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AKC Agility Again

Vada did not get in to the TDX test.  6 tracks.  13 entries.  She’s 3rd on the wait list.  So half of the entries would have to pull for her to get in.  Bitches in season are allowed.  And the test is in a week.  Pretty sure we’re not getting in.  I looked in the surrounding states and there are not any other TDX tests until fall.  Poo!  But that’s the way AKC tracking works around here.  So we’ll keep practicing here and there and working on Utility exercises.

Karl saw the ortho doctor.  They did xrays and then reviewed the MRI.  He’s not convinced that it is a torn meniscus.  He also saw bone bruising which is painful.  So he’s starting with less invasive things – a cortisone shot and rest.  It can take quite awhile for bone bruises to heal.  But so far the shot has not helped and Karl is still limping.  But at least the process of figuring out what is really going on and how to treat it has been started.

Fringe and Karl graduated from their Basic Training class.  Seven wrapped up his last winter class.  And Vada wrapped up her class too.  We may drop in to her class here and there though.  I start training with Warren on Thursdays this week so it won’t be until after Letty’s IPO1 trial.

Wednesday I was so tired that I could not even go out and go tracking.  I struggled much of the week.  Guess I’m getting too old to get home from a long drive at 10pm and then go to work the next day.  Friday was I was tired too but I got out in the yard and did some obedience and agility things with the girls.  I didn’t get out tracking but I least I did some training.

Letty and Vada practicing down stays

Letty and Vada practicing a down stay

Saturday I had Letty and Fringe entered in the AKC trial.  I have not done an AKC trial since Christmas weekend.  Tim V was judging.  He’s also a USDAA judge so I really enjoy his AKC courses.  They aren’t as crazy as USDAA courses but they have more handling than some AKC courses.  Letty held her start line in both classes!  And she weaved great.  She was clean in JWW and came in 8th.  That’s pretty good in our area!  In Standard I was mostly focused on her contacts.  I just wanted her to stop.  Didn’t have to be on the contact.  She stopped on the floor after her dogwalk (2nd obstacle).  I told her she was good and released her.  She was really slow like she was confused.  Maybe she was thinking that I would tell her she was naughty and bring her back to the beginning.  So I had to cheerlead her a bit to get her going faster – 2 jumps into the tunnel.  She came out of the tunnel then it was jump to aframe.  So I got her up in the tunnel but now we had another contact.  She stopped on the floor again.  I don’t even know if she hit yellow as I was trying to look ahead to where I wanted her to be and not look at her.  3′ ahead of the dog – like pacman dots.  So I praised her and front crossed and released her.  After the table was the weaves.  She weaved great!  Then a fast line to the teeter.  She nailed it!  Turns out she earned her first ever QQ that day!  And 38 MACH points for the Invitational (15+13 and 10 bonus points for the QQ).
Fringe seemed off for JWW.  She was not running with her normal powerful stride.  I felt like I was waiting for her.  In one spot I was waiting for her so I could FC but I kept moving forward to keep her on the back side and when I crossed I was out of position and sent her off course.  So then on the weaves I did Karl’s fancy rear cross move.  As I was walking her out I could hear someone using a nail gun or something in the neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous day and people were doing project on their houses.  At least that told me why she was acting off.  And she wasn’t hurt.  Whew!  So my plan was to get her arousal higher for Open Standard.  Didn’t need to – they were done using the gun and she was back to normal.  She had an awesome run and earned her 2nd Open Standard Q.

Saturday night we went out to dinner and a movie with 2 couples and another person.  All agility folks.  Lots of fun.

Sunday we got to sleep in a bit before IPO training.  I worked Letty in all 3 phases at Warren’s.  In tracking she missed her first corner and tried to miss her first article.  I used the hardest one though.  The rest of the track was really nice and she nailed all her corners.  Obedience was good.  I did a send out to a ball and downed her.  Perfect.  I rewarded her.  Then I did a longer one to the ball.  She didn’t know it was out there!  So her first one was just like in a trial.  Jumps were good.  She did try to go around the jumps with the dumbbell the first time on each jump.  In protection we reported in to someone holding something like a clipboard.  Then barking in the blind.  Then we worked on the side transport.  She was fine until I tried to heel her away – I said “fuss” and she leapt forward towards Warren.  I was shocked!  So we worked on the pivot and her moving her butt back vs me walking into her.  I just had to slow it down.  We made progress.  I should make notes more.  Like here we also reward her with a bite for sitting sometimes and for continuing to bark sometimes.  Warren chooses when to reward her and I do not say anything.  But in a trial that will never happen.  Not while I am standing next to her.  So it would be more clear to her and allow her to focus less on the helper and move on me if *I* cued bite or help always in that spot.  On the reattack I will never be by the helper.  Then we did obedience on the long bite.  Really hard for her when the helper yells and raises his stick.  Those are cues for the reattack and that she can bite.  We made good progress.  Ended with an escape bite.

I tried to do 20″ jump grids with Vada yesterday but she could not do it.  She could do 1 but not the grid.  I dropped them to 18″ and it was a little better.  Maybe it was the spacing?  She’s been off the peanut for a few weeks so I put her back on last night.  Letty too.

Really good weekend. Went by too fast!

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