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A New Year!

It seems that I am writing less and less to my blog these days.  The days, weeks and months go by super fast lately.

I moved my blog since my websites got hacked and I’m going to move my sites over to a Microsoft server – they don’t migrate so I have to do that part.  Not sure how well the blog would move so I just moved it here.  Seems to have more features here anyways.  🙂

Our Friday night agility classes are over.   It was fun.  Letty and Vada did well.  Vada’s not jumping so well since she’s so out of shape plus she’s getting older and issues are cropping up like tight butt muscles and accordion rib muscles.   I took Seven to one of the classes and it was too advanced for him.  We did start weekly agility classes again on Thursday nights.  Jacque’s classes are always super full but we were able to get into Michelle’s classes.  We’ve had fun.  Vada has been really high lately but that’ll change as the weather warms up and they can get out more.  Seven is getting better at weaving again – in class.

Vada and Seven each finished an AKC Novice title.  Novice Standard for Vada and Novice JWW for Seven.  Hopefully with Seven being back in class we can fix his weaves in trials.  Not all trials are allowing mixes/Canine Partners so we don’t trial in AKC often.  Vada is doing really well in AKC.  She only needs one more Q each for her Novice JWW and Open Standard titles.  Seven and I didn’t do so well at the last trial.

I was trial secretary for a CPE trial in January for On The Run.  I ran Vada and Seven.  We had a good weekend.  I had to pull Narc since he had just had surgery on his tail.

Sally has cancer of the liver.  She has some tumors in her spleen too but the liver is worse.  Her liver values were off and so were her kidney values.   She’s on Tramadol and a liver supplement and so far she’s doing well.  She has bad days occasionally but snaps out of it and then has some good days.  She seems to have mostly good days lately.  She loves being outside so hopefully she’ll be able to enjoy spring for a bit.

Letty’s UTI has been gone for awhile now.  She is doing great.  Her training is coming along well.  She is turning out to be a great dog.

Narc ended up having a bone in his tail that was broken.  It was the end of the 3rd bone from the tip of his tail.  He wags it so hard that it wasn’t healing so we had it amputated.  The hair that was shaved off is growing back now so it’s not very noticeable.  He also had a nasty ear infection in his right ear.  We went back to Schutzhund in January and he’s been having issues with holding his grip on the sleeve.    I gave him a few weeks off and he seems to be doing better.  I’m not convinced he’s back 100% but I’m finding lots of room for improvement in his conditioning.  In June he walked off the dogwalk in the middle as if it were’t feet off the ground and landed on his right ear.  Dr. Heather adjusted him and parts that were out were his right jaw and atlas/neck.  Those were also out when I brought him to see her in February.  She also noticed that his ribs were tight.  I had Michelle B massage him on Saturday and she thought the muscles in his head and neck were ok but his back and along his sides were very tight.  Both thought he carried alot of tension there.  So I’m to massage him a few times this week and then do a rub down before his sessions on Saturday to see if he does better.  A few have suggested making sure his ear infection is totally gone as well as xraying his jaw to see if there are any teeth issues under the gum line.  It’s so hard to pinpoint this!

I finished my Visual Basic class with an A!  The final project was frustrating and it turned into a mess but the instructor and I got it mostly fixed.  I’m currently taking Visual Basic II.  It’s a different instructor.  I’m really enjoying the class and putting more of the information to work in more advanced ways.

Letty finished Super Puppy class.  I decided not to continue with her since she was stressing out in the classes and she would get more obedience at Schutzhund.  I still bring her in the building for short periods to work her and her confidence has gotten much better.

I’ve been training Letty and Narc in Schutzhund.  I started training with Warren’s group (protection) and with MVSV (obedience and protection).  It is going well and both dogs are starting to make progress.  Last weekend I became aware that I need to start setting specific goals and working towards them.  That was Saturday.  Sunday I realized how far we truly have to go.  So those things seem to fit together well.  It’s been a bit bumpy coming back but things seem to have settled in now.  I am looking forward to starting tracking this spring – especially the peace and quiet of it.

Narc took a 3 week 2 x 2 class.  We got past the spot we were stuck over the summer.  Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to work on them any more since the class.  We will once we can get back outside.

Christmas went well.  We went to my mom’s on Christmas Eve.  Then Christmas Day we went to Karl’s niece’s house to celebrate with his family.  We went to Joe and Julie’s on New Year’s Eve for our annual fondue night.  Julie has a new BC puppy, Emmy.  So Letty was invited to come with and play with her.  They had a blast even though Letty was much bigger than Emmy.

I trialed Copper again in AKC Novice for his last CD leg.  He was not into it.  We lost too many points and finally failed when he stopped just barely too far out on the recall.  He did hold his stays though even though his hips were pretty sore.

We had a USDAA trial at On The Run in January.  It was the first time that Vada and I were in Masters for all classes.  I was a mess and screwed up alot.  That trial did not help my confidence at all.  PLUS they made a rule since the trial was going so late that in Masters if you had an off course then you got whistled off and had to leave.  So we didn’t even get an opportunity to get into the flow.  I found myself planning exit strategies as I walked the course.  Not good.  I skipped the February USDAA trial this year too.

Letty and I went to Susan Garrett’s Advances in Dog Training and Critical Elements for Sport and Life camps in Canada along with my friend Kristin and her puppy, Cooee.  We had a great time.  It was nice to spend time with just her and we really focused on our relationship.  I realized I was comparing her to Vada way too much and I needed to look at her for who she was – not for who she was not.  What a difference in our relationship since then!  I’m really glad that I went.

Copper’s lip growths got worse.  We biopsied them and they are cancer.  We went to see an oncologist and decided to do radiation.  So we went to the U for that.  For Copper’s 2nd visit they had me drop him off for 7 hours so they could xray his head and make a radiation plan.  He was anxious the whole time pacing in his kennel and licking.  Plus, they had sedated him to do the xrays so he had the drug wearing off.  He was a mess when I picked him up.  I cried alot and questioned if it was worth it.  I called the oncologist at the U and asked if we could make his visits shorter.  She said I could stay with him.  They set me up in a cubical with a babygate on the door and a chair and a couch.  Copper can hang out while I dial into work.  So my PTO hours used is minimal and he’s so much more comfortable.  He’s had 2 treatments.  I think the tumor is shrinking but I’m too scared to look.  He has this week off from treatments and then goes in for his last one next week.  It’s been a very emotional experience.  I’m very grateful to have a great husband to support me with this and help me make decisions.  We also started doing weekly Adequan shots for Copper.

