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Wrapping Up April

Vada had another checkup with Dr Julia.  She needed a few adjustments but Dr Julia let us go out 6 weeks for the next appointment.  If she’s staying sound then we’ll start reducing her gabapentin!  And since the snow just melted I can start doing jump grids with her outside too.

Thursday morning Mom and I drove to the Hitchcock Nature Center to stay in “my” cabin for the Tracy seminar.  We had a winter storm starting and Tracy’s flight got canceled so we were starting late on Friday.  It was tempting to just not go but we did.  There were lots of accidents on the Twin Cities roads but once we got out of the metro area the snow turned to rain and there were less jerks on the road.  It wasn’t a bad trip.  Our last potty/gas stop was cold and super windy though.  We stopped at Pizza Ranch a few miles from the cabin for dinner.  It was a little town and the food was very good.

We got to the cabin and unloaded and then let the dogs come in the cabin.  Letty hit the wood floor and freaked and started climbing on the luggage.  LOL  I brought in some crate mats so she could walk on them until she adjusted.  Vada promptly started humping the couch pillow.  Then we took the girls on a hike before it got dark out.  Later in the night Vada was not feeling well.  And she was acting odd.  Just lying on the couch and she’d lie on the bed on top of my pillows looking miserable.

Tracy’s flight didn’t make it til late Friday night so the seminar on Friday got canceled.  I was just auditing.  Bummed to miss that information but nothing anyone could do.  And everyone tried.  Instead we got to sleep in as late as we wanted and go on a few hikes.

Friday Vada was feeling worse.  In the morning she was lying across my neck and when I tried to get up she laid her head down and pressed her body against me.  It looked like maybe her muzzle was swollen.  When I pressed on it she yelped.  I contacted Christy and got the name of her vet clinic.  I went back and forth on if a vet visit was necessary.  Harder decision when you are out of town and don’t know the vet.  Having a referral helped.  I decided to bring her in so we drove in to Omaha with plans to stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner on the way back.  The clinic was really nice and the vet was nice.  He thought she was having an allergic reaction – maybe to a bug bite.  She’s on a low dose of pred for her allergies and he thought that maybe that kept her whole face from blowing up.  So we incresed her pred and put her on Zyrtec since Benedryl doesn’t work for her.  We needed to stop at the store anyways so it worked out well.

Saturday was my day to work with Letty – medium dog day.  LOL  She did amazing!  She kept her drive level up even though we kept redoing things and she had weave pole failures.  She held her start line on a 4 jump lead out and while we chatted.  She handled some difficult challenges.  I was very proud of her and her progress.  The last session involved a start line by all of the people and dogs watching too.  Lots of perssure.  And it was the longest lead out.

Mom stayed at the cabin and relaxed all day and started on a new book.  Once I got back we went for a hike and then made a fire, grilled hot dogs and made smores.  Mom’s first time having smores!  It was fun!  Vada was feeling better and better too.

Sunday I went to the seminar to audit and then went back to the cabin over lunch to get Mom and pack up the van.  She hung out at the seminar and read her book for a bit, watched for a bit and then we headed home.  The drive home was pretty uneventful.  Light rain off and on.  There was less snow on the ground when we got home so we were happy about that.

Last week we had major blockage issues with Narc.  Monday morning he vomited all his breakfast.  He would not eat after that and kept vomiting bile and water and drinking alot.  Tuesday he went to the vet and Dr Jina removed 2 bones from his bum that were stuck to the side of his track.  Unfortunately he did not get better.  I was force feeding him baby food to try to get him to eat but he was vomiting it back out.  He was looking really bad Wednesday night.  Thursday he went back to the vet.  Another xray showed another bone in his system that we did not see on Tuesday’s xray.  Dr Jina was not able to squeeze in an xray that night so he got a lot of fluids and another penicillian show and some pain meds.  He seemed to be doing a little better and he got a little better as the night went on.  Friday I worked from home so I could bring him to the vet and then bring him home as soon as he was ready.  On a whim I put a Gentle Leader on Narc (so he would not eat anything before surgery) and walked him around the front yard.  Amazingly he not only pooped but he pooped out the bone!  We still went in for our appointment and the xray showed he was clear.  He’s on meds and only cooked food for a week to help heal his intestional system.  He’s feeling so much better now!

Saturday and Sunday was a USDAA agility trial at On the Run.  The courses were challenging and had a lot of the newer types of challenges.  I only had 1 Q between the 3 dogs (Narc got pulled).  But that Q finished Letty’s Performance Dog (PD) title and now she’s in P2 for everything (P3 for Snooker).  Vada had a few runs that were just 1 bar or 1 table from being a Q.  Seven had a nice Jumpers run on Sunday but pulled off a jump.  Karl played on Saturday only.  His 1 Q was with Sonic in P1 Snooker.





The next USDAA trial was supposed to be an outdoor trial this coming weekend and the club decided to cancel it since we’ve having such a late spring and the dead grass would be slippery.

Sunday was also Copper’s birthday.  Still miss him a lot but it doesn’t seem to hurt as much.

Winter in April

It is still cold and snowing and raining and sleeting.  We got a lot of snow last week and it’s not melting.  I think we are supposed to have sun tomorrow.  That should help.  The beginning of last week was nice though and the snow was melted and I was starting to make plans to go tracking at the end of the week.  I even got stuck in my driveway last night.  I thought that things would harden up overnight so I could drive on it again this morning.  Nope.  😦  But Karl shoveled and pushed and got me out.

