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2017 Review

This is the Christmas letter that we sent out this year.

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Karl & Heather Sather
Fringe (12), Letty (7), Mazikeen (13 months), and Bessie (15)

It’s been another year of changes at our house – both happy and sad.

Vada competed in 2 nosework trials this year.  She found 3 out of 4 hides in each one so she did very well but did not earn a new title.  She had also completed 90% of the requirements for earning a new agility championship title in CPE.  But then she got a tick disease and kept getting infections.  We fought them.  But cancer took the opportunity to swoop in and take over her body and we had to say goodbye to her in October.  We did not complete those titles this year but we had a great time trying and created even more wonderful memories together.  And most importantly she got to keep doing things which made her so happy.  She was that once in a lifetime most amazing dog.  She changed my life in so very many ways.Quest lost his battle with kidney disease in March.  He was such a sweet and wise cat.  We said goodbye to our last sheep, Pearl, and our last 2 outdoor cats, Casper and Reba, in June.

Fringe has had a fun year with lots of agility.  She earned another Agility Championship in CPE – C-ATCH2.  She also did an obedience class with Karl and a musical freestyle workshop.  They really enjoyed doing freestyle.  They are showing in rally in Orlando this month too.

Letty is going to Orlando again this month to compete in the AKC Agility Invitational as the #2 Dutch Shepherd.  Karl is going with this year too.  Letty filled in for Vada’s nosework classes when Vada couldn’t go and has really taken to it.  She earned her NW1 and was just 1 hide short of earning her NW2.  We tried the new AKC Scentwork at a trial in Fargo.  And last month she earned her AKC Tracking Dog title.  We also did a day at a dock diving trial.

Mazikeen has had a year of learning lots of things.  She took a variety of classes with fun names like Puppy Prodigy, Turbo Pups, Bye Bye Cookie, Flashy Heeling, and Competition Sports Foundation.  She got to do 2 agility seminars.  She’s been training in obedience, agility, and mondioring.  She did some conformation this summer and earned her UKC Championship.  At her first show she won Best in Show!  She is growing into an amazing dog.

Karl has been enjoying playing his basses at jam sessions with his friends and they have been building guitars too.  He also saw John Cleese and went to an afternoon Twins game.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary this year!  We went to a pottery class that was lots of fun.  We saw the amazing Steve Miller Band at an outdoor concert.  We went to the State Fair.  And again this year we made it to the local drive in theater and saw Cars 3 with Vada.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2018!

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