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October and Some of November

We have been so busy lately! We did get a bit of time off but now things have really heated up! Lots of good stuff happening though.

First weekend in October I was chief scorekeeper for the OTR USDAA trial. It was mostly tournament classes and a small trial. Vada and I ran Performance Versatility Pairs on Friday with Revi and Denise. Team “Closed Captioning Not Required” actually earned a Q! She also Qd in P3 Snooker. Letty picked up a Performance Speed Jumping Q and she won round 2! Seven earned a Q in P3 Snooker. I decided it was time to quit avoiding P3 Snooker or we would never ever have a chance of getting our SuperQs. We still might not but I need to try. Narc earned his last leg in P1 Snooker and finished his SPK title. His first USDAA title!

Team "Closed Captioning Not Required"

Team “Closed Captioning Not Required”

The following weekend on Saturday I drove up to Duluth for their USDAA trial. It was so much fun and the surface is so nice. I need to remember that and plan to do both days next year. The dogs ran great too. And the drive wasn’t horrid. Letty was amazing. She was so close on so many Qs on some tough courses. She earned another PSJ Q and I think she won the class or got 2nd. No Round 2 since we didn’t drive back on Sunday. She also won Performance Grand Prix and got a bye! My first ever Grand Prix Q and bye. So cool! Narc ran in his first P2 class – Snooker. He was running crazy fast. Great since he’s never been in that building. Letty was only in there as a pup to socialize.

Karl and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. We went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Such good food and lots of it. Great company too.

Vada earned RAE leg #8 at TCOTC’s AKC rally and obedience trial.

Vada's 8th RAE leg

Vada’s 8th RAE leg

The next day went to the St Croix Valley Tracking Club’s TD test. Vada smoked her track. It was a pleasure to be at the end of the leash and watch her track. She nailed the corners. The grass was thick and tall – to the top of my head. She stopped on the glove and after I picked it up she wanted to keep going. So maybe we will try for the TDX next year. Earned the AKC TD also earned her Versatile Companion Dog 1 and Versatile Companion Dog 2 since she has her CDX in obedience and both Open titles in agility. So proud of her!

Vada passed her AKC Trackin

Vada passed her AKC Tracking Dog test!

After the TD I met Karl at King’s Ranch to run the girls on an AKC CAT. They were in heaven and all 3 earned another leg. I think Letty is at #4 and Vada and Prozac are at #8.

More AKC CAT legs for Vada and Letty!

More AKC CAT legs for Vada and Letty!

During the week we got to see a free preview of the movie “About Time”. I wasn’t sure about it but it was free so we went. It ended up being a really good movie! Karl enjoyed it too.

That was followed by a weekend with no shows. Saturday we took Narc to the vet to have his thyroid rechecked since he’s back on pred. Sonic had to get his rechecked too as it had been a year. Both are good! Sunday I was able to take the girls to protection training. Our last outdoor training of the year. 😦

Then we hosted a seminar with Tracy. We had a really great group of working dogs. Friday Karl and I worked Fringe and Letty for Masters day. Letty has really come a long ways. 🙂 Karl and Fringe have too. Saturday we did 2 sessions – Building Drive and Impulse Control and then One Jump and Beyond. Both sessions were very popular and we had tons of auditors. Loved it! Sunday was Novice/Open Handling day. Everything went really well. Karl came later on Saturday so he could potty the dogs one last time and then have time at the end of the day to join us for dinner.

Then was the first of the many CPE trials that I secretary for over the winter. Everything went really well. My dogs ran great. Letty finished her CL4-S title. She went 6/10 and most of the NQs were on me. She can’t get a Colors Q to save her life though and we had 2 tries! Vada went a perfect 9/9! Narc was a very good boy and went 5/7. I had pulled him since he hurt his back leg getting smashed into the door frame going into the house by the other dogs which caused him to then fall back down the stairs too. We had some runs open up and he was running around the house well so I entered him and he had a great time. Seven went 6/8 and had some great weaves. He NQd in Standard as he only weaved 12 poles but we just went on. We’ll have to take a few NQs to get him past his weave pole performance anxiety. He did sets of 6 quite a few times and brilliantly. Sadly, on Sunday a dog fell off the dogwalk and injured his back and had to go to the emergency vet. They are hopeful that he will heal himself as he’s on pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds. 😦 (The dog is healing well and will soon start rehabbing to get strong again)

