Katet: a group bound together by fate to achieve a common goal

2018 Christmas Letter

Karl & Heather Sather
Fringe (13), Letty (8), Mazikeen (2)

2018 has been another year of changes at our house – both happy and sad.

At the end of October we said goodbye to Bessie. She was our 16.5 year old house cat. She was our last cat.  We will miss her meows demanding her breakfast and dinner.

Fringe has had a fun year with lots of variety. She earned another Agility Championship in CPE – her CT-ATCH. She and Karl also did an Intermediate obedience class, a tricks class, and they started doing nosework. They really enjoy doing nosework and passed the entry level test (ORT) for 2 different odors (birch and anise) recently. They have earned a rally title in WCRL and are showing in AKC rally in Orlando again this month.

Letty is going to Orlando again to compete in the AKC Agility Invitational as the #2 Dutch Shepherd. This is my 6th year going (2 with Vada and 5 with Letty). She earned her NoseWork2 at a trial in IL on St Patrick’s Day. We earned 2 AKC Scentwork titles in Fargo. She also earned her CPE Agility Trial Extraordinaire. This big title has taken her 6 years to earn! She also earned her UKC Agility Champion Excellent. She was super brave in obedience this year too and earned her CDSP Novice obedience title. Having strangers touch her had been hard for her. We also have earned 1 leg in Open. And she is qualified for CPE Nationals being held in WI next year.

Mazikeen has been training in obedience, agility, and mondioring. We did a jump grid class over the winter and she’s a great jumper. She also did a Canine Good Citizen class and passed the CGC test on the last day of class. She has earned a few agility titles. We are trying to get the last few qualifying scores to be qualified for CPE Nationals.  She loves to run and play with Letty.  She’s an amazing dog with a bright future ahead of her.

Karl has been enjoying playing his basses at jam sessions with his friends and they have been building guitars. He also went to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.  His friend Dave come up one weekend to help us work on my house.

I made the trip up to Winnipeg in Ontario in August for a fun USDAA trial and to camp at a wonderful campground up there that has great hiking. I was trial secretary for 7 CPE trials and a mondioring trial and hosted an agility seminar. I also started back to yoga class. And in June I went to Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Camp in OH. I got to OH a few days early to attend a mondioring obedience training seminar with a presenter from Sweden, then we had a fun day of training  mondioring, and then 3 days of auditing all the different workshops and lectures at FDSA Camp. It was an amazing time to be surrounded by like minded trainers and to spend time in person with my friends from around the country.

We celebrated our 11th anniversary this year! When we were in Orlando last year my van died on an on ramp and the engine needed to be replaced and it would have taken 2 weeks. So we bought a new Town and Country. How lucky that Karl decided to go with on that trip so we could make the decisions together! Then at the end of June our renters moved out of the house that I owned before we got married. So we spent every extra moment for 2 months preparing the house to be put on the market. We closed at the end of October. The new owners love the house so that makes me really happy as I loved it too.       

We wish you all a happy and healthy 2019!

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