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Happy 2017

We brought in the new year with Joe and Julie doing our annual fondue party.  This is our 11th year celebrating together and our 10th year doing fondue.  It’s such a great tradition!  They invited Mazi to come with.  She got to spend a lot of time playing with their Border x Whippet, Spock.  They had a great time playing tug all night.  I had played agility earlier in the day.  And went to 2 different parks on the way home to train the girls.

New Year’s Day I went to open ring time at a new agility school, Fusion.  It was a club sponsored event.  Vada got to play as well as Letty and Fringe.  And Mazi came in to play tug and eat cheese in a corner to get used to a new place.  They all did great and had a good time.  I went over by the high school to train the dogs too.  Actually found a strip of grass to train on so they dogs wouldn’t slip.  We got tons of rain on Christmas Day and then it froze so it’s ice everywhere.  Plus bitter cold.

Mazi had been pretty overwhelmed with OTR.  I’ve been carrying her in since shortly after she came home.  And bringing her over to the warm up area to just hang out and watch.  This week I brought her in before Letty’s class when it’s darker and quiet and there are less dogs.  And I brought in cheese.  She did great.  And she met a few adult dogs briefly.  Then on Wednesday after Letty’s jump grid class I brought her in again and she said hi to a bunch of people and played tug with her new BFF Border Collie, Vibe.  On Wednesday before class she got to meet Dr Heather too since Vada had an appointment.  Thursday we went to the vet for our weekly weigh in.  She was 12.2 pounds on January 5th.  Last week, December 29th, she was 10.8 pounds.  The week before that, December 23, she was 9.6 pounds.  And December 9th she was 6.6 pounds.

Friday was Mazi’s first time being crated at a trial.  I wasn’t sure how confident she would be about the place or how she would handle being crated with me being gone for periods of time to walk courses, run dogs, walk dogs, and work classes.  I dug out the Manners Minder and replaced batteries and got some kibble that would work in it.  She has done amazingly well.  Very quiet in her crate.  And a social butterfly with people and dogs.

Fringe picked up a Masters Standard Q yesterday.  #9 so one more and she’ll have finished her Standard Championship.  She’s jumping 22″ really well this weekend.  Just 3 runs on Friday, 2 today and one tomorrow.  Standards and Gamblers and Grand Prix.  Letty is running in Performance Versatility team and Gamblers.  She and Tari are ‘Fast and Furriest”.  We did Gamblers and Standard today and we are just above the line.  No Es yet so that is good!

So maybe this will be a new trend and I will get back to more consistently posting blogs this year.

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