A local agility club brought in Sylvia Trkman for an agility seminar.  I went to a few of the sessions.  It was fun to see how she teaches different things.

I organized the MMBC banquet this year.  Denise, KateAn and Karl helped out.  It was a great success!

Karl and I went to see a play called Babe the Pig for Valentine’s Day (the day before).  Karl liked it.  I’m still on the fence.  It was a bit odd.

MVSV had a Minnesota Protection training weekend.  I went on Sunday.  It was fun to see other people from the area that I haven’t seen in awhile.  This past Sunday Lisa had a training day at her place that I went to for a few hours.  There were even more people there that I had not seen in awhile.  Letty and Narc did great doing obedience and bitework in a new place.

I got voted onto the board of the Minnesota Agility Club!  I am the new Membership Person.

2010 ranking and trophies are figured out for AMBOR.  Karl is wrapping up the newsletter to send out.

Our dryer finally died.  We bought a new one and are waiting for the propane part to come in so Karl can install it.  It will be so nice when it’s installed!

Whew!  That’s it from a very high level.  I’m sure I forgot alot but it’s a good general update.  We’re just patiently waiting for spring.  It’s close!

November Updates

Whew – alot going on and alot has changed since my last post.


Letty is another month older.  She’s got all her adult teeth now!  She’ll be 6 months on the 12th!  Where is the time going?!?!  She is a very good puppy.  We’ve had a few issues but they all seem to work out.  We’ve got alot of work to do before going to Critical Elements for Sport and Life (Puppy Camp)!  I’m excited to start Schutzhund bitework training with her too.


We put her Gentle Leader on finally since we were having some tantrum issues and we need it for Puppy Camp.

Letty got her rabies vaccine which may have caused some vaginitis.  We treated her holistically and it seems to have cleared it up.  Unfortunately, her UTI came back worse than before – now she has high PH and crystals.  We are treating her with cranberry pills and a Heel holistic product.   It seems to be helping.  Last night she went 5.5 hours between potty breaks so I got to sleep longer.  We were doing 3-4 hours.

Pred did not take care of Copper’s lip lumps.  So we ran bloodwork to test for kidney issues.  Part of the package was to check thyroid and do a UA.  Turn out his kidney’s are fine but his thyroid was low and he had a bit of blood in his urine.  So we treated him with antibiotics again to clear up what might be the end of a UTI that the first round started to clear up.  And we put him on thyroid meds.  He feels soooo much better!  His overall demeanor is so much happier.  Hopefully the lumps will go away too.

We finished puppy foundation agility class at Kristin’s with a potluck.  It was a fun class.  I’m really glad she invited me to join it.


Vada finished her AKC CD at the Bloomington Obedience Training Club’s AKC trials.  She even won a beautiful rug one day for being High Scoring ILP/CPL dog in Novice B.  She earned 2nd place on Sunday too.  Copper was barely passing and then he laid down on the sit stay.  He’s held some really hard stay positions so I was surprised and disappointed.  So, we’ll try again in January on a Friday.  Not sure what our opportunities will be after that.


We started Friday night agility classes at On the Run.  Terry is doing a handling class.  I am alternating Vada one week and Seven the next.  Then I have Letty in the agility foundation class afterwards.  It’s choppy with Friday trials and holidays but it’s nice to be in class.  I’d like to get some dogs into a more consistent weekly class too.   Just need to find the time!

I had Vada and Seven entered in 2 CPE agility trials in November.  One was 2 days and 1 was 3 days.  I was also trial secretary for the 3 day trial.  Letty and Copper came with to both and they both did really well crating inside.  Narc came with to the 3 day one and was entered in 2 classes each day.  He had a blast and Qd in 3 of his runs!  Gotta teach him to weave and do the teeter now!

We had some medical issues with Narc this month.  He has a weird growth/sore on his tail.  We put him on antibiotics and that did not clear it up.  So now he’s on a cream twice a day and if that does not clear it up then we’ll xray it or biopsy it.  He also got extremely constipated.  Karl had to bring him into the vet to have him put under so they could break it up.  It took him a week or two but he’s finally back to normal.

On another sad note, I stayed home sick on Wednesday and spent some time with the dogs.  Sally just seemed really tired and unstable.  So I called the vet and they were able to get her in for a checkup.  Turns out she’s got a mass in her abdomen.  The vet is thinking she has a tumor on her spleen or liver.  Going by her symptoms it seems like liver.  We have an appointment on Monday to do bloodwork and xrays to find out what exactly it is and how bad it is.  She seems to be going downhill fast so I’m not hopeful that she has much time left.  I have to keep in mind the lesson that Luci taught me – that euthanasia is a gift that we can give them to stop the suffering.  Sally is still happy for food and chews but she seems really tired and out of it the other times.

Agility class tonight and then an AKC trial at OTR this weekend for Vada and Seven.  Both could finish a Novice title.  🙂  And I get to sleep in!  I love that AKC trials are much shorter days.  I can keep working on my Visual Basic homework and get that wrapped up too!

New Puppy

Wow, get a new puppy and suddenly that is where ALL of your time goes!  I have not had time to blog nor time/energy to keep up on the treadmill or to do homework.  I have lots to catch up on!

Letty at the airport waiting for our flight.

Alot has happened since July!  Happy things and sad things.

The saddest thing is that we lost Luci on September 1st.  She was in distress that evening so we were rushing her to the emergency vet and she had a heart attack and died in my arms.  It was a horrible way to die but at least her suffering didn’t continue very long.  Here I was worried about her UTIs and having bladder tumors and it was her heart that went.  I miss her alot and still get sad when I think of her.  I had her for 18 year – more than half my life – but it still is never long enough.

I’ve had Vada in a few Utility classes.  Alot of the Schutzhund skills carry over nicely.  We mainly need to work on scent articles and signals.  The rest is polishing.  She loves it!

In July I attended a CPE trial in Zumbro Falls.  It was a crazy weekend.  The judge was really late so the trial went late.  I was showing Seven and Prozac and brought Vada and Copper along.  Prozac barked in her crate most of the time and ran up to people if she was tied.  The judge yelled at me a few times for different things.  I had decided to stay at the Motel 6 in Rochester instead of doing the drive.  I was glad that I did since the trial went so late.

