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USDAA Trial & Copper’s 15th Birthday!

Last Monday I skipped Cardio Hip Hop class.  I decided to work on homework instead so I would not be scrambling to get it done on Sunday before midnight.  I was able to walk the dogs around the pond after work too which was nice.  I haven’t had much chance to do that lately it seems.

Tuesday after work I met with Laurie and Glenda at a cafe in Ramsey.  It was nice to meet friends at a place that is on my way home.  They closed at 8pm too so I knew we would not be there super late.  It was nice to check in with them and catch up.  I think it’s been a year since we met for dinner.

Wednesday and Thursday were nights to work on homework again.  Thursday night I went out to a restaurant to work on it so I could concentrate.

Friday I left work early to take 3 dogs and cat to the vet.  Letty and Vada got blood drawn for the heartworm/tick test.  Letty was clearly stressed but not trembling like she was in November when we did rabies vaccines.  I brought Vada in the room with her this time and that might have helped since Vada could care less about being there.  Seven was stressed too.  We did his heartworm/tick/T4 blood draw first and then let him run around the room while we worked on Logan, my cat.  That helped him relax and get used to just hanging out in the room.  Then he was not so nervous when Dr. Jina examined him.  Logan passed his exam.  Dr Jina picked most of the thick plaque off of his teeth again so we were able to avoid a dental again.  He needs some turkey necks cut up to chew on to keep them clean though.  I had her look at a lump in Copper’s mouth too and she said it was scar tissue from biting his cheek.  Whew!  Brought the dogs home and then I went to a baby shower for a friend.  I have not been to a baby shower in a long time!  It was all dog friends though so it wasn’t too weird except for all the baby gifts.

Saturday Karl and I loaded up all the dogs and went to OTR for some USDAA agility.  There were almost 400 runs so we knew we’d be there all day and we brought all the dogs.  It was a long day but it went really fast and we had a good time.  I had quite a few runs that felt really good and were oh so close but for 1 bar down.  Vada did really well adjusting from ASCA Novice and UKC courses to the tight Masters USDAA courses.  She was jumping really well as long as I was handling well.  No Qs for the day though.  Seven Qd in Jumpers with a first place!  Letty was only entered in P1 Standard.  She Qd but she was very distracted by the judge.  He was a big guy with a lot of presence and alot of dogs took notice of him.  After she ran into me because she was looking at him I was suddenly aware of how close he really was to us.  The first time I did not notice – I thought I was super late in my front cross but Karl said that she was looking at the judge and not watching me.  But she kept running and she did her job and she worked thru it.  I did notice going from the chute to the table that she saw Karl outside the ring video recording our run.  Her ears went back and her body started to get wiggly and then she remembered we were working and went back to work.  Silly girl!  It was a good experience and it drove home the point that she’s not in drive when she’s running.  She did a good startline too.  I ran out to the line to set her up and I didn’t lead out very far.  Karl and Fringe had some good runs too and picked up an Advanced Snooker Q.

Saturday was also Copper’s 15th birthday!!!!  We brought a cake to the trial to celebrate.  It was super cute and tasted really good.  Copper got lots of birthday wishes and one friend even sung happy birthday to him.

Sunday was a good day too but I was quite tired and Vada was tired and sore.  Our runs were ok but not as good and Saturday.  The Jumpers course was really hard and I wasn’t sure how best to handle it but then she broke her startline so I didn’t have to worry about it.  Seven rocked it though.  We didn’t do so well in Pairs but our partner, who was an accommodating dog, did awesome so we Qd.  Our 1 Q of the weekend.  I scratched Vada from Gamblers – the last class of the day – and had Kristin give her a massage instead.  She said her hips were sore which has been a problem in the past.  I think the tight turns of USDAA and the high jumps take their toll on her.  She did 6 runs on Saturday.  It was a good reminder that she is getting older and is not invincible any longer.  So for the next trial I’m entering her in less classes each day.  Letty did well.  I was happy with how she ran.  We had 2 bars in Jumpers.  She knocked the first one early one so then I figured I would just work on pushing her and getting her drive state higher.  It worked and I was happy with how she ran.  And it showed me that I am being careful in order to try to be “perfect”.  We need to focus on drive for a bit.  She’s been doing good running to her leash at the end of a run too.  🙂  The last class she was in was Pairs.  I let Kristin talk me into entering Pairs with her and Cooee.  I was kind of worried that Letty would run over and mug Kristin or Cooee and Cooee would snap at her and Letty would say “bring it” and then it would sound horrible to the judge.  Well, I was worried for no reason.  Unfortunately, I set her up for failure by giving her a weave pole entry that she has not seen before and then she couldn’t recover from making a mistake.  I tried 3 times and just went on after the 3rd try.  The rest of the run was good.  And she ran to Cooee’s leash at the end.  I gave Kristin the baton and then grabbed Letty’s scruff and put her leash on.  She didn’t even notice Kristin and Cooee.  Then we had to run right away but run the other half as an accommodating dog.  There was no one else in P1 that could do it.  I saw that I could leave her leash on til I got the baton so I knew that we were pretty safe so I agreed to it.  She was awesome.  She did a sit stay next to me while I got the baton and then stayed while I lead out a bit.  She helped the other dog earn a Q.  Good girl!

It was a good weekend.  Unfortunately I misplaced my video camera at the show and it has not shown up yet.  We had runs taped from Saturday and I had some SchH training sessions on there too.  Karl had just pulled all of the other runs off of it so that is good.

Sunday night I was at Perkins finishing up my homework.  I got it done 1.5 hours before the deadline.

Last night was probably our last classroom night!  Class might be canceled in 2 weeks as my instructor will be out of town.  So I have 2 chapters to read, 2 homework assignments to do and 1 online test to do.  Then I am done with the class!  Oh, and 1 assignment to redo for more points.  I was hoping to have it finished before I left for Ohio but I don’t think that is going to happen as I have lots of other stuff to get done before I leave.  I am very excited for the trip and seminar though.

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