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Time for an Update

I’m feeling motivated and energetic today. Not sure how long it will last though.

Well, I have not done anymore running on the treadmill since I last posted. Too tired. And too busy. I have been trying to get out and walk a few times a week at least.

So there is a new vet rule that if your dog is on medication for a chronic issue that they MUST been examined by a vet at least twice a year. Which meant that all of our dogs were due. They go in for heartworm and everything in the spring. Otherwise they go in if something is wrong. Prozac had some weird heart murmur. We did an ultrasound. 3 of her 4 valves are leaking and 1 of them is a small leak so it’s making a squeaking noise. Nothing abnormal. Narc also has a grade 2 murmur but probably due to his age and nothing to worry about. Everyone else was good.

For the CGC class on the first night without Letty I decided to take Fringe. She did well with most of the exercises. She wasn’t too sure about the stranger touching her but not bad. But we weren’t even able to do the 3 minutes out of sight since the noise of setting the timer freaked her out and then she didn’t want to be near the lady holding the timer. I probably should have tried it with her in retrospect but whatever. She had fun in class and got lots of cookies. She’d be a good obedience dog. The night of the test I wasn’t sure if I should bring Prozac or Sonic. I thought they both had a chance to pass. Prozac started out well with the on leash walking. But then when I put their line on her and asked her to sit she got all slinky and tried to run away. Very bizarre behavior for her. We tried a few times but she would have nothing to do with any obedience so we gave up. Sonic, however, passed with flying colors! Good boy! And I’m happy that someone passed. 🙂

I took most of the dogs up to Duluth for an AKC trial. We were able to sleep in a little since I didn’t have any Masters/Excellent dogs entered. Fringe Qd in Open JWW with a nice run. She ran well in Novice Standard too but she leapt off her dogwalk contact so that was an NQ. Narc just had 1 bar in Novice JWW. I over handled him in Open Standard and it was kind of a mess. He was kind of acting weird too like he couldn’t find me and was going to the judge like she was me. All dogs ran in Novice FAST at the end of the day. And all dogs Qd in Novice FAST! Seven weaved 6 poles brilliantly. I thought he was going to avoid them so I just blasted past them to get to the next jump and he weaved. Silly boy. It finished his title too. And the gamble had an aframe in. I had a break while Excellent Standard was running so I drove down to a park and tracked with Letty. Karl played a gig down south with Pastel Black. It worked out well so the 2 dogs at home were not home alone very long.

The OTR USDAA trial went well. I had lots of time for scoring since I wasn’t running Vada or Letty. I entered the others in 2 classes a day each. Fringe and I were close on Saturday. On Sunday we Qd in Masters Standard and Masters Pairs! It was fun. Narc Qd in P1 Pairs and finished his title. He was close in other classes too. Seven ran well in 18″ Championship. He tried to kill me in Jumpers but the other runs were nice. He finished his Starters Snooker title. I ran my butt off on that course back and forth across the ring to get enough points in the opening to not need the 7 (a set of 12 weave poles) in the closing and then I ran past the poles and he nailed them. So maybe that is the secret. I was proud of how well they all ran. Narc’s jumping was really nice. There were a few Qs I gave up too as I didn’t want to go back and redo something since the dogs were running nicely and it would have broken the flow.

Finally was able to do some bitework training after a week and a half of none. I needed to practice the heeling out of the blind. She seemed to get the hang of it. She had a really nice protection session. Her bites on the reattacks were good. He attacked before she could start bouncing and barking and it was really nice. She’s a little dirty with her feet coming into the blind but I am letting that go to keep her confidence up. She’s not punching. Yet. I feel like we might have a chance. I still need to show her some long bites. And another helper or two. We’ll work in Bryan this weekend and next. And hopefully we can do a few more Wednesday evening training sessions with Warren. I have next weekend open too so I can travel to train with another club. But there is a trial in WI so they might not be training next weekend. I’m going to get out to Lisa’s too so Letty can run some wooden blinds.

Tomorrow we get up super early to drive to Duluth for one day of USDAA. Letty gets to play! I’m not sure how crazy she’ll be after 3 weeks off.

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