vomited all over.  Everyone was helpful with getting supplies and Terry even cleaned it up.  Letty ran fine after that so I don’t think she was feeling sick.  She did get alot of cookies for staying on her mat though.  She stayed on her mat while dogs ran in the ring and ran by her and walked by her and weaved next to her.  Her hardest thing is me walking away.  She wants to follow.

No obedience class tonight.  We got in to see Dr Heather!  I think they are due.  Copper’s front is hot.  Vada’s lower back is hot and she’s been puppy sitting.  And I’m curious to see if Seven’s got an ouchie spot again.  I think last time he and Vada were out in their sacrum.

We got the results back from Narc’s 2M test.  It’s not negative or positive but a maybe.  The lab recommended a muscle biopsy.  Dr Jina didn’t think that was necessary.  She thinks that since he’s not negative and he’s showing symptoms that we should treat him.  I agree.  So he’s on lots of pred for a long time.  20mg twice a day for 3 weeks then 20mg once a day for 3 weeks and then it continues to taper over 6 months.  He’ll probably be on pred forever – 20mg every 3rd day.  But it’s good that we caught it and are treating it before it’s painful and locks his jaw.

Dr Jina got a new blood test machine.  So when she ran pre-anesthesia bloodwork on Prozac and Rally last week (for their dentals tomorrow) she did some extras to play with the machine.  Turns out Prozac’s lipase is high.  Normal high is 1800 and hers was 3700.  So Karl brought her in Saturday morning after fasting her for 12 hours so they could draw blood for another more specific test to see if it truly is a problem.  We are still waiting for the results of that.  If it’s off then she’ll not be getting her dental tomorrow (she has a rotten front tooth that needs pulling) and we’ll probably have to do an ultrasound to look at her pancreas.  She doesn’t have any symptoms of pancreintitis though.  I’m guessing we’ll hear something today.


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