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We’re only 9 days into the month but it has already been quite busy!  It’s nice having Letty back in action!

Jan 31 / Feb 1 I entered the MMBC UKC rally trial with Vada and Letty.  Letty did so awesome in November that I entered her in all of the classes.  I should have taken into account that there were 3 different rings going on this time instead of 2.  Which also meant more people.  Thursday night before the trial Vada came into the house from the van limping in her front left leg.  I don’t know if she slipped on the ice or what.  We only had class for Letty that night so Vada was just in the van all night.  I was giving her Traumeel.  She seemed to be getting better.  At the trial on Saturday I could see a slight hitch in her gate.  She worked well in the ring.  I entered her at veteran status so she got a 2″ jump break and we only had 1 jump all weekend (thank you judge!).  I was really off on Saturday and so was Letty.  In the first trial Vada picked up a UROG leg barely.  We lost as many points as we could.  I lost 3 in the first run and only 1 in the second run.  Letty earned 2 points in her first run and then 8 in her second run – so 10 points and a URX leg.  On the 2nd run I got lost and I did a sign wrong with Vada and lost 6 points!  So we earned a 2nd URX2 leg but that was it.  In Letty’s run she was so distracted and I was getting frustrated so I took her by the collar and left the ring.  I did better with both girls in the next run and while walking it I figured out why I got lost in the previous run – tricky course design!  I went in with patience with Letty and we worked thru the distractions.  The male steward standing still in the corner of the other ring by our ring was a huge concern.  And people playing with their dogs in the other ring and throwing toys since the other trial had ended.  So I was patient and halfway thru our run she gave me really good focus until the end.  I NQd us by having her sit at a sign instead of moving forward.  I made it harder than it needed to be and I wasn’t aware I did it.  But that is ok.  We accomplished more important things with that run.  Letty was at 68 points of the 100 for her UROC.

Saturday night there was open agility ring time at TCO.  I didn’t want to do MORE driving after driving to Burnsville and back but it was the only one I could make until March and I wanted to get Letty on other contacts.  I brought Seven to work too.  They both were rockstars and we worked thru some issues and had lots of success.

Sadly, when we got home and went in the house the girls were crazy like they were on crack!  The futon went flying across the livingroom and they were tugging like crazy spazzes.  Then Vada was super lame.

I had my head on better for the next day and I could actually process the signs in my brain.  Kind of important!   Letty did much better and was much more focused.  She must be really sensitive to me.  I don’t want her to be since it makes it harder for me to have to be perfect.  And she pretends she is not but thinking back, she always has been even as a baby.  Vada was lame enough on the first run that the judge commented on it.  But then she got a 99!  She was doing it for me though and she wasn’t her usual spunky self.  I asked the judge if I could do the level 3 run to try to earn the UROG leg since there wasn’t a jump in it and then I would pull her.  She was ok with that.  Vada got a 100 in her 2nd run and earned her 7th UROG leg – of the 15 needed – and her 3rd URX2 leg.  Letty earned 2 scores of 99 for 18 points!  So that put us at 86 points for the UROC.  We still needed 14 points.  I was super confident going into the weekend but once we started I realized it was very likely it would not happen this weekend.  In the last trial of the weekend she earned 2 scores of 98 for 16 points and her UROC!  She finished it on the last run of the weekend!  And she has 6 legs (of 10) towards her URX.  We earned some High Scoring club member rosettes too and some placements.

Vada and Letty UKC Rally

Vada and Letty UKC Rally

Sunday on the way home from the trial we stopped at TCOTC for Dr Julia’s seminar on canine conditioning.  I got there early as she took a peek at Vada and thought it was her bicep.  Her whole shoulder was spasming like crazy.  The seminar was good.  Hard to only have an hour though.  She knows soooo much!

On Monday Vada went to see Dr Heather.  She did acupuncture and laser on her and adjusted her.  Her wrists were still sore and it took a lot to get her comfortable with her adjustments.  She was being a noodle and just wanted to lie down.  She even got silly at one point.  Very odd!

Letty started back to agility class last week.  Good timing with Vada being broken again.  Narc and Seven started obedience classes at TCOTC again too.  They are so happy.  Narc’s class doesn’t have any other dogs in it for the first 3 weeks so we joined a rally class last week.  I think this week I might bring him to Total Recall on Wednesday for the group class instead.  He’s so close to getting his CD.  We just need a stand for exam.

Thursday we did xrays on Vada’s left shoulder and wrist.  She has arthritis in her left shoulder and the knuckles on both front feet.  The shoulder arthritis could easily break off into bone spurs.

Friday I drove down to Des Moines to audit an IPO seminar.  Friday night one of the clubs down there had an open training night.  They train in a building that holds 1 obedience ring.  I brought Letty in to do obedience and she did awesome.  She had to walk thru a very busy area that was tight with people and stuff sitting all around.  There were 5 or 6 dogs in the ring doing obedience and she walked in and gave me focus and I rewarded her with the ball and we had an awesome session.  I wasn’t going to do bitework but I liked how they were training and they had a bunch of helpers so I signed her up.  I figured it would be a good experience to work on someone else and just do online bites with pressure added.  She didn’t like being touched with the stick but that was it.  It was fun chatting with all the folks there.

The Motel 6 in West Des Moines wasn’t too bad.  The room was pretty big for a Motel 6.  The check in guy was super friendly.  I had a back door by my room so I didn’t have to carry things terribly far.  The TV did not get FOX or CW though which was the only bad thing since I had shows on FOX that I would have liked to have watched.

I went to the seminar on Saturday and Sunday.  It was in a horse arena.  So kind of chilly.  I did not plan accordingly and my feet got cold.  Not horribly though.  It was nice and sunny out on Saturday so the girls stayed nice and warm.  Sunday was warm but cloudy so it felt colder.

The seminar was mostly the presenter working dogs and then talking about each dog and what they were doing after the seminar.  It was typical traditional IPO training.  They were very good at it.  I picked up some handling tips and some little helps to train for.

We finished pretty early both days.  I decided to just veg at the hotel Saturday night instead of going out to dinner since it was a pretty big group going.  Sunday I was able to get home by 8pm.  Travel was great both ways.

Vada seemed to be a little better after being so limited in her activities for the weekend.  Dr Julia said she needs to be kept in an xpen in the house so we’ve been keeping her on the sink side of the kitchen.  Sonic is on the other side.  Then she can’t bit and thrash on the futon or tug with Letty with illegal items ( rugs off the floor, my shoes, etc).  She will need to see Dr Julia again soon about her bicep and we might do HA injections into her wrists and/or knuckles and maybe cortisone into her shoulder.

Saturday we are going over to my uncle’s house to help with some projects to get it ready to sell.

Excited for IPO training on Sunday.  One thing I am constantly reminded about is that I need better obedience around the helper.  There is weight pull practice in Andover on Sunday too.  Hopefully I can make it over for that so I can try Letty out.

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