The night before I flew out to pickup Letty I went to her puppy foundations class.  Terry was lecturing that night so I didn’t want to miss it.  And I wanted to see where the class was at already.  We have our last class this week already!  It’s been a great class.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  Terry came out about once a month and lectured and then Kristin taught the other weeks.  Next week we’ll start classes at On the Run that Terry is teaching.  So we’ll be able to continue the classes but in a bigger building for the winter.  He’s also teaching a Masters Handling class that I’ll have Vada and Seven in.  They’ll rotate classes.  Seven needs alot more drive building.  He’s now running out of the ring – just like Prozac does.

Karl hurt his back in August so I went to class with him one night to run Fringe.  Then I ran her at a trial.  She did pretty well.  But at the second trial she was being a PITA so I told Karl to run her.  His back was better but still not 100%.  They had a beautiful Jumpers run that day!

I ran Seven in 1 day of the TIM USDAA trial and both days of the CACM USDAA trial.  I like the new CACM trial site.  They were a bit flooded for the first trial so they had to shuttle us from a parking lot to the trial grounds.  Seven was avoiding getting on contacts.  He’s gotten better about that but now he’s stressing on weaves.  So, some things to work on but alot of great things.

My hip hop class ended in August.  They did not offer another session through the community ed.  I was sad but I really don’t have the time to go.  I loved that class though.

Karl’s birthday was also in August.

And in August we brought Tracy in for a seminar.  I worked Seven one day and Karl worked Fringe that same day.  I also worked Vada in a session at lower jumps.  She was finally given clearance to start playing again.  Seven was not running well at all.  Tracy said it was my bad handling/timing.  But she also thought something medical was going on.  Terry thought the same thing.  So we checked his thyroid and he’s low-normal.  We’ve started him on thyroid medication.  It seems to be helping slowly.  I love Tracy’s seminars.  I always feel so motivated afterwards.  Letty was not old enough for the Foundation day so Tracy used her as the demo puppy.  It was fun to watch Letty working with someone else.

I started a Visual Basic class in August too!  I’m a sucker for punishment!  I forgot that it’s near impossible to do a class and raise a puppy.  I had trouble with a C# class when Vada was a puppy.  I’m struggling again with this class.  I enjoy the class and the content but it’s finding time to do the homework that I’m really struggling with.  Luckily, I have a pretty nice instructor.

In August I also signed up for Susan Garrett’s Recallers online course.  I thought the timing would be perfect as it started the same time I brought my puppy home.  But some prereqs were It’s Yer Choice and Crate Games.  So we had to wait a bit to start.   I’m working through the exercises here and there now.  It’s a great course and the webinars are awesome!  The last one is this Thursday.

Labor Day weekend was Vada’s first trial back – MAC’s USDAA trial.  I only entered her in 2 classes each day – Standard and Jumpers.  She finished her AAD!  She’s got all her Advanced titles but she needs 1 more Jumpers leg.  I am going to skip that title and just put her in Masters for everything now.

In September Letty started the Super Puppy classes at Total Recall.  She was nervous at first but now she’s very comfortable in the class and enjoys it.

I drove up to Duluth one Saturday to enter a UKI trial.  It was alot of fun.  We just did the 1 day.  Seven Qd in 1 run and Vada Qd in 1 run.  They were very close in the other runs.  The courses were nice courses.

We made it out to the Renaissance Festival this year.  It was fun to go again after so long.  But I’m in no rush to go again for a few years.

I got Letty out a few times to work with Warren before she started teething.  He did a great job with her.  His group is alot of fun to train with too.

CACM also had a CPE trial in September.  It was alot of fun!  Vada and Seven both rocked.  After the trial on Sunday I drove to Honey Creek, IA.  Tracy was at Christy’s doing a seminar on Monday and Tuesday.  I had Seven on 1 day and Vada on the other.  This time I stayed in a cabin at the park by Christy’s.  It was so cute and worked out great.

We took another trip to LaCrosse for a CPE trial in September.  This time we took 2 vehicles since we have too many dogs to fit in my van.  It worked out pretty well although it is more fun to be in the same vehicle.  I did not like how Vada ran on those mats though.  We spent the day trying to adjust and then adjust to the adjustments.  We ended with an awesome Jumpers run but I’m not too keen on trialing her there again.

I trialed Copper and Vada in AKC again at On the Run.  Just 1 day.  Copper earned his 2nd leg towards his CD!  I guess I wasn’t clear on the recall when I left so Vada got up and took a step with me and then sat down again – NQ.  Again.  😦  She had a nice score going too.

At the beginning of October I drove up to Duluth to give AKC agility a try.  We rocked!  Vada Qd in 3 out of 4 runs.  Seven Qd in 2 out of 4 runs and the 2 that he didn’t Q in were because of popping the weaves.  He wasn’t very sure at first in a new building.  I forgot that he’s still a green dog.  Sometimes I expect too much of him and he doesn’t do well under that pressure.  I can’t wait for the next AKC trial.  Hopefully in December.  I’ll find out if we got in at the end of this week.  The courses were harder than I thought they would be.

I had dinner with Cortney and Gina at a new place called the Boulevard Kitchen.  It was ok food.  Not great.  And kind of spendy.  A week later we met again but Chrissy joined us at Pizza Luce.  It was ok.  Kind of fancy for my tastes.  Good company though!

We went to a CPE trial in Lindstrom at a new horse arena.  It was a nice place.  They had riding trails on the grounds too that I could walk the dogs on.  Mom even came on Sunday and got to watch a few runs and go out to dinner with me.  The dogs did ok.  Friday night I was sick so I was off on Saturday.  Vada took a few bars.  I always worry now that it’s for physical reasons.

Went to a Schutzhund seminar with Greg Doud.  I was going to work Letty but she was due to be teething so I just audited.  I probably could have worked her but you never know.

I made it out to 2 training sessions with MVSV!  I hadn’t been out in a year.  It was fun.  I have concerns about going back but I’ll give it a try.

I trialed Copper and Vada in a 2 day AKC obedience trial at TCOTC.  I scratched Copper on Saturday since he already had a leg under that judge.  Vada was off but Qd with a 189.5 – her first AKC CD leg!  Sunday she had a 198 going but she laid down on the sit stay.  Very disappointing!  Copper was not feeling well at all.  He would not sit and he was not heeling with me.  He looked like an old broken down cart horse.  The judge didn’t even finish our off leash heeling pattern.  I was very worried about him.  We’re trying again this weekend at BOTC.    I’m going to warm him up better and I took the poofy bed out of his crate in the van.  I had entered him on Sunday – just in case.  So I’m glad that I did!  It’d be neat if he and Vada finished their CDs on the same day.  But that might be a bit much to ask of Vada.  LOL

Last weekend was a CPE trial at Leatherdale.  It was nice to be back in there again for the winter.  We did not have a good weekend though.  Friday night I was sick again.  Sleep has not been good since the puppy came home.  I think I’m just off my game.  Seven even started running out of the ring.  That made me sad.  They both had very good parts of runs.  Vada had good runs but we either had bars down or she didn’t finish 12 poles.   Seven had alot of issues weaving too.

We got Sally back about 10 days after she went to her new home.  She chased their cat a few times so they were worried that the cat was not safe.  We haven’t really tried to find a new home for her since then.  She’s so old that I don’t think anyone would want her.  She gets along in our house with everyone – canine and feline – so she’s just there.

Letty is growing up so fast!  We had some issues with biting at first.  She got over that pretty fast and learned to bite her toys and Vada instead.   She does Crate Games well.  She likes to climb on things and interact with things.  I’ve tried to get her out and about as much as possible.  She doesn’t like people focusing on her so I’ve been giving people lots of treats to feed her.  She’s gotten alot more confident lately.  I’m very happy with how she’s turning out.  She likes to snuggle and she’s also very independent.

A few weeks ago I discovered 3 lumps in Copper’s lip.  Our vet did a biopsy and it’s not cancer.  Thank goodness!  He was on antibiotics and that didn’t make them go away.  So now we’re trying pred.   Hopefully this will be it.  Letty had cocidia after she got home.  We got rid of that quickly.  Then she got a UTI.  We had to do 2 rounds of antibiotics to get rid of that but now it’s finally gone.  So now I’m not pottying her overnight as I think she can be quiet and hold it all night now.  Course, now Copper is having accidents in the middle of the night.  Sigh!  I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel though.

July Updates

Another month has flown by very fast!

Luci went into our vet to check on her UTI.  It was still there so we put her on different antibiotics.  We just brought her in again last night to check on it and it’s worse.  She now has a very high PH and crystals.  So she’s on another antibiotic and some canned food called SO.  We’ll get her urine checked again in10 days.

Went out to dinner with Cortney, Chrissy and Jenny last month.  We had a great time.  Tanya, Gina and Marlyce were not able to make it.  Hopefully they can make it next time.  I don’t think we have our next date set yet but they seem to not minding til last minute – drives me nuts!  LOL

Vada had her 6 week checkup 4 weeks ago and another 2 weeks ago.  She is currently out of the brace all the time.  And she does 3 Chuck It throws a day.  Today we go up to 6 throws.  In a week we’ll add some jump grids.  Seems like it’s been forever but now we are making progress quickly.

Karl and I went to the Tails In Motion USDAA trial but just on the Saturday.  We love that trial.  We got done just before the rain started too!  Seven did well.   We did not get the Gamble but he did finish his P1 Standard title and he earned his first P2 Snooker Q.


Sunday after the TIM trial was Vada’s 7th birthday.  We also went to the Como Zoo with my Dad, Stepmom, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, Niece and Nephew.  It was alot of fun.

We finally got around to setting up private agility lessons with Terry again.  We had one at the end of June and we have another one on Monday.  Vada is still out of commission so I worked Seven.  We have lots of holes to work on.  🙂

After the Susan Salo seminar we had one of the people offer to have a group come to her house every other week to work on SS Jump Grids.  I went out there for the first one.  It was nice to have all of the grids setup.  I worked Prozac, Seven and Narc.  Darcy also has a regulation Dock Diving pool.  I was able to let all of the dogs plus Copper swim.  I did not let Vada swim though.  They all loved it!  It was a long drive on a week night but I’m hoping to get down there another time or two this summer.

4th of July weekend we stayed home all weekend.  We didn’t get the projects done that we wanted to get done but we did get quite a bit done.

We went down to Family Dog Center in LaCrosse again to play CPE agility.  Karl dropped me, Seven, Prozac, Copper and Vada off and went to visit his parents.  We brought Sally with and had Joe and Julie watch Sonic at their house.  Seven and Prozac ran pretty well.  Seven Qd in 4 of his 5 runs.  Pro Q’d in 1 of her 2 runs.  Karl was in the building for the last one and she went goofy on me.  Both dogs earned Qs on the traditional Jackpot run.  I was very happy with that.


Sunday following the CPE trial we met Dad and Dianna at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Karl’s birthday.  His birthday isn’t til August but we have a very busy schedule coming up.  For his birthday song they made him sit on this saddle. He was a very good sport!


Sally got groomed a few weeks ago.  She had to be muzzled and tied to brush the mats out.  The she got her teeth cleaned last Tuesday.  Thursday we brought her to her new home on our way to see The Lost Boys in a theater.  She is doing great in her new home.  They love her and are having a blast with her.  We are so happy!

Friday we setup for the MMBC UKC shows for the weekend.  We went to the storage locker in Prior Lake.  Then to the fairgrounds in Lake Elmo.  Then to the airport to pickup the judges.  Then to their hotel in Woodbury then home.  Saturday morning Karl dropped me off at the show site and went and picked up the judges from their hotel.  We did the same for Sunday but then had to clean up and bring everything back to the storage locker.  Lots of driving!  Makes for a long weekend.  But everything went really well.  Our weight pull judge had to cancel as she hurt her knee.  But we were able to have our backup judge become the main judge and one of our exhibitors who is a judge for another org be her backup judge.  Next year another club member is going to be the trial secretary so I can show my dogs.

Last week I took Prozac to obedience class in place of Seven.  She did amazingly well.  I plan to keep bringing her.  He won’t like it.  I also worked Vada in the later class.  Tonight I am going to work Narc in the later class and try out Vada in the Utility class so I can get a feel for what the class is like.  I’d like to start working on Utility exercises with her.



One of these girls will be flying home with me next weekend.

June Updates

We ended May with the MAC USDAA trial.  Karl and I worked classes and course built both days as well as ran our dogs.  Seven was entered in P1 Standard, Gamblers and Snooker both days.  He Q’d in 1 of the Standard runs and both of the Snooker runs.  Karl and Fringe had some very nice runs and got a Q in Starters Jumpers which finished their title.  Then we got to have Monday off as we’re not doing DAM team and it was Memorial Day.

I was able to get in a few Friday night Open Gym times with Prozac and Narc.  Prozac was entered in Family Dog Center’s first CPE trial so I wanted to see how rusty she was.  And I wanted to see how crazy Narc was to run in agility.  They both did awesome!  Unfortunately Narc stepped off the dogwalk and landed on his head. There was a tunnel underneath that I think he thought he was stepping on to.  He went to go visit Dr. Heather and feels better than ever now!  He was very controlled and not being crazy and he was thoughtful about his jumping.  I definitely need to work him more on agility skills.

I only entered Saturday of the FDC CPE trial so we could make it a 1 day trip.  Karl dropped off Seven, Prozac and me and he went to visit with his parents.  Seven was entered in 5 classes and he Q’d in all but Wildcard.  Prozac was entered in 2 classes and she Qd in Colors but not Wildcard.  They have a Wildcard impaired handler it seems!  She looked around as we were running but did not run off.  I’m starting to get it about running as if it’s a race so hopefully I can pass that on to the dogs in a trial situation and she’ll stay in drive longer and not run off.  She’s fine in practice.

Sunday I did a 3 day Susan Salo “Repeaters”jumping seminar at SoccerBlast.  I just audited but I was wishing Vada could have worked it.  All of the dogs did great!

I did not sign up for the next set of agility classes with Seven.  We are trialing almost every weekend so I figured we could take the rest of the summer off from classes.  We may not get in this fall but we’ll deal with that at the time.  I’m hoping to work him out in the yard more often too.  And without drive time I should be able to work more dogs each night.  🙂


I ran my first 5K at the first Dog Days 5K!  Seven was my running partner.  He did great on the run and with the crowd and all of the other dogs there.  Our time was 39:18.  I was nervous but I’m glad we did it as we had fun.  We’ll do another in September.  Probably the Blubber Run on the 11th as they allow dogs.

That same day we ended up taking Luci to the emergency vet as she was peeing blood all over and pacing.  Turns out she has a bad urinary track infection.  So she’s on antibiotics for that.  She’ll get checked out again today by our regular vet.


It rained most of that day after we finished the 5K.  But after we got home from the emergency vet the rain let up and we were able to go to the KTIS Joyful Noise Family Fest and see the last 2 bands.  Joe and Julie were kind enough to save spots for us.

31644_1375537064580_1116428097_30948897_4192915_n.jpg     31644_1375593785998_1116428097_30949001_7826601_n.jpg

sallyfront.jpg     sallyside.jpg

That Sunday we went to my cousin’s graduation party and family gathering in Hutchinson.  On the way home we found a dog trotting down the highway.  We are calling her Sally.  We have posted found ads for her and called the sheriff and put an ad in the paper where we found her.   She needs more grooming but I was able to brush her out and cut some mats off of her coat.  She does not like being brushed or retrained.  She went to the vet and looks pretty good.  Her teeth are terrible and need to be cleaned and she has giardia.  We’ll test her stool again today and hopefully it’s cleared up.  She’s at least 10 years old and the vet guess maybe a Basset mix.  We had thought Corgi gave her the short legs.  We’re thinking she’s mixed with Sheltie or Collie.  She’s almost 50 pounds.  So we’ll get her fixed up and get her teeth cleaned and look for a home for her.

I started Zumba class up again.  And I started a Hip Hop class that is a blast!  Still working on C25K – finishing up W7.

I took Vada to obedience class last week instead of Narc.  She was in heaven!  She did so well.  She’s so bored.  We have a rehab checkup on Wednesday.

sevensb.jpg     soccerblast.jpg

We just did the ACTS USDAA trial at SoccerBlast.  Karl and Fringe trialed on Saturday.  They had some nice runs but Karl was regretting some handler errors and wanted some do overs.  They are coming together more and more as a team each trial.  Seven was in P1 Standard, Gamblers and Snooker both days.  He earned his second P1 Standard Q, 2 P1 Snooker Qs which finished his PK1 title and 1 P1 Gamblers Q.  We also gave Performance Speed Jumping a try.  We had weave pole issues on 1 set but otherwise he did well.  He missed the entry so I restarted him and then he popped out at the end so I just went on.  No point in stressing him out.  Sunday the teeter surprised him and that shook his contact confidence for the day.  I think we made some progress throughout the day.  I’ll have to build him back up over the week so he’s ready for the TIM trial on Saturday.  The ACTS trial was small and 2 ring and we were scheduled to work alot.  Sunday I worked classes and course built.  I’m so ready for a 1 ring trial where I can relax and spend more time with my dogs.  I’m missing running Vada too.  It’ll be nice to trial outside too.  More and more trials are moving inside.  That makes me sad.

bentalitter2.jpg     puppies2.jpg

On June 12th my puppy was born!  There were 2 girls and a boy.  Perfect!  All are spoken for already.  I’m very excited and also very nervous.  I want to train her following the Say Yes program.  I want to get a good start on that and then we’ll go back to Schutzhund in January.

I can’t believe it’s almost July already.  Today marks the midpoint of summer.  After today the days start getting shorter again.  😦

Almost forgot – Prozac turned 9 on the 16th and Narc turned 7 on the 19th!  Vada’s birthday is Sunday.  We need to make another cake to celebrate all the June birthdays.

May Squeeze

Seems my posts are getting even further apart.  It was monthly and now it’s about a month and a half!  But I can squeeze a post in still in May so I’m still getting in one a month.  And a super busy month and a half it has been!  Lots of things have wrapped up but lots of things have happened too.

I had dinner with the girls at the end of April.  We went to Timber Lodge.  2 more girls from high school joined us.  Marlyce and Jenny.  I was kind of nervous but we have a great time and great conversation.  Cortney and Tanya both even showed up too.  Our next dinner is coming up in a few weeks.


Vada went in for her rehab consult.  She hyper extended her carpel tendon.  We had to order a brace which took 9 day to come in and get her fitted.  It was onleash just to go out and go potty for that time.  Once the brace came in she was to wear it when she’s out of her kennel.  On leash walking and only a 15 minute walk each day.  I also got range of motion exercises to do with her to keep the joint limber.  Checkup in 2 weeks.  Shortly before her 2 week checkup Karl put her brace on top of her crate and she sucked it in and chewed part of it.  We ordered a new brace but the new one needed to be fitted by the vet too.  So I moved her appointment to after the brace came in.  It ended up being about a 2.5 weeks or so appointment – Wednesday.   We just had that appointment.  Her tendon is tightening up.  Her left number is 195.  Her right (the hyper extended one) was 225 at our first visit.  At this visit it was 200.  So we are making progress!  I got more exercises for her that will help strengthen her wrist – leg lifts and wheel barrows.  We go back for another checkup in 4 weeks.  I was able to get a late night appointment so I don’t have to mess around with working from home or taking time off.  Dr. Julia thought it would be 12 weeks from now til she was back to competing.  😦  But tendons take a long time to heal.



Copper turned 13 years old at the end of April!  I made a cake for him.  He shared with all of the other dogs too.  Karl even had a bite and thought it was pretty good.  LOL


3 days after Copper turned 13 he earned his first AKC Novice CD leg!  I never thought he’d be able to show in AKC in his lifetime!  His hips were bothering him a bit so he missed a few sits but he tried really hard and held his sit stay.  I was very proud of him!  Vada did awesome too.  No barking in the ring!  We had a 196.5 going but she laid down on her sit stay.  Not sure if her wrist was bothering her or my nerves.  But I was very proud of her performance too.  So we’ll see how Copper is feeling this fall.  If he’s good then we try to finish up his title.


Karl’s niece Alana got married in Holmen at the beginning of this month.  We drove down for the wedding.  It was nice to see everyone again.  Karl mom has been having issues with back pain so it was nice that we got to spend some time at their house chatting with her.  On our way home we stopped in Winona as Pastel Black was playing for Cathy’s 50th birthday party.  Karl got to play a whole set.  He had a great time!


Seven and Narc are still doing weekly obedience classes.

Most of my TV shows have ended for the season – Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, 24, House, Bones and Fringe.  I will miss them but it’s nice to not have to worry about finding time to watch them.   Glee is on for a few more episodes.  24 is done for good but I think all of the others are coming back next year.   Lie to Me is coming back for the summer too.

I finished my TSQL class with an A!  Now I am taking the summer off from classes.  In the fall I will take a Visual Basic class.  After I signed up I realized it only meets every other week.  Nice!  Unfortunately it’s harder to keep on track.

The AKC World Team Try-outs were held in MN again this year.  We were able to go and watch.  It was alot of fun.  Tough courses!

Zumba and Cardio Salsa sessions have ended.  I signed up for Zumba again and a Hip Hop class that start in a few weeks.  They should be fun!

I took a 4 day VMware class for work that was pretty good.  The next week I took at 3 day Ops Manager class for work.  Now the hard part is to keep up on the new data so I don’t lose it.

Seven got to do a full day of classes at a CPE trial.  He did really well and finished Level 1.  He’s had to step up now that he’s my only agility dog.  This weekend he’s running 3 classes both Saturday and Sunday in USDAA.  I’m biting the bullet and putting him in Standard.  I know we have some holes but we’ll keep working on them between trials.  It’s going to be nice to be trialing outside again!

Last weekend I went to a French Ring trial.  It was fun.  Got to chat with some folks that I know and meet some new folks.  Lots more people who knew about Dutch Shepherds.

Cyrus is doing well.  There is less fighting on the porch.  He mostly sleeps on the swing but comes down to see me off in the morning and get a belly rub and have his ticks pulled off.


Last week I started on the Couch to 5K running program.  I started on week 4 as I thought it matched where I was at with the running program that I had been doing.  Today I’m going to do W5D2.  My first 5K is coming up in 2 weeks!

I planted 4 flower baskets and 4 new bushes last weekend.  Still have TONS of weeding to do.



6 years ago today Karl kissed me for the first time!  ❤

Not too bad for a month and a half worth of updates!

April Lambs

There were no lions this year.  March went out like a lion as well.  It has been a beautiful April as well.  The April Showers have not hit yet.

I had dinner with Cortney and Gina.  We went to Macaroni Grill.  It was fun.  Afterward we went to Michaels and then Cortney and I went to Trader Joes.   That weekend Karl and I met my mom, brother and his kids, and my sister and her husband at a small place in Forest Lake to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  They had great food and we had a good time.  Unfortunately, I forgot my purse there.  So Karl and I went back there the next day to get my purse back.  We had dinner while we were there since they had such great food.

Karl and I went to the Total Recall banquet this year.  It was fun.  Huge potluck with tons of food.  Lots of people that had earned alot of titles.   It was fun to catch up with people we hadn’t talked to in awhile too.

Sonic turned 9 years old.

Cyrus was neutered and had his broken canine extracted.  The vet found a  tumor in his ear.  So we had to put an ointment in his ear twice a day in the hopes that it would shrink the tumor.

We hosted the annual MMBC CPE trial the last weekend in March.  It went very well and everyone had a great time.  We were exhausted by the end of the weekend.  It was 11pm til we got home on Sunday after driving down to Prior Lake to put the equipment back into storage.  Sunday Kristin massaged Vada after she was done with her runs.  She found an area behind her right shoulder that needed icing.  On Sunday she had been popping out of the poles at the end when she was on my right.  They were 24″ poles too.   She had done fine on them on Friday at the fun run.  And we didn’t have any problems, that I recall, on Saturday.  Friday at the fun runs Karl ran Sonic.  Sonic was so happy to play and did a really good job.  That encouraged Karl to sign Sonic up for agility classes!

Easter Weekend we went to church and were able to stay home the rest of the weekend and work on projects.

A few weeks ago I went back to Honey Creek IA to a Tracy Sklenar seminar.  I had fun and learned tons.  We had great weather and were able to work outside 2 of the days.  Christy made great food as usual.   The hotel room didn’t seem as small since I was expecting small this time.  Vada worked on Friday for Masters Handling.  Halfway through the day she came up lame on her right front.  She had been popping poles when she was on my right again.  She would not put any weight on her leg.  I got lots of help from alot of people who were very kind.  Christy let me run her older Border Collie, Dice, for the rest of the session since I don’t really have a backup dog.  Vada was still a bit lame the next day but by Sunday she looked fine.  I kept her on leash for her walks and iced her a few times.  Tracy thought she might be out for the standard 6 weeks for a soft tissue injury.  Saturday was Skills day and I got alot of great notes.  Sunday was Seven’s working day.  It was a beginners handling day.  Seven did great.  I did great too on remembering my training skills.  I know what our holes are so there weren’t really any surprises.  Christy suggested that I work Seven on Monday too for Open Handling.  I wasn’t sure if he was skilled enough for that.  But we gave it a try.  I was very proud of how well he did.  Also, that weekend Vada’s sister Bonita/Benta was bred to Bas.  So now we wait til next month to see if the breeding took.

Last week I started a Zumba class.  It kicked my butt!  It was fun and very fast paced.  I struggled the whole time to keep up with the dance steps.  It definitely worked my calves!   I was feeling them for a few days!  I’ve missed the last few Cardio Salsa classes as I’ve been out of town or went to Touchpoint.  I pre-signed up for the class through community ed.  There are still 4 classes left.  I think I might take a break from cardio salsa classes after that and just do weights in the gym at work over lunch.  Then I’ll revisit the idea of classes in the winter.  It is not as fun as it use to be.  And my workout partner bailed on me as she feels too fat for the class.

My TSQL class is plugging away.  We’ve completed 2 projects now.  The next project is the big one and I have not even started on it yet!  It’s due next week.  I know what I will be working on this weekend!

Thursday I took Seven to agility class.  Vada had to skip because of her injury.  And I pulled her from the next set of classes too.   Seven handled the sequences very well and did 12 weaves!

Saturday we went to Minnesota’s first UKI match.  It was alot of fun and it had a really good turn out.  About 50 dogs and 150 runs.  Seven’s contacts aren’t perfect but they are making progress.  After the match Carol took a look at Vada and did some energy work on her.  It sounds like her injury isn’t super bad.  We have an appointment with the rehab vet tomorrow so I will get some definite answers then.  What exactly is wrong, how long she’ll be out and what the recovery plan is.

Last night I went to the Women’s Touchpoint at church.  It was fun.  I went with Toni O, Julie S and Julie’s niece, Michelle.  We chatted with Sharon A a few times too.  We had salad again for dinner.  I ate quite a bit of it.  Probably the most salad I’ve ever eaten!  They had the guys from Triple Espresso do a show.  Lots of laughing.

One more week left of April.  We’ll see if we get those April showers that lead to May flowers.

March Lamb

March came in like a lamb as has gotten even nicer!  I hope that does not mean it will leave like a lion.

We’ve been continuing our Saturday morning vet visits to get everyone in for a checkup.  Our first visit of the month was with Fringe, Rally and Cyrus.  Fringe and Rally did ok.  They were both kind of scared.  Karl left the room for Rally to see if it helped him settle down.  Fringe was good except she test positive for anaplasmosis – a tick disease.  We’re going to let her body try to fight it unless she starts showing symptoms.  Rally has a bit of soreness in his right rear leg.  I think it was his hip.  If not, than his knee.  He’s on glucosemine supplements now – along with Vada and Narc.  Cyrus is the cat that showed up last summer.  He’s had a runny nose all winter.  I thought he was feral so I was scared to pet him.  I finally did a few weeks ago and he’s a love.  So I was able to load him up to take him to the vet.  First I had loaded up Logan as I could not find Cyrus.  As I was putting Logan in the van, Cyrus came walking up the driveway.  Logan went back in the house and I was able to put Cyrus in a carrier.  Thank goodness!  He was a mess.  He has frostbite on one of his ears.  That part of the ear will fall off.  It’s hard as a rock now.  That ear is infected.  Probably due to the frost bite and the flesh dying.  He has an upper respiratory infection which is why his nose has been runny all winter.  He has worms bad.  Both of his upper canines are broken off.  They were broken at different times.  One is fairly recent.  One is at the gum line and one is sticking out a bit.  They tested him for feline leukemia.  I was so worried he had it and we’d have to put him to sleep.  I was even crying on the way to the vet at the thought of it.  But he was negative!  While he was at the vet they gave him 2 wormer pills and a dose of antibiotics.  He got a 10 day round of antibiotics which he just finished today.  We brought a stool sample in on Saturday and he still has some worms as well as body mites.  So we got a dose of liquid wormer as well as a 10 day supply of a powdered wormer for his food.  When we first brought him in, he looked very pregnant.  He still had a pretty big belly.  But once we did the liquid wormer it seems like his belly has gone down quite a bit.  So we’ll do another stool sample this Saturday and then if it’s good we can schedule an appointment to get his roots extracted and get neutered.  Then he can go back outside again.  He’ll love that.  He’s been living in a giant dog crate in the garage.  He’s starting to get restless as he gets healthier.  He’s becoming a different cat.  Even a few days after we started treating him, he started looking around more and making eye contact with us and he doesn’t hold his ears sideways.  We’re all anxious for him to get healthy and get back outside.  I’m so grateful that we are able to help him out.  I was torn on what our responsibility was to him but since he’s been around for months now and didn’t seem to be going anywhere, he had been sick for a long time and I petted him and he was sweet – I figured we should take responsibility for him and get him healthy.  Hopefully he continues to stick around once he’s feeling better.  If not, than he was just meant to find us to get healthy.

This Saturday we brought Vada, Prozac, Logan and Quest in.  Vada was good.  She does not like vets examining her eyes.  She gave some lip to the vet.  So I held her head/muzzle.  She was fine for everything else.  Logan and Quest were good too.  They both had tarter on their teeth.  I thought they’d need a dental.  But she just used her nail and flicked the tarter off and told us to give them more bones!  Saved us tons of money on dentals!  Prozac loved the vet and tech of course.  They said her lick granulomas are not super bad but they do seem to be on joints which are also acupressure points.  She also had a sore right knee.  We’re keeping her on cosequin.  Dr. Jina showed me acupressure points to work for her joints and anxiety.  We also got some Bach flowers for her.  Karl picked a few different flowers to put in it.  Hopefully it works and she has less anxiety.  We were there for 2 hours!  We have gotten quite comfortable there!

Karl went to Ribs N Blues at church with Joe.  He had a great time again.

I’ve been working on AMBOR end of year awards.  I’m close to being done!  I’ve just got a bit more research to do on the trophy winners and then I have to order the plaques.  I’ve been getting things ready for the CPE trial too.  I’m feeling good about being caught up on the paperwork.  I’m going to send out final confirmations tonight and the confirmation letter in a few days – after closing.

Saturday was jam packed.  After the vet we went to Leatherdale to pickup the last of the Zukes that we got for check in gifts for the CPE trial.  It was fun to just stop in and say hi to people.  Then we went to the MMBC storage locker to meet Denise and Al there to load up the trailer for the CPE trial.  It went very smoothly.  The 4 of us work well together.  So now next Friday we can just hook up the trailer and go.  On the way home we stopped at Run 4 Fun and got me a pair of running shoes.  I was nervous but they were really nice and helpful and the shoes were not super expensive.  Then we ate pizza at Latuffs on the way home.

Karl started installing the wood flooring in the bedroom 2 Saturdays ago.  I helped him the first Saturday after he had been working on it awhile and we were able to make good progress.  This Sunday we finished the bedroom.  I lined up the boards and stepped on them while Karl pounded them in.  He did all the measuring and cutting.  Once we got to the wall there was alot of cutting.  So we just have the closet left to do and the quarter round and we are done with the bedroom and closet!  Once the quarter round is installed in the bedroom than we can put the headboard back in place.  It’s going to look so nice!

It was so nice to be home yesterday.  We did not leave the house once!  We had a nice dinner of chicken, red potatoes  and salad. And it was a gorgeous day out!  The sun was out bright and strong.  There was a nice gentle breeze.  I did some of my computer work out on the porch stairs.  I took a walk around the pond too.  Friday most of the property was in standing water.  Yesterday most of it had dried and there were just a few puddles.  I put out some jumps and weave poles yesterday too.

Tonight is cardio salsa!  I could not go last week as I had sore ankles from being dragged by Copper and Vada on the sidewalks for an hour on Sunday.  I’m excited to get back to it.  And to start running again.   Time to get in shape for the spring clothes that will be coming out soon.

End of February

Karl and I went to a Soups and Stews class.  It was fun.  The class made 4 soups and a stew.  Karl and I made Split Pea Soup and a Beef Stew.  Our stew took a long time to make so we were there quite late.  But we got to take lots of samples home.

I had to turn in my first TSQL project.  I had started on it but didn’t finish it so I was at class til the end getting it done.  But I got a 98 so it worked out well.  Hopefully I’ll get my second project done earlier and not wait til the last minute!

Narc graduated from Super Puppy class.  I felt Narc was ready to move on to a more advanced class.  Since Seven is in the next level class and NOT ready to move up – I asked Sue if I could move him to the next higher class that is at the same time as Super Puppy.  Narc had his first Polishing class this week and did a great job.  I was a little nervous and he was too.  He got a bit brain overloaded by the end of class.  That part will get better.  He’s got the skills for the class so he’s in a good one.

Seven started agility classes last week.  He was a bit brain fried by the end of class.  I was worried that he would be out of his league in the class but he is not.  We have things to work on, of course, but he fits right in.  We just skip contacts and weaves and work them off to the side.  He is making progress on his contacts.  I had him going down about a foot on the aframe to no target last  night and he was doing nose touches beautifully.  Last night he held up the whole class and I worked him on the side pretty hard and long.  I think he loves being in class and wonders why it took me so long to sign him up.

Last Saturday we took Seven, Narc and Bessie into the vet.  All passed with only Bessie being overweight and getting some holistic drops to try to help regulate her weight.  But Karl might have to just put her on a diet or figure out how to exercise her more.  Then we did Feed My Starving Children at Eagle Brook in White Bear Lake.  Karl and I kicked butt.  He scooped chicken powder and dehydrated veggies.  I scooped soy and rice.  It was the perfect amount of time as we were just about ready for a break when they stopped us.  Then we went to the 4:05pm service.  That worked out very nicely with the timing.

Sunday we had the MMBC meeting.  A few of us were worried it would be a big brawl like in the olden days as stuff was getting chaotic on the yahoogroup list.  But the meeting went very well.  And a group of us went bowling afterwards and had alot of fun.

Monday Fringe turned 5 years old!  She is our youngest.  Karl got her while we were dating.  My how time flies!  I also went to cardio salsa again after a long break.  It was alot of fun.  Glenda joined me too.  I’m looking forward to being able to go weekly now.

Met my Dad for lunch today to celebrate his birthday.  I can’t believe it’s March already!  Bring on spring!!!!

MAC Winter USDAA Trial

We got up super bright and early to make the drive down to Cannon Falls.  Had to pack up all the dogs too.  It ended up being a really good weekend.  Saturday Vada got a Super Q in Snooker.  We had an oops at a spot where I thought we might but I just modified our plan a little bit.  It was only 1 point less.  That is our first Super Q and our second Snooker Q in a row.  Grand Prix was not as scary as I thought it was going to be.  Terry answered a few questions for me on proper handling which was nice.  During the run Vada pulled off of a jump in a pinwheel.  I thought it was very odd.  We argued a bit there and we got an off course as she was certain I did not want the jump so she almost went to a tunnel.  We got a bit off and she crashed a jump later too.  She just wrapped it too tight and knocked the wing over.  The rest was awesome.  Luckily Karl was there and video taped the run.  I stuck to my plan and kept my feet moving in the pin wheel but apparently I had time to move my too long bangs out of my face with my OTHER hand.  Vada, being a good girl, took it as an arm change and pulled off the jump.  The Gamble in Masters Gamble was really hard.  We did the opening nice but did not make the gamble.  In Advanced Standard she just had 1 bar down.  The first bar.  Not sure why.  The rest was very very nice.  I can’t remember the Advanced Jumpers run but I think it might have been ugly.  The one on Sunday was SUPER ugly and I ended up walking off the course with her.  We were both a mess.  Sunday we got another Q in Snooker.  She dropped a bar on the 5 color so we have the minimal points to Q.  So now we have 2 Qs and just need 2 more Super Qs.  She also got an Advanced Standard Q.  We had a little bobble on the weave entry but it was not enough to be a fault.  Masters Gamblers was a nice gamble and we got it but we had a goof in the opening and were late getting to the gamble and ran out of time.  So we need one more each for Advanced Jumpers and Standard and we’ll be in all Masters classes.  I did not have to pull her from any classes for breaking her start line.  She stood up in one and I told her a stern “SIT” and she plopped her butt back down real quick.  She was solid after that.

Seven had a tough time in Starters Jumpers on Saturday.  I think he was not use to the footing and crashed a few jumps including the triple.  At which point he said “this is dumb”.  Sunday I was all ready to baby him but he was off like a rocket and blasting faster than I could keep up.  We had a bobble or two but we were clean.  I didn’t check the sheet so I don’t know if he Q’d or not.  If he did, it finishes his Starters Jumpers title.  I’m thinking I’m going to put him in Performance for the next trial and enter him in Gamblers and Snooker.  He’s 16″ in CPE and he’ll be 16″ in AKC and UKI.  Plus, he’s 7 years old now.  And we’re making progress on his contacts so we can do more classes soon.

Karl and Fringe had a good day on Saturday.  They entered Snooker, Gamblers and Jumpers.  They almost Qd in Gamblers if Karl had gone back and did the last jump that she went around.  But he was not happy with her teeter performance and was still thinking about that.  She Qd in a very nice Jumpers run.  I can’t remember their Snooker run.  They had some good parts and some parts for improvement.  Trialing shows you want you need to work on in training.

We both were course builders on Saturday and ring crew here and there.  Sunday I was ring crew for a few classes and I helped load up the truck and unload at the locker.  Makes for a long weekend but someone’s got to do it.  🙂  Plus, Bonnie got us super cool miner headlamps to wear in the locker after dark.

Looking forward to trialing outside again!

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