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2015 Holidays

Christmas Eve at Mom’s went well.  Good driving weather.  We were there late.  The drive home was hard to stay awake for.  Mom got me a FDSA gift certificate and the Puppy Culture DVDs.  🙂  Des had my name for gifts and she got me some nice gloves and some Essential Oils.

Christmas Day we made breakfast and then went to see the new movie Joy.  Then we opened gifts.  Karl got me a Clean Run renewal plus the digital subscription.  Also comes with a free PDF of the big Puppy issue.  He also got me Hannah’s 2nd DVD set – FUNdamentals and Beyond.  And a Dutch Shepherd t-shirt and a red t-shirt with a neat infinity logo with a paw and heart in it.  And a ceramic tile with a neat art print of a Dutch Shepherd on it.  I am very lucky!  Lots of gifts that I love.

Saturday and Sunday I was entered in the AKC agility trial.  My goal with Letty was to work the weaves and contacts and startlines.  We did pretty good.  Saturday she got both sets of weaves.  Sunday right at the end of the poles in JWW I looked forward and she popped.  We were almost done and almost Qd too.  In Standard I was late on my turn to the weave so her entry got goofed up. I brought her back and she did them great.  So pretty happy with them.  Contacts were better.  Aframe is always not perfect but I got 1 dogwalk where she nailed it.  Teeters were not crazy.  Start lines were good.  Fringe was almost perfect.  Saturday was QQ #5.  Sunday I mishandled and sent her off course to a tunnel in Standard.  But the Q in JWW finished her MXJ!

Agility classes were good last week.  I did a makeup class with Michelle on Monday.  Only 4 dogs in class so we got to work a lot.  And she pushed us.  I sent Letty to the weaves to a 90 turn entry and layered the aframe and a jump!  So fun!  In our regular Tuesday class I stayed after and worked on proofing weaves with shaking a toy in her face and having one on the ground.  The one on the ground was really hard for her to ignore.  Good to have things to challenge her.

Wednesday we went to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra.  It was a first for both of us.  It was amazing!  Traffic getting there was horrid.  But the show was amazing.  Next time we will go early and park and get some dinner before the show to avoid the traffic.  We had floor seats which were good but we think next year we could be up a few rows in the stands and still have a great view.

Last night we went to Joe and Julie’s for fondue.  Our 9th year doing fondue and our 10th NYE spent with them.  We ate so much.  I think everything turned out perfect this year.  We didn’t get home until 3am.

We slept in this morning.  I didn’t get up until 11am.  Then we took all the dogs to the trials and hiked for about 4.5 miles.  It was 30 degrees and sunny.  Can’t waste a day like that sitting inside on the computer all day!  Then we came home and napped.  Fresh air is exhausting I guess.  Wore the dogs out too.

Time to work on 2016 goals.  I’m excited to get back to our regular training and class schedule next week.  And the days are getting longer again.

Orlando and Seven

Written awhile ago and not posted.

The second November CPE trial went well.  We have running the trials down to a science.  I brought Seven with on Saturday along with a stuffed Kong.  Karl was out of town.  Seven wasn’t feeling the greatest.  I left him home on Sunday with Karl.  In talking with people at the trial I decided where we would say goodbye to him and it promoted me to email my vet about pain meds.  Duh!  The pain meds gave him a new lease on life and he felt soooo much better.  The dogs ran well.  I figured that I would not be able to get any of the other dogs qualified for the 2016 Nationals in Ohio.  And that is OK as I probably wouldn’t have gone anyways.  40 Qs is alot and the Nationals will be here in 2018.  Fringe is now in Level 5 for all classes except Colors.  Letty chipped away at her C-ATE.  Vada and Narc are working towards her first CT-ATCH.

I wrote up Gone But Not Forgotten tributes for Prozac and Sonic for the MAC banquet.  We were not able to attend but I wanted to do a tribute to them anyways.  I also had to send in 3 pictures of each.  Hard to do.  We had to choose a word for each dog.  Sonic’s was Loyal and Prozac’s was Ducky.

We went to my Mom’s house for Thanksgiving as usual.  This year no one was bringing a dog so Mom suggested that I bring Seven.  I brought Vada along too since she had been feeling neglected and it would take some pressure off Seven.  They both had a blast and were really good.  I was so grateful Mom suggested bringing Seven.

Then we had a 3 day AKC agility trial at OTR.  I don’t remember how the dogs did but I’m guessing Letty only had 1 Q and had weave issues.  Fringe had another QQ or two.  But the best part is that Vada finished her MXP!!!  10 Standard Qs!  I moved her to JWW for the next AKC trial (this weekend) since we were already entered.  I might retire her from AKC after that as 20″ is getting to be work for her.

My van got new tires so I’m ready for snow and the drive to Orlando.

Karl started physical therapy on his knee and that is going well.  He starts back to agility class with Fringe next month!

I had another private lesson with Nancy.  Vada is making huge strides forward with the Utility exercises!  Things are finally clicking with her.  We spent the end of my session working on giving Letty weave challenges which of course she nailed since it was training.

I decided that the latest I could leave for Orlando was Tuesday morning.  I had kept my promise to Seven to get him out on walks every day.  Karl and I were starting to talk about what might happen while I was gone.  But then Sunday night Seven threw up his dinner.  He had been kind of crabby that night too.  Monday morning Karl and I both thought that it might be the day to release him.  Seven did not lie down at all during the day since it hurt him to do so.  We spent a lot of time outside on walks and packing the van and playing ball and tug and he chased Letty and Vada around the yard.  When Karl got home we took him to the emergency vet for a non-emergency euthanasia.  He had been there for his cancer appointments so they had a history on him.  It’s very peaceful there in their special room.  It was definately time but still so hard to do.  I swear he knew I was leaving so he held out as long as he could and then let go so that I could be with him.

