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2016 Review

So I guess I haven’t written a blog post in 10 months.  A lot has happened in the past 10 months.

I drove to WA to train with Shade, Christine and Maureen.  It was amazing!  It was so amazing that it was hard to get motivated to train after I got home.  It was so much more fun and motivating to train with other like minded people.  Training on my own or with others who train differently is so hard and draining.  I hadn’t even realized it.  It was a great trip and such a great little town that Shade lives in.  One night we got to together for a pot luck dinner at the house Christine and Maureen were renting.  And another night I drove to Asheley and Josh’s house for a few hours.

At the end of April, before I drove out to WA, I went to train with Chris’s club since they were hosting an IPO trial that I wanted to compete in.  I had worked Letty on a few different helpers over the winter so I thought we were OK from the ass kicking she got at the trial.  She did great in obedience.  But then in protection I just starting doing the trial routine as I wanted to see where we were at.  All was fine until the attack after the escape.  She was super growly and thrashy on the sleeve.  Chris had me put her harness on and put back pressure on it to work her through it.  Then we did the long bite.  She ran down the field and then started slowing down and calculating like she does but then she went slower and then stopped and then came back to me.  The worst thing I dog can do.  My heart sunk.  I did not cry though.  Chris handled it very well and it ended as a good experience for her though.  But I knew that we would not be trialing in a few weeks at their trial.  I did cry on the way home and I talked to Shade and it helped.  So many years of training down the tubes.

After 5 days of working with Shade I knew and better understood that Letty at the least needed a long break from IPO.  She wasn’t enjoying it.  And she has no targeting skills.  She was getting really reactive with people too.  I had her thyroid tested when I got home – just in case there was an easy fix.

Quest turned 14.  He crashed a few months ago and now he gets 200ml of fluids a day.  So we are pretty much doing the job of his kidneys.  But he’s hanging in there.  I will be super happy if he makes it to his 15th birthday.  I hope he out lasts this horrid winter and gets to go outside in the yard again and enjoy the grass and sunshine that he loves so much.

On Narc’s 13th birthday he earned his CS-ATCH!  He was not jumping the greatest so the Jumpers run was to be his retirement run either way as I did not want to risk him getting injured.  We managed to Q and it finished his Championship title.  Pretty amazing!

While I was gone to WA it seemed like Narc deteriorated quickly without doing his conditioning exercises.  Then he developed a wound on his hip.  It was a big long drawn out mess but it turns out it was an infection in his bone.  Antibiotics and going off of his daily pred got it to start healing.  However, going off pred caused him to lose strength in his rear and he was not able to walk.  He regained his ability to walk again once he was back on pred.  But then a short while later we discovered he had a tumor on his spleen.  We made his last days as great as we could.  He got to go on walks and go swimming and eat things.  We said good bye to him on August 20.  It was really weird without him around and with only the 3 girls.

2 days before we lost Narc we found out that Balis had come into season so if all went well there would be a new addition in a few months.

Vada had to do major rehab starting in March.  The signs started showing when I showed her in Utility and her heeling was off.  Then she came up lame a few days later doing cone work.  It was her sciatic nerve bothering her.  So lots of laser and acupuncture.  She’s currently doing quite well even with lots of slipping on the ice.

On the 4th of July Letty had her first dock diving session.  She did well!  We entered 2 competitions and she earned her Dock Senior (DS) title.  There is a new pool in Menomonie WI.  It’s a bit of a drive but not horrible.  It’s been fun learning a new sport.

Some new titles the dogs earned this year – I’m sure I missed some:
Letty – UACH, PDCH
Fringe – C-ATCH

Mom and Tom got a new dog from a rescue group – Tilly renamed to Talah.  Des got a Rottweiler puppy named Ludo.

We made it to the drive in movies to see Life of Pets in July.  We brought Vada along.  In August we went to a Saints game with Karl’s work.  Unfortunately I had to be on call too.

In September Vada had an abscessed tooth and had to have a few infected molars removed.

In October I entered Letty in the MVSV IPO trial in obedience and tracking.  We had an abysmal showing.  We reported in for the temperament test and she was on.  But 10 minutes later when I took her out for our turn on the field she just drug me around and wanted to eat grass.  She was flat and she left me on the gun shots.  She wouldn’t sit or down in motion and she kept running to the go out spot looking for a toy.  The judge excused us.  I don’t know if she was sick or if she was reacting to my nerves or what.  It was not like us though and quite embarrassing.  Tracking the next morning was on knee high pure alfalfa.  It was really hard for her to follow the track exactly and she quartered.  She missed the first article but was following the track.  On the 3rd leg she figured it out and was spot on and got the last article.  Unfortunately we got only 60 points and failed.  In hindsight I should not have entered a trial with a surface that I could not practice on to prepare her for.  She did an awesome job solving the puzzle.  But I was very disappointed that we did not earn either title.  She’s passed tracking twice already in other trials and obedience once.  And the time she failed she was slightly injured and I hadn’t prepared her for all the exercises.  After that weekend I decided we would just focus on agility for awhile.

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in October.

Letty and I went to the AKC Agility Invitational in Orlando again this December.  Asheley stayed for a few days too and it was great spending time with her.  She got to watch Vada do rally and Letty do agility.  Another dog from her breeding program went reserve in conformation and did dock diving.  Super fun!

On the way home from Orlando I stopped at Christie’s and picked up our new puppy, Mazikeen.  Call name is Mazi.  Her registered name is Thunderhawk’s Child of Lilith.  Her birthday is October 29, 2016.  We adore her.

I ended up deciding that I’m going to do mondioring with Mazi.  I’ve started playing around a bit with Letty.  And Vada used to train in it.  There are more trials around and training resources so I figure I may as well give it a try.  It’s kind of exciting to try another new sport.

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