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2015 Holidays

Christmas Eve at Mom’s went well.  Good driving weather.  We were there late.  The drive home was hard to stay awake for.  Mom got me a FDSA gift certificate and the Puppy Culture DVDs.  🙂  Des had my name for gifts and she got me some nice gloves and some Essential Oils.

Christmas Day we made breakfast and then went to see the new movie Joy.  Then we opened gifts.  Karl got me a Clean Run renewal plus the digital subscription.  Also comes with a free PDF of the big Puppy issue.  He also got me Hannah’s 2nd DVD set – FUNdamentals and Beyond.  And a Dutch Shepherd t-shirt and a red t-shirt with a neat infinity logo with a paw and heart in it.  And a ceramic tile with a neat art print of a Dutch Shepherd on it.  I am very lucky!  Lots of gifts that I love.

Saturday and Sunday I was entered in the AKC agility trial.  My goal with Letty was to work the weaves and contacts and startlines.  We did pretty good.  Saturday she got both sets of weaves.  Sunday right at the end of the poles in JWW I looked forward and she popped.  We were almost done and almost Qd too.  In Standard I was late on my turn to the weave so her entry got goofed up. I brought her back and she did them great.  So pretty happy with them.  Contacts were better.  Aframe is always not perfect but I got 1 dogwalk where she nailed it.  Teeters were not crazy.  Start lines were good.  Fringe was almost perfect.  Saturday was QQ #5.  Sunday I mishandled and sent her off course to a tunnel in Standard.  But the Q in JWW finished her MXJ!

Agility classes were good last week.  I did a makeup class with Michelle on Monday.  Only 4 dogs in class so we got to work a lot.  And she pushed us.  I sent Letty to the weaves to a 90 turn entry and layered the aframe and a jump!  So fun!  In our regular Tuesday class I stayed after and worked on proofing weaves with shaking a toy in her face and having one on the ground.  The one on the ground was really hard for her to ignore.  Good to have things to challenge her.

Wednesday we went to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra.  It was a first for both of us.  It was amazing!  Traffic getting there was horrid.  But the show was amazing.  Next time we will go early and park and get some dinner before the show to avoid the traffic.  We had floor seats which were good but we think next year we could be up a few rows in the stands and still have a great view.

Last night we went to Joe and Julie’s for fondue.  Our 9th year doing fondue and our 10th NYE spent with them.  We ate so much.  I think everything turned out perfect this year.  We didn’t get home until 3am.

We slept in this morning.  I didn’t get up until 11am.  Then we took all the dogs to the trials and hiked for about 4.5 miles.  It was 30 degrees and sunny.  Can’t waste a day like that sitting inside on the computer all day!  Then we came home and napped.  Fresh air is exhausting I guess.  Wore the dogs out too.

Time to work on 2016 goals.  I’m excited to get back to our regular training and class schedule next week.  And the days are getting longer again.


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