The trip down to Orlando was uneventful and the weather was great.  Orlando was nice and warm.  A bit on the hot side the girls thought.  It was low 80s and sunny during the day.  So the mornings and evenings were perfect for us.  We stayed at the Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando again.  I checked in on Thursday (long line and wait to check in) and then we went for a walk around all the restaurants and stores and got kicked off the i360 property (no dogs – boo).

Friday we got to the convention center pretty early to get setup in our crating spot.  I walked aound the facility quite a bit before we could walk our courses.  I scratched Vada from Utility since we’re not quite ready.  And watched a few Utility runs.  The T2B course was fun.  Letty seemed to run OK on the turf.  She did her weaves and Qd.  All 3 of the Dutch Shepherds Qd in T2B!  I thought we were off to a great start.  Silly me.   That night we just went for a walk away from the busy area and then chilled in the hotel.

Saturday we had JWW and Stanard.  Fun doable courses.  Same start in JWW that we had in T2B.  So I was certain that Letty would nail the weaves.  She popped them.  Twice.  Finally got them on the 3rd time.  We also had a bar as I turned and took off as she was taking a jump on a 180.  So 15 faults.  Then in Standard I stepped over too far on my FC before the weaves and pushed her into the entry too far up so another 5 faults and then she popped them and I didn’t compete them.  Not her fault that I messed them up.  Outside of the weaves the runs were great.  She got her contacts in Standard.

The runs went pretty late on Saturday.  I went to dinner with Mandy and Maggie that night.  It got late but it was fun.  Unfortunately Sunday is a really early morning since the trial starts earlier and I had to pack up.

Sunday was Hybrid and then JWW.  In Hybrid her aframe was ugly but I’m not sure if we got called on it or not.  She nailed a tough weave entry.  Then I tripped on the turf but she kept weaving but the later popped at the end of the poles.  Then I got lost and almost sent her off course.  The rest of the run was nice though.  In JWW I had to stop her to get a FC in before the weave poles.  Probably not the best choice.  She popped the weaves.  So I brought her back and she popped them again.  So we went on.  Then she wouldn’t get off of me.  Finally I got her to send to the next jump and then we were off and running.

So I don’t know what happened on our runs.  I was not on my game.  I was sad and missing Seven and I was tired.  I did not have any time to decompress.  I didn’t start feeling decompressed until on the way home.  Once she popped her weaves in the first real run I just kind of gave up.  She is pretty stressed outside the ring with all the stuff going on but she seems to do well in the ring.  I started walking her around the outside walls of the building to avoid the groups of conformation dogs.  She pulls like crazy to get past things that stress her out.  After her first run on Saturday we tugged a lot and then she was pulling on her collar really hard to get back to the crating area and then her rear end went out from under her and she couldn’t walk.  FREAKED ME OUT!  She seemed to recover quickly.  So after that we tugged a little and then I switched to food to lure her back to the crating area.  I don’t know if it was the heat/humidy and tugging or the pulling and it cut off her air.

Sunday I was done by 12:30pm and finals weren’t until 5:30pm or so.  So I canceled my hotel reservation and made one for a hotel further north.  I’ve watched Finals twice and I can watch them online later.  Instead I choose to get more miles under my belt so Monday would not be a totally insane driving day.  It was a very smart decision.  Definately what I needed this year.  And the new hotel had a big courtyard right outside my door.  It was very quiet there too.

The drive home was uneventful.  I got home in time to go home and unload a bit and then take Letty to agility class.  It’s a pain to do make up classes so I went but I wasn’t in the best frame of mind.  Luckily for those who did not send their CPE entries in though since they could hand them to me before the closing date the next day.

Vada and Narc had their checkups with Dr Julia.  All is good and I should keep doing what I am doing.  Narc goes back every 2 months and Vada doesn’t go back for 4 months.

Saturday I entered the 3 Dutch Shepherds in a WCRL rally trial.  It was mine and Vada’s first time in Level 3.  It was fun!  We got to use some of our Utility skills!  She qualified in both trials with first place in both!  I entered Letty to give her good ring experiences since you can use food rewards on stational exercises.  Wow!  I had the same dog in the ring that I see in training.  It was nice!  She earned 2 qualifying scores in Level 2 wtih a first and second placement.  The second was my fault as I rewarded her on a non-stationary sign and we lost points for that silliness.  I did not know what Narc would do so I only entered him in 1 trial.  I chose the second trial so that I would have my bearings about the show better.  He was so amazing!  So focused.  He qualified and earned a third placement just behind Letty!  I think we failed the bonus exercise so that was a lot of points to throw away due to my fast handling.  We were done early enough that Karl and I were able to get to church for the Christmas service too.

Sunday we slept in, made breakfast and finished our Christmas shopping.  Northtown had a craft fair going on and that was tons of fun to look at.

I’ve been able to get the dogs back to some obedience classes before the schools close for their holiday breaks.  Mostly Vada and Narc with squeezing in Letty here and there to work her.  I just need to figure out a way to get Fringe into a class now.  She has gorgeous heeling.

I signed up Letty for agility classes at the Inn too.  Karl suggested that it might be a way for her to get more weave practice in and help her confidence and proofing.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve at Mom’s house.  Then we have Christmas Day with no plans.  I can’t wait!

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