April 11 Snowy Yard

April 11 Snowy Yard

April 11 Snowy Driveway

April 11 Snowy Driveway

Lots has happened in the last month!  All good stuff – except the extended winter.

The CPE trial went really well.  It was a lot of work as it always is.  We had to shovel out the equipment trailer and do a bit of ice chipping but we got it out and got to the barn in good time and got setup quickly.

We got the trailer free of the snow and ice!

We got the trailer free of the snow and ice!

Our judge had challenging courses but they were fun too.  All of our dogs ran well and had a good time.  Vada went 6/8 and now has 10 Qs towards the 30 needed for the 2014 Nationals.  All Level 5.  We tried again for her CATCH but dropped the last 2 bars on a really nice run.  Seven went 5/6 and now has 12 Qs for Nationals.  He only NQd in Wildcard by being 4 seconds over time because we were fighting over the weaves.  He’s all Level C.  Narc went 4/8 which seems pretty average for him.  He’s now got 12 Qs towards Nationals but still needs to wrap up some Level 3 Qs.   Letty went 7/8!  The one NQ was because I got totally lost and my mind blanked on our Snooker run.  She has 14Qs towards Nationals and that is with missing the February trial due to her nail breaking!  She still has some Level 3 Qs to wrap up also.  Letty completed Level 2 with that final Colors run and finished her CL3-S title.




Prozac went 2/3.  She ran on Saturday and just had a back jump in Snooker.  She completed Level 3 for Jumpers and Jackpot!  Fringe went 4/8.  One NQ was my fault as I told Karl the wrong rules for the game.  She completed Level 2 for Jumpers and Snooker.  Sonic ran on Sunday and has a perfect 3/3 day!  He finished his CL2-F title.  His first CPE title!

Things worked out well with the van.  We dropped it off on Tuesday morning then I drove Karl home and I went in to work with his car.  Turns out they needed my van til Thursday.  We were not able to find a rental as everyone was out!  So we were going to ride share.  Then I got sick!  Wednesday I worked from home and napped over lunch.  Thursday I had to dial in for a bit for a project and then spent the rest of the day in bed.  Friday I took PTO again and spent the day sleeping and watching movies.  It was horrible!  But they had my van done by the end of the day on Wednesday.  And it was covered under the warranty so no bill for us!!!!  Apparently there are known faulty cylinders in some engines.  They also did a software upgrade for which I had not gotten the recall notice yet.  Hopefully that’s it for van stuff outside of oil changes for awhile.

We got all the dogs in for heartworm testing.  We split them up into 2 Saturday appointments.  For the first one we did Prozac, Sonic, Fringe and Vada.  We also did thyroid testing on Vada and Sonic.  Turns out Sonic is low!  So we put him on meds and he is feeling a lot better already.  He was kind of mopey before and now he’s more alert and smiling more.  Then we did Seven, Narc and Letty.  They were all due for check ups and they were all clear for any tick diseases and heartworm.  So we should be set for the year.  I do need to take Seven back in for thyroid testing again as we forgot and he had already had his meds for the morning.

We got into the GSD AKC trial last minute.  I just ran Letty and Vada on Sunday.  No Qs with either dog.  😦  Vada’s first run was a train wreck and she was out of control and I could not get ahead.  Letty was super nervous at all the people and dogs in the building and she pooped in the weave poles even though she had JUST pooped outside!  Our next runs went much better even though no Qs.

The lure coursing event did get canceled.  😦  But there was (and still is) snow on the ground.  The next one is May 5th so hopefully the snow is gone by then.

I finally got out to the Hudson barn for open training on the 5th.  It was our last night in the barn.

I showed Vada at the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club’s obedience and rally trials.  We did Rally Excellent and Rally Advanced each day as well as Open A.  She went 6/6!!!!!  Finishing her CDX and picking up a bonus leg.  1st place both days!  194.5 and 191.5!  In rally she earned 2 firsts, a second and a fourth.  RE scores were 94 and 99 – I think.  And RA scores were 100 and 97 – I think.  Sunday she also earned High Combined in Rally and got a beautiful rosette.  So now it’s on to Utility.  And she’s got 2 of the 10 RAE legs out of the way.

Vada's ribbons from Saturday

Vada’s ribbons from Saturday

Vada's ribbons from Sunday

Vada’s ribbons from Sunday


After the trial on Sunday we stopped for Pup Cups from DQ – Letty got one too.

Letty's Pup Cup

Letty’s Pup Cup

Vada's Pup Cup

Vada’s Pup Cup

The Seven/Vada agility class on Thursdays ended for the session.  I did not renew so we get a few weeks off til Nancy’s agility class starts in May.

Yesterday we got to IPO training.  It was a nice small group.  Letty did well.  We have a few holes to start working on.  It’s nice to start fine tuning things!  Lance worked Warren’s dog on his own suit so I asked him to give Vada a few bites too so she could experience a new suit.  She did pretty well considering she’s been out of that kind of work for almost a year.  She wanted to come back to me on the outs but otherwise she did well and was happy.

Karl and I went to see the movie Admissions yesterday too.  We both really enjoyed it.

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