Katet: a group bound together by fate to achieve a common goal


Prozac was a mix of 3/4 Border Collie x 1/4 Border Terrier.  She did flyball in her younger days.  She loved the predictibility of it.  Later she did a little obedience and some agility.  She barked a lot so it was hard to bring her places.  She was very sweet and very cute outside of her crate.  Karl had taken over running her in agility before she was retired and they made a great team.  She also discovered lure coursing later in life and loved it.  Little Prozac would run all the way across the field all by herself chasing that little white bag.

UAG1 Sather’s Don’t Worry Be Happy ONYX, TF-1, CL1, CL2, SPJ, CA
6/16/2001 – 12/25/2014

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