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October Updates

I’m posting this since I started it a month ago and haven’t gotten back to it…

Going by memory – I don’t think I handled very well at the USDAA trial in Duluth. Then Vada came up lame playing ball. She wasn’t even entered in the trial and she came up lame! Carol M was there so I had her massage Vada to get an idea of what was going on so I could email Dr Julia.

Sunday I went to Bryan’s house to work Letty on a different helper. I mostly wanted him to do catches. She did well with the catches. On the drives she was super growly and fighting. I did not like that. That just showed me that she needs to see more variety in helpers.

Met Laurie and Glenda for dinner. It’s always fun to catch up with them. They are always very busy in their lives.

Karl finally had hernia surgery. The process was much more than we thought it was going to be. I figured I’d just work remotely, drop him off, work remotely and drive him home. They needed me around quite a bit. I was able to do some work and then take some PTO. And now we know the plan better but hopefully there aren’t anymore surgeries in our future. It’s been 4 weeks and Karl is healing well. He’s doing a good job of not lifting anything too heavy.

I filled in for him for his agility classes with Sonic/Seven and Fringe. It was fun. And good timing since I’ve been running Fringe in trials lately. Next week he’ll be back running them again.

Vada got in to see Dr Julia about her lameness. She had trigger points in her left rear leg. Probably from compensating for her taped right front foot. Dr Julia did needle therapy which Vada hates. Unfortunately, her foot was still sore after being taped for 5 weeks. So Dr Julia decided to do laser therapy on her foot and muscle. We did 2 treatments a week except that the last 2 had to be spaced out a week with my travel schedule. It worked! She’s currently tapeless and doing 5 sprints of 25′ a day.

I trained in Isanti with the old St Croix Schutzhund club so I could work Letty on Bryan again. They have a nice place at some fairgrounds up there. They have blinds and jumps too. I really enjoyed training with them. Bryan mostly wanted to work on her confidence so he did a bunch of escapes with her and some catches. She had major issues with refusing to retrieve the dumbbell. She chose to eat grass again. Major stress. And she crashed the high jump coming back with the dumbbell. I really need to build a wall so I can work her on it and slowly build up the height to build her confidence. I just threw too much at her too fast.

Worked with Warren again the next day and just had fun and did some crazy drive building stuff with her. She loved it! I had worked her on more routine stuff on Thursday. It’s so hard to balance the obedience and drive. I’m still figuring it out. Worked her again on Wednesday for her last session before Nationals since we were hosting Tracy all weekend.

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