Last Saturday I took the 3 Dutch Shepherds to the MMBC UKC rally trial. I entered Vada as she has her URO3 and the next title, the UROCH is earned by collecting points from RO2 and RO3. Points are based on your score over 190 – so a 191 earns 1 point and a 195 earns 5 points and a 200 earns 10 points. You need 100 points with 40 coming from RO2, 20 coming from RO3 and the rest can come from either. Saturday Vada earned 3 scores of 100 which were all 1st placements and one score of 97 since I didn’t cue the jump early enough so she kept heeling, totally focused on me, and practically ran into the jump. Luckily in UKC you can redo the jumps – same as any other sign, so we just lost 3 points for a redo. She earned High In Trial from Trial 1 and High Scoring MMBC Member from both trials. Letty and Narc both had 2 legs towards their next titles from when we did 1 day of a trial in January. Saturday in Trial 1 Letty finished her URO2 with a 96 and 4th place. She was a bit stressed but paid attention pretty well and had some parts where she heeled really nice. Narc was brilliant and finished his URO1 with a perfect score of 100 and 1st place. I was able to move Letty and Narc up to the next level in Trial 2. RO3 has an honor stay in it. This just always does a down in case the working dog takes 7 minutes and that is a long time for a dog to sit. We started with the down stay and I kept talking to her and said “Good Platz” and she questioned that I wanted another position and sat up and then popped back to a down. That was enough to lose all 100 points and NQ. Letty was more comfortable working the signs though. Much less stressed. Narc did well and earned 4th place with a 98. So I debated with myself and eventually decided to enter Narc and Letty on Sunday doing day of show entries. I wasn’t sure how it would go on Saturday so I figured I’d just pre-enter for Saturday. I also decided, with a bit of urging from Karl, to give Seven a try on Sunday. I didn’t think he could do the stay/walk around signs but we practiced and he did great.

Sunday morning I had to log into work to do MS patching on the servers before I left then more at the show to finish it up. The day went by fast with showing 4 dogs! Vada earned 4 perfect scores, 3 firsts and a second, HIT and HS MMBC Member for both trials. For the weekend she earned 77 points towards her UROCH and only needs 23 more now to finish the title. I learned new rules on Saturday so Sunday I entered Letty and Narc in the A classes. Not much difference except that they had a chance to place higher. I was so proud of Letty for doing BOTH down stays! For the first one there was a dog doing the practice jump right behind her in the other ring plus the dog in our ring doing it’s rally signs. I was so happy after the first down that I released her and we partied and hugged and kissed and she wanted to run out of the ring to my coat to get her treats. So I had a hard time getting her brain back into gear for working the signs. For the second trial I partied a little less and took her out of the ring and gave her a few cookies and then brought her back into the ring in working mode. So she earned 2 legs towards her URO3 with a 90 and an 87 with a first and a second placement. Narc did well but his scores went down and he was more distracted by the end – 91 and 86. It was a long weekend for them. But he managed to qualify in both runs and earn both first placements and finish his URO2. 2 titles in 1 weekend! Seven actually qualified in both runs! His scores were 90 and 82.

Vada's winnings!

Vada’s winnings!

Letty's winnings!

Letty’s winnings!

Narc's Winnings!

Narc’s winnings!

Seven's Winnings!

Seven’s winnings!

This last weekend I was secretary for the 2nd November CPE trial at OTR. The judge was also a NADAC judge and I was not handling the courses well. We had a much lower Q rate than the last CPE trial where the judge as also a USDAA judge. I just did not feel like I was handling the course well and I was not giving my dogs good information. But Narc is now qualified for the 2014 CPE Nationals so now all of my dogs are. Narc moves up to Level 5 in FullHouse and Jackpot! Letty still has Level 4 Standard and Colors to finish up – she needs 3 Qs in both. Then she’s all Level 5. Vada only needs 1 more Jumpers Q for her CATCH2! And we have 2 tries at it for the next trial. Vada had a pretty bad tire crash on Sunday but she didn’t come up lame. She does have heat on her left side where she hit the tire though. That is already her bad side that Dr Julia has to work on the most. Speaking of Dr Julia – Vada got clearance to go 3 months between appointments now! We’ll still have Dr Heather appointments in-between to keep her aligned.

So our next project is getting the house and food ready for having my family over for Thanksgiving dinner. Once everyone shows up then we’ll be able to relax and have a great time. Lots of food is being brought. We are making the turkey and ham and some sides. Lots of house projects have gotten done for this day. Others we are almost done with and others have had a great start to them. We have lots to be thankful for!

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