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November Updates Continued…

After driving home from TN it was time to focus on getting ready for the AKC Agility Invitationals.  Vada still had 1 laser treatment left on her foot to finish that round.  Then she did not need her foot taped any longer and we were able to start doing sprints and then jumps.  I did a class at 16″ and then ran her a few runs at the CPE trial at 16″.  Then I did class at 20″ the following week.  Then we did a few runs at 20″ at an AKC trial.  And then went to the Invitational.

The weekend after the DS IPO Championship we had a 3 day CPE trial.  I was trial secretary and I ran Seven, Narc, Letty and Fringe.  Vada was just finishing the laser treatments and not ready to run.  I do not remember if anyone finished any titles.  I think this is the trial where Narc got his last Level 4 Q – in Snooker.

My shoulder had been getting more painful since walking Letty around Lake Calhoun to work on loose leash walking.  I had to wait to get in to see a regular doctor as my old one had retired and I was going to a new place.  She thought it was a rotary cuff strain.  So I went to physical therapy for 4 weeks and made a lot of progress.

I took Vada and Letty to 2 days of the MMBC UKC rally trial at Tails Up.  Letty finished her URO3, earned 58 points towards her UROC, and earned 3 URX legs.  Sunday she had 2 amazing runs with perfect focused drivey attention. Vada finished her URX (10 QQs) and picked up 3 more UROG legs (QQ with a combined score of 192 or higher – you need 15 for the title). Vada earned 1 HIT and 1 High Scoring MMBC Member rosette. Letty also earned 1 HIT & High Scoring MMBC Member rosette. Vada had 7 perfect scores of 100 plus an NQ. Letty had 5 perfect scores of 100 and a 97 and a 98.

MMBC UKC Rally Trial

MMBC UKC Rally Trial

Then we had another OTR CPE trial.  I was trial secretary and ran all 5 of the dogs.  I ran Vada at 16″ since it was her first trial back.

For Thanksgiving weekend I entered Vada and Letty in a 3 day AKC trial.  Letty Qd in Excellent JWW to finish her AXJ!  So we were able to go to the Invitational with both Excellent titles completed!  Vada did not have any Qs but she stayed sound and that even better!  I think this was the trial where I realized that Letty is having trouble hitting her entries on the right.

We also went to the Elk River High School to see the children put on a play of the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Saturday we went to Laurie’s house to do portraits and our annual (2nd year) Christmas card photo shoot with her.  We thought it would be calmer to do it at her house this year and no time constraints.  It went really well!  For the group shot we had the 5 do a sitting together and then did Fringe and Prozac separately since they are scared of the camera and break every time.  It was much less stressful for the 5 and we had no fights.  🙂  Then Laurie photoshopped the other 2 into the photo.

Christmas Photo 2014

Christmas Photo 2014

So that was the whirlwind November in a nutshell!

November Updates

I swear I had written MORE in my last blog post and it’s not there now.  Grrr!

In October we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by going to Timber Lodge for some awesome steak!

I trained with Warren one last time before the seminar on a Wednesday night.  We just did lots of fun drive building stuff.

We had Tracy in for another awesome 3 day agility seminar.  Friday I worked Letty.  Saturday I just watched.  Sunday I worked Fringe for half of the day and Letty for the other half.  It was suggested that Narc was too old to work a full day seminar.  I’m not certain about that.  Our older dogs are pretty fit and “young” compared to others it seems.  However, I do think the things that we worked on were above his level of skills.  I don’t do seminars any more with Vada because most are all day and they are too hard on her since she bangs on her body while I try to figure out my handling.  I got good work in with Fringe and Letty.  Karl was not able to run Fringe on Friday since he was still healing from surgery.  Next year!

Saturday night of the seminar after dinner with Tracy I ran over to Cortney’s wedding.  Many folks had left already but I got to see Cortney and her kids all dressed up and beautiful, meet her new husband, see her dad again and see an old friend from high school.

Wednesday I headed out to Knoxville TN for the 2014 WDSAA IPO Championship!  I stayed in Indianapolis the first night at a Motel 6 that I will never stay at again as they only allow 1 dog.  The next day I made it to Knoxville.  I stayed at a Red Roof in that was pretty nice.

Letty at the Hotel

Letty at the Hotel

Friday I was able to get on the field and warm up with Letty.  The field was down a hill.  There was hill on 2 sides of the field.  Letty had great focus for being on a new field in another state.  Her first time with retrieves was good but after that it got worse and she wouldn’t jump.  She had trouble with the wall too.  I was able to work her a 2nd session and we did a send out and I tried some more retrieves with the jumps but they weren’t any better.  I went to a park and did an article track too.  It did not go well.  Friday we were going to do 2 of the BHs and the others on Saturday.  But the original judge had an issue with the flight and was not able to judge.  So at the last minute another judge was able to come and judge the trial.  She arrived late Friday night and did the 2 BHs.  It was hard for them in the dark and cold and rain.  Then we went to dinner and did the draw.

Trial Field

Trial Field

Trial Field

Trial Field

The next morning it was lightly snowing.  Nothing was sticking though.  I drew to go first for tracking.  I was nervous laying my track and I don’t think I did my corners well and I was not making note of where my corners were.  We were in the middle of a huge open field and I think that threw my bearings off.  Letty was excited to track.  We had a long wait by the track while it finished aging.  We reported in just a few feet from the flag.  Letty had trouble finding the scent pad and kept going to the right.  I stopped her and brought her back.  I was told that I pointed at the track/scent pad.  I do not remember it but I’m sure I did as I was very nervous.  I lost lots of points for that.  She tracked pretty well.  Nailed the first corner.  She stood over her first article and then finally downed.  Her restart was too fast.  I wasn’t confident on the  2nd corner and if we were at it yet even though it felt short when I was laying it.  I felt like she wasn’t on the track.  Then she got tangled in the line.  I asked if I could down her and untangle her.  She did not down as she was tracking and I have never interrupted her tracking like that before.  More points lost.  But then she was on the track so I just let her go.  She paused over the last article and I let her go on.  Stupid.  I wasn’t confident it was the end.  So we lost a lot of points there too – 11.  We ended with a 75.  Sami passed with an 86 (I think she pointed too and her dog missed the first article) and Summer’s dog was hunting and failed.

Tracking Group

Tracking Group – photo by Jamie Berry Photography

Tracking Articles

Tracking Articles

Letty’s obedience routing was really good.  I was thrilled with how well she did.  The mistakes were mostly due to not having trained the exercises long enough or missing some proofing.  On her down stay she sat up on the gun shots.  She has not cared before but this one was much more whip crack like.  She held the sit stay the whole time but I think we lost all of our points – 10.  I was happy that she stayed.  Her heeling was really nice.  Although she got jacked up on the gun shots.  Her motion exercises were nice too.  I called her on my own off the down in motion and I was supposed to have waited for the judge.  She was telling me this as I was heeling to the dumbbell rack.  As we chatted Letty kept heeling amazingly.  Her retrieves were great except she went around the jumps on the way back.  For the wall she went all the way around all of the jumps to bring the dumbbell back to front.  Very clever!  But we lost at least 10 points.  On the send out she was like “what?” but then she went out …towards the down marker flags.  I downed her but she was still looking around for something.  I looked to the judge for permission to do a 2nd command but the rules say it is on me.  I was erring on the wrong side since I got in trouble already for calling her without permission on the down in motion.  So we lost all of those points – 10.  Our final score was 66.  Sami did not pass and Summer had a 66 too.

Letty Heeling

Letty Heeling – photo by Jamie Berry Photography


Groupa in Heeling

Groupa in Heeling – photo by Jamie Berry Photography

Sit in Motion

Sit in Motion – photo by Jamie Berry Photography

Letty Retrieve

Letty Retrieve – photo by Jamie Berry Photography

Letty Retrieve

Letty Retrieve – photo by Jamie Berry Photography

Letty Wall

Letty Wall – photo by Jamie Berry Photography

Protection started out crazy but we got it together.  I wasn’t sure where the field started and I did not have Letty heel down the hill.  So the judge yelled to me to have her heeling.  She heeled to the judge but was focused on her and not me.  When we set up for the blind search she was looking at the find blind.  I sent her anyways and she went to the correct blind.  When I sent her to the find blind she went to the judge and barked a few times and turned right (away from the blind) to come back to me.  I knew that I could not bring her back to heel position so when she came back towards me I sent her again.  She went to the judge again but this time turned left away from her and then saw the decoy and went to him and started barking.  I needed 3 cues to get her to leave the blind with me.  She setup nicely for the escape bite.  Her outs were good but were getting slower.  Heeling down the field she was distracted by the decoy walking to the find blind.  But she decided to come with me.  She was pulling on her collar while the decoy was running down the field.  And the judge did not like that she collected before the grip.  On the side transport when we heeled into position she was sniffing the decoy.  I told her to sit (I thought a sit was required) and we lost points for the cue.  It felt really ugly but we scored an 80.  Sami got excused when Cada didn’t out on the escape bite and Summer scored an 80 too.  So, Letty was 4 points away from passing.  One correct down or even one return jump.  Our next trial will be a club trial somewhere in WI since we currently don’t have any active MN clubs.

Guarding in the Blind

Guarding in the Blind – photo by Jamie Berry Photography


Escape – photo by Jamie Berry Photography


Guarding – photo by Jamie Berry Photography


Drive – photo by Jamie Berry Photography

Side Transport

Side Transport – photo by Jamie Berry Photography


Critique – photo by Leslie Howe

5 of the 8 BHs passed.  None of the IPO dogs passed all 3 phases.

The weather sucked.  The judge was hard on us competitors especially in regard to the rules.  But I had a great time.  I got to meet many of my Facebook friends in person and make some new friends.  And I learned a lot.  I have a long list of things to work on before we trial again.  I’m glad that I went.  I’m very proud of how well Letty performed 1000 miles from home on a strange field with strange decoys.

Letty During a Critique

Letty During a Critique – photo by Leslie Howe

Letty at the 2014 WDSAA IPO National Championship

Letty at the 2014 WDSAA IPO National Championship

Letty and Vada at a Park in TN

Letty and Vada at a Park in TN

Vrijheid Dogs Present

Vrijheid Dogs Present – photo by Leslie Howe

And I won some awesome raffle prizes!

Dutch Shepherd Mosaic

Dutch Shepherd Mosaic that looks like Vada

Kundra Bed

Kundra Bed

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