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New Year – 2016

It’s been awhile since I have posted.  I have not felt like writing.  I’ve have just been try to get through the winter.  Luckily it has been a mild winter and we seem to have an early spring.  And we just went through daylight savings so we have light longer in the evenings.  So now I just need to wrap up my evening classes and I can go back to training outside.

A nice March walk

A nice March walk

I don’t think much new has happened since December.

Happy bone chewing dogs

Happy bone chewing dogs

Fringe needs 3 Gamblers Qs and 1 tournament Q to finish her ADCH.  Letty needs 2 Gamblers Qs and 1 Pairs Q to finish her PDCH.  So close but so far since gamblers are so hard for me to get.  Vada finished her Veterans Jumpers title.  I’m on the verge of retiring her from USDAA.
Fringe has 7 QQs in AKC.  Letty still only has 1.  Luckily, Letty is still in the running for the AKC Invitational even though our Q rate is horrible.  Weaves have gotten a ton better though.  Vada earned her MPX so I retired her from AKC as 20″ is as low as she can go.
In CPE we keep plugging away at Letty’s C-ATE.  I moved Vada to Enthusiast.  She needs a few more Qs to finish her CT-ATCH and then I will move her to Specialist and 12″ as her arthritis is getting a lot worse.  She is on Previcox daily at the moment and feeling tons better.  I moved Narc to Specialist so he can jump 16″.  He is 1 or 2 Qs from finishing his CS-ATCH.  He needs 1 Jumpers or 2 Snooker to finish.  Never thought he’d get past Level 3.  So proud of him!  Fringe finally finished Level 4 Colors so we are now in all Level 5 and working towards her C-ATCH.

I started a Gentle Stretch Yoga class and I love it.  I needed something different and something for me.

I’m really enjoying Letty’s agility class at Animal Inn.  Nice open courses so we can go fast.  And it’s fun to run on the dirt.  The riding arena is heated now so you stay plenty warm.

Vada was having an issue with her rear legs trembling.  Mostly her right.  So Dr Julia wanted to see her.  She had to do dry needling on trigger points in her inner leg muscles.  Vada hates dry needling but it works really well.  We’ve seen Dr Heather monthly too.  The last week or two she has seems calmer and she sleeps on the floor at night and isn’t involved as much.  On walks last week she was lagging behind and not enjoying it.  So I cut the walks short.  Sunday I started giving her Previcox and by the time we got home from seeing a movie she was her old bright eyed self again.  I didn’t realize how bad she had gotten.  Poor girl.  We see Dr Jina in a few days to talk about removing the mammary lump that is growing.  Narc saw Dr Julia too and all is well.  He sees Dr Jina this week too for his routine check up.

Vada waiting for me to come home

Vada waiting for me to come home

Quest’s kidney issues are getting worse.  His values are going up and he’s losing weight.  I try to put food out for him whenever I think of it.  It’s harder since we can’t leave it out as the dogs will eat it.  Giving him fluids has been going better.
Reba’s coat seems to be getting better with Frontline on the 1st of each month.  We’ve been feeding her and Casper raw and canned food and Reba has put on a lot of weight.  Her rear end is very weak though.  It’s sad.

In January I trained with MVSV at a riding arena in Mankato.  We just did obedience but it was fun.  Vada got to work on her obedience too.

I February I did a CDSP obedience trial.  There was a trial Friday night so I went after doing team at the USDAA trial.  Letty’s run was horrible.  I was nervous about her maybe barking at the judge and the stand / walk around exercises.  So she wanted nothing to do with me and her heeling was attrocious.  I was certain we would go in the ring and she would give me great heeling like I know she is capable of.  It did not go that way at all.  She did well on the exercises once we were done heeling.  She was having a human butt sniffing day too.  Narc did well and I was proud of him.  He did not Q since he got up too early on the recall.  The rest was nice though.  Vada did well in Open and Qd.  And I found out later from the results posted online that Letty actually did Q on Friday.  I was never called back into the ring or told about it so it was a surprise.  We went back on Sunday for another trial.  Narc Qd on this one.  Letty had a better run since I had a bit more control over my nerves and attitude.  Still not what she is capable of but better.  We Qd.  Vada NQd though.  All was great but on the send out I said her name before “sit” and I never say her name.  Stupid handler mistake.  But she had fun.  So we will give it another go in April.  Maybe finish some titles in CDSP and WCRL.

Fringe's DAM team Q rosette

Fringe’s DAM team Q rosette

Letty's Q and 2nd place ribbons from Sunday - she also Qd and placed 1st on Friday

Letty’s Q and 2nd place ribbons from Sunday – she also Qd and placed 1st on Friday

Narc's Q ribbon, 1st place ribbon and High Scoring MMBC member rosette

Narc’s Q ribbon, 1st place ribbon and High Scoring MMBC member rosette

Vada's Q and 1st place ribbons

Vada’s Q and 1st place ribbons

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with dinner at Jimbo’s again.  Karl got me some beautiful tulips (that Bessie also loved) and chocolates and this beautiful necklace.

My handsome dinner date at Jimbo's

My handsome dinner date at Jimbo’s

Jimbo's decorations

Jimbo’s decorations

Bessie and the pretty tulips

Bessie and the pretty tulips

Beautiful necklace

Beautiful necklace

One weekend in February I trained with MVSV on Saturday at the U of M livestock arena.  We did obedience and 2 rounds of protection.  First, Dave worked Letty.  She did awesome.  Then their newer helper, Peter, worked her.  He geeked her out a bit.  I think he came on strong and his stick hits are harder.  So he backed off a bit and build her up again and she did great.  It was perfectly what she needed to see and work through.  Then on Sunday we went and trained with Warren.  So much IPO in 1 weekend!

Fringe turned 11 on March 1st.  So we all had cupcakes from Nadia’s Cakes.  Yum!

Happy 11th birthday, Fringe!

Happy 11th birthday, Fringe!

Nadia's Cakes people and dog cupcakes

Nadia’s Cakes people and dog cupcakes

Vada started a nosework class at OTR last week.  I felt bad since Letty has class 2 nights in a row and Vada’s Wednesday night class attendance wasn’t consistent with Dr Heather appointments and what not.  I was able to squeeze in the class on my way to Letty’s AI agility class.  We have worked on it at home so she knew birtch odor so I thought an advanced class wasn’t too much of a stretch.  Our first week was painful as she wasn’t sure what we were doing.  Plus, she might have not felt well.  Diane gave me lots of good information though.  Last night was our 2nd night and she did awesome and found all of the hides.  We just threw anise odor at her last week and she was finding it just as well as birch last night.  So smart!

We got together for Tobie’s birthday last week since he was in town.  It was fun and amazing that we were all able to make a night work.

On Saturday Vada and I made our AKC Utility debut.  It wasn’t too horrible.  The first run wasn’t very good since she was sniffing at the top of the ring on heeling and signals.  But she passed articles and the moving stand for exam.  They think that glove #2 is the easiest so we got that one.  I wasn’t sure which way to pivot so I turned to my left.  She went to glove #3.  I can’t blame her for that.  On the send out she wasn’t clear where to go out to.  The ring was a bit different than training and the run throughs at there are white barriers behind the fencing and the ring is even longer.  More to train for.  My camera person had issues so that run did not get recorded.  Our 2nd run went much better.  Signals were beautiful until the down.  She came in.  I dropped her verbally half way and then did the rest of the signals correctly (same as the first run).  Articles and moving stand for exam were good again.  And again we got glove #2!  So this time I pivoted to the right and she nailed it.  The send out was much more solid.  But when I cued “sit” she came in to me.  So lots of good stuff and lots to work on still.

Sunday we went to IPO training with Warren.  We started breaking down the back transport.  Still need a call out too.

I decided to drive out to WA in May to train with Shade.  2 students from FDSA are going to train with her for 5 days and invited me.  Sounds like a great opportunity.  LOTS of driving though.  I have most of the trip planned out.  Took forever to find a hotel out there.  Pet fees are outrageous and they don’t have any of my typical cheaper hotels.

And I’m on a wait list for a puppy.  Probably won’t be going home until November assuming all goes well with the breeding which I am well aware doesn’t always work out.  So we’ll work on Letty’s IPO training and trialing this